2. 9:30 phew. I was worried there was going to be no oversight or review, but they will be investigating themselves. The people of Portland can sleep soundly tonight.

    1. The people of Portland are being led by idiots. I feel sorry for the business owners and law abiding citizens having to endure this crap.

    2. @DrgnFlys TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER!😱 And I’m pretty sure actual Nazis would’ve executed rioters on-the-spot.

    3. They won’t be sleeping to busy rioting and destroying the city . Then crying like babies 😢 when they get beat up cause they can’t follow simple rules to leave after being told like 100 times . Even my 2 year old follows directions.

  3. The Germans, They Thought They Were Free.
    “Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’… must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing – each act is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join you in resisting somehow.”
    Milton Mayer.

    1. If you have a soul. Walk into the ocean. If not, I can’t wait to see you and yours in the street.

    2. @HamsterK1977 100% incorrect. You need to get for facts straight. Aslo look up the large Nazi conventions supported and paid by the left in the 1940s held in Washington and New York.

    1. There will be an investigation by a US attorney. CNN guy stated the face. Did you not hear it? I wonder why CNN didn’t talk to any residents in that area? I wonder why CNN didn’t interview any business owners in that area?
      Yup, FAKE NEWS.


    1. But he has the right to stand there.
      He defended his right to stand there.
      He EARN the right to stand there.

    1. @Bam MasterJ813 I like you, good talk my friend, but I see we are at an impasse I honestly think all this trouble honestly starts with how vague the language of the patriot act was causing most of these “actions to protect national security” to so easily create these groups for a seemingly private military force that was stationed at the border for “national security” and now using it to “suppress civil unrest” without observing the local law of states or citys and act as unaccountable law enforcement to anyone living there and applying a force on the citizenry that deemed certain actions unhumane. Its a disjointed effort if they think this will do nothing but cause more distrust. It’s not that they are a “secret” police its almost like rogue entity or invader to the local people, who had come to expect a certain response form the sate, they suddenly quarter a “rougue entity”. Of course it would be fear inducing.

    2. monakw He was saying they do their own regardless, so if congress & fed attorney would like to waste more money doing the same than bring it on b/c there’s nothing to hide.

    3. @James Schenk they aren’t a rogue entity, they are doing the mayor’s job for him because he refuses to

    4. @Cailan Gulyas I hear what you say but now I don’t see nothing but brainwash right wing propaganda. I call anti mask protesters ten times worse than any vandalism at least these protesters are talking about something more real then a hair cut 💇‍♀️
      honestly your lot are hypocrites they are the ones that need to be pushed back inside. Not worrying about some insuranced buildings that can be rebuilt but you would rather have deaths. It this point i wish you well. As it stands we both in all the luck

    1. @Bryant NorCal Kennedy and LBJ both used Federal Troops to meddle in the rights of states inside both MS and ALA over 50 years ago. THAT precedent has long been set by the Democrats. Now they are all whining about abuse of Federal power. Some people are never happy, eh?

    1. @Koski Co Not on anywhere near the epic scale that Portland has been trashed. Mainly they dug an outhouse because their water and electricity had been cut off. Now go away little ignorant and stubborn one. You bore me.

    2. Trumpublicans: Don’t believe your eyes. Believe what we tell you. Don’t believe your ears. Believe what we tell you.

       This is some serious up is down, black is white stuff. I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that we lived in America, where there is a thing called the Bill of Rights. Snatching people off the street without charges? That violates the 4th Amendment. Beating people in the street who are not doing more than standing there talking? That violates the 8th Amendment and the 1st Amendment. Doing this over the heads of the local governing authorities? 10th Amendment and possibly 3rd Amendment if they’re also taking up hotel space without asking.

