1. I feel for her. She must be in hell right now. RIP to her son. Theres demons on the loose for sure.

  2. Remember that time when corruption and influence peddling in the USA was almost invisible and hidden? It wasn’t that long ago.

    1. @Sir Loxley Mendoza remember when we used to vote in good educated intelligent people, gone are those days,today we caronavirus, protesters, federal troops on the streets, and one of the worst president in the history of this nation,this is Trump America,this is how he is making America great again,

    1. @Reyan Jakhro its not his purchases they are worried about, its all that Clinton money he got selling 12 year old girls to Bill

    2. @Terry Hawkins Dude, you’re on the CNN channel and NOW you’re concerned about accusations without proof?

    3. McDumbfcks, it was a whacked out lawyer. — Go back to your flat earth conspiracy and leave thinking to adults.

  3. This was a hit to send to message to other federal judges in cases involving Deusthe bank to back off.We know who all the players are in Deusthe bank cases already. DT is one of them.

  4. The devil always in the details when you have a judge in the MENU means powerful crooks are involved.

  5. “Federal judge’s son, 20, is shot dead and her criminal defense attorney husband is critically injured after a gunman disguised as a FedEx driver ambushed their home – four days after she was assigned a case linked to Jeffrey Epstein” (Daily Mail)

    1. Yep, we know ~ Jeffrey Epstein’s rich powerful “friends” who all molested underage girls. More will die to help protect the guilty. This was likely a “message” about Powerful people and what they will do to protect themselves.

    2. @D.J. Yeah alot of powerful guilty people still alive on this planet, sending a message. They’ll send another one I’m sure.

    3. This so called “expert” is an Idiot ! with ZERO FACTS! The killer was a neighbor and a lawyer. Not some “random” person. These “experts” are the reason for many innocent people being convicted. This ” Law enforcement Analyst” Couldn’t ” Analyze” his own back side with a full length mirror and a Flood light ! He should have been honest and not went off on some speculation “Belief”, He should have said, “there isn’t enough information at this time, to make any statements because there are not enough facts”

  6. They didn’t miss their target, this was done to her dear ones so that she can be emotionally unstable and to intimidate other judges since it was done in broad daylight showing that the killer was not afraid at all.

    1. @John Watt are you serious? Wait until November when Trump wins again and US Marxist go ape sh*t and start looting again. You are going to wish you were armed to protect your family.

    2. @manastejie glarn elite hired assassin? a woman hating lawyer who may have mob ties or hired by Barr

    3. @The Milk Man: I’m always serious. What I saw this weekend can either go two ways. There is an election and Trump loses, but he stays in the White House, or he leaves. He can only lose a fair election. He didn’t win it before. I have serious advice for you. America is losing Trumps’ trade war with the world. I hope the price of American oil being worth less than nothing is convincing. You should start to stock-pile food for the future.

    4. If my 20 year old son was murdered and my husband injured – I would be gunning for these people like there’s no tomorrow! They’ve started a war with a mother who has lost her child – she will be gunning for them now!

  7. IMO, the judge was the target, it’s just that the perpetrator wanted to destroy her psychologically, not kill her.

    1. @H Y All federal judges right now must be scared s***less right now. They are probably thinking this could have happened to me.

      I hope they have armed law enforcement guards at the front door of the husband’s hospital room.

      He might still be in grave danger.

    2. @louis grant I think trump is behind tough action on the Epstein case to get the criminals of the deep state but he can’t publicly say that.
      I think this because Epstein has been treated so nicely by the authorities with crooked immunity and non prosecution deals but this time they went hardcore on him and Ghislaine.

    1. It’s not a f****** suicide they did it some judges stealing money whoever the guard says no to that man’s life soon light is going to leave the money mark my f****** words

    2. @Harold Moore get real. hollywood, liberal. big tech, liberal. universities, liberal. portland, liberal. minneapolis, liberal.

    3. @Kelvin wyche wow. i might mark your words if i could underfu cken stand them! spit out your tide pods & try english next time.

    1. Bernie is right. billionaires control this nation and people didnt vote for man of truth??? we are all fukked

    2. @Uriah those countries are third world unintelligent countries. what bernie wants is completely different

    3. @David Smith If Americans always expect people like him to lead America to happiness, one day they will also enter the ranks of these third countries.I think this day is coming

    1. This are the kind of suspicions that arise when the all federal government is led by a bunch of criminals, thugs and gangsters starting by the man in the oval office, to his secretary of energy, education and attorney General.

      They are all a bunch of gangsters.

    1. @Marco Polo Careful that your bias doesn’t cloud your reality to point where you dismiss the views of others who disagree with you.

    2. This was public knowledge forever it wasn’t some big secret. 10 years ago attitudes were different towards billionaires behavior. Much more of a willingness to turn a blind eye and no me too movement.

  8. If my son was killed I would be devastated. It was clearly intended to either break her or intimidate her. What a terrible crime. It must be related to Epstein (Deutsche Bank). Someone has a lot to hide.

  9. the motive of this attack is to send the message to all judges – every single judge assigned to Ghislaine Maxwell case is gonna be like – well I’m on holiday right now
    someone very very very rich paid good money for that and I doubt it was a single rich person

    1. @PKay Gray seriously? You don’t think if there was a problem with his tax returns the IRS would have a field day with that. It’s just something to keep the orange man bad train rolling and morons like you follow like lambs to the slaughter!!! WAKE UP

    2. The moron lawyer didn’t like women either. He was jealous of women getting into ladies night at clubs for free. He was against feminist things etc..he was a nutjob period.

  10. If Ghislaine Maxwell is found dead in her cell, it’s game over and it means that someone is really trying to cover tracks.

    1. @Mike will That’s a huge fat lie. He was actually prosecuted by the judge. He was an anti-feminist in a past case years ago who she actually ruled in favor of. The matter is now strange. It seems like he was pushed to go after her family. Someone with a lot of power wants her to not take a case

    2. That someone” is……………………wait………………………………..for…………………………………..it…………………………#TrumpCrimeFamily

  11. This was a hit job. Now the assassin has committed “suicide”. It’s all related to Epstein

    1. @Beth Miner yes. because many of us hope to hear both sides of a story…. may i assume u watch cnn only, willing only to hear the don lemon side?

    2. Ambrose Mnemopolous yes. He hopped a plan ride from Palm Springs to Jersey once. Clinton ditches his security detail multiple times to go to Epstein’s sleazy island getaway

    1. The police stated the husband was the Target, not the son. The killer was a lawyer that worked with the woman judge, more likely he wanted to kill the husband, so he could then “comfort” the widow

    2. @Mike will I wondered if it might be the case of a psycho stalker. It is def a psycho of some kind!

    3. I would take a bullet for my children – anyone take them out – I’d be gunning for them 🙂

    4. @AM AM SO callous and ignorant of you to reference restitution as if it is not punishment, as if it doesn’t lessen attackers’ ability to do more harm. Go actually READ what restitution does as a function of justice BEFORE you comment on the topic further… or you know, keep being harmful.

  12. Too bad the judge was involved in a case that might’ve exposed the people who own the government and the business.

    1. Deal with FACTS! the judge was NOT! shot, she is alive and well. The killer was a lawyer that worked with the woman judge, more likely he wanted to kill the husband, so he could then “comfort” the widow

    1. why do people keep saying that? nobody thinks epstein killed himself. what do u want us to do about it?

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