      Even IF all the people demonstrating were rioters (they’re not) those who do misbehave have the same rights as every other citizen. The 4th-8th Amendments were not only for people we ‘like’ or people we deemed to be following the rules. They are for ALL citizens who may face criminal charges for any reason. If the government wants to claim these people are “violent anarchists” then they better get a warrant for arrest, read the charges, and prove it in a court of law before a jury. We as citizens are “innocent until proven guilty” in this country, and no matter what BS talking points they use to try and spin this, this is the sort of government overreach that should concern ANYONE who cares about our freedoms.

    3. @Nayr747 Everyone has the Constitution Right to speak his opinion. We also have the right to experience consequences. Isn’t that what you sniveling little cowards do when you use Cancel Culture on people accused (typically falsely) of being “racists?”

    1. Jessica Renfro hi fascist . I’m glad that you you support the military being used on our own citizens. People were pissed when Obama could drone strike US citizens and then never did. But when you have the military and police beating (mostly) peaceful protestors it’s totally fine. If you’re a libertarian you know this is an over reach of government. God damn boot lickers. We want reform and if ya can’t do it peacefully you need to do something else about it.

    2. @Oxy Any protester who is left in the streets is not mostly peaceful. Massive lie. The leftist media (basically all the mainstream channels at this point) are not reporting on ANY crimes/looting/disturbances from the protesters who are left in the streets. How many statues, buildings burned, police cars burned, etc etc etc? Millions of dollars of damage. There is a reason Seattle is being sued by many people in the CHOP area.

    3. @Marc Aruguete When local government won’t step up to the plate – yeah I’m all for it. They are stepping in and have full jurisdiction to defend federal statues and property. Makes sense to me. Where is their military grade equipment? They have the same equipment the police are wearing from what I can see. I haven’t seen anyone be cut down with an M249 SAW machine gun yet, have you? Still, law enforcement and military personnel have shown great restraint with these unlawful protesters. These people still protesting in the street are NOT peaceful by any measure. Millions and millions of dollars of damage done by these antifa folks. Straight up. Imagine being a local in that area with a regular family and this terrorizing stuff is going on blocks away from you in all directions? Imagine how it affects business and livelihoods? The democratic mayors in the area are telling local PD to stand down and ALLOW this stuff to happen. What is that about? This is about defending the people at this point, I’m glad someone is stepping up.

  5. Training training training
    You mean the same “training”
    that caused the death of many people

  6. CNN reports very little on violent demonstrations and wait for DHS to step in to stop it before they change the narrative to “inappropriate federal response to “peaceful” protesters”

    1. no it’s in the constitution that you can burn down tax payer property if your mad, for any reason. your wrong!

    2. Most protests are peaceful. Cops are the ones escalating situations instead of deescalating them.

    3. From your own Pentagon reports, run by your commander in chief you fawn over so much:

      We find no basis to enact the Insurrection Act as 90 percent of protests seem entirely within the law and Constitution

    4. jeremy daniels YEAH A COUPLE HUNDRED PEOPLE BURNED DOWN A STATUE, GUESS WE GOTTA BEAT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH US NOW!!!!! YEAH FREEDOM!!!!!! OH THIS VETERAN WANTS TO KNOW WHY WE ARE DOING WHAT WE ARE DOING??? BEAT HIM!!!!! THATS DEMOCRACY…. oh wait, wasn’t this what we were afraid of with Obama? Unmarked federal agents… doing the direct bidding of the executive power?

    5. @Marc Aruguete For the thousandth time, being a Veteran does not make you a good source of information, or even a good person. Jeffrey Dahmer was in the Army, not a good person.

  7. When are they going to interview the parents of this community, the school teachers, the store owners and citizens of this community who have lost everything due to covid from the last 4 months and what was left is now full of graffiti, busted windows and looted. What kind of garbage is running this town? The media is just as responsible

    1. Read the Constitution. Study the 5th and 14th Amendments. Tell me what you learn in terms of “due process.”

  8. The Navy guy celebrated after, so he was there to get a Photo OP.

    He claimed that All he wanted to do was Talk to the them. RIIGGHHTT.

    You purposely goes into a group of Police while they are trying to defuse a MOB.

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