1. @Truth SpeaksYour crazy! Black student union., Black history month, Black pride, affirmative action. No college entrance exams or sat scores required for black students. Almost no blacks prosecuted for hate crimes. And above all the idea that only whites can be racist. Your obviously a Democrat. The founding party of the KKK. Go figure.

    2. @Justobserve now Lmao I guess you didn’t know that the Klan was in cahoots with the Republican government to demolish black wall Street. I’m not Democrat or Republican. Yes whites have a history of being racist to every race in America. I had to take my test and I’m black so I don’t where that is coming from. Who does the system protect? Whites What race think they are superior? Whites. That’s why you guys are labelled racist.

    3. @Gordon Dwyer lol. look where trump has us now! everything trump touches dies. do you really know his history? you should look it up.

    4. @Gordon Dwyer oh, i was talking about helsinki, where he threw America under the bus and sided with his boyfriend vlad. now THAT was treasonous!

    5. @Tylorian literally none of what you wrote is true. NONE of it. not sure what world you’re living in.. but it’s not the real one!

  1. Why? Asymptomatic is still a case! Because I know that’s exactly what he’s thinking! Still a case Donnie!

    1. Jarrett Vasco – I would argue that asymptomatic is worse because they are out in society spreading it and not quarantined until their test results come back. How many were infected in the 7 days or so? This is a nightmare, and Trump owns this 100%.

    2. @christopher weise and I definitely agree! But everybody needs to start being more truthful it only makes Donny look worse! Because even if that’s the case that 88% of the cases are asymptomatic doesn’t change the fact that they’re not going to continue spreading it!that’s why I just wish that everybody was a little bit more truthful on how many cases out of the cases confirmed! But it is what it is.but there is no running from this or distracting people from the reality of a case is a case! You can still spread it and cause damage

    3. @Jarrett Vasco – The fact that Trump wants COVID data sent to his administration instead of the CDC tells you all you need to know. He’s not concerned with the well being of the citizens, he’s concerned with his “numbers” and his image. That’s why he always talks about Obama’s “ratings” like he still thinks this is The Apprentice or something. We’ve lost any ground we gained since March, and are now worse, not better off than when this first started. Unless we mask up and follow the rules this will never end.

    4. Honest question, then… how long does an asymptomatic person have to go without developing overt illness to be declared no longer “a case” and potentially infectious? The fourteen days people said earlier? Longer? At what point can one say he never developed a disease? And are they culling the numbers, i.e., removing people from the infected count once they are no longer infected: Those who remain asymptomatic and never develop illness, or those who do get sick but recover, or even those who perish? I shouldn’t think these would be counted as “active” cases…

  2. Last week I waited 46 hours for my test result (Germany), and I thought that was long… I’m now changing my opinion to “grateful it was that quick”.

    1. @Max Yes, the ones that give you a result in 20 min. or so are quick tests (kind of like a pregnancy test). Very fast, but not as accurate. The ones run in a lab take up to a few hours I think, but of course they have to be shipped there first.

    2. @Peter D it’s not true. I work in the hospital lab and have been tested and got the results the next day. The UK has 195,000 per million compared to the US who has 146,000 per million. The population between the two countries is also not even comparable.

    3. Vlad the Inhaler I’m not for a moment suggesting the position of the UK is anything other than 6 sorts of appalling but the US just keeps getting worse when even the UK gets better. By the way, a country to country comparison between the UK and US is silly. How are English people supposed to social distance when they have to fit a fifth of the population of the US into a space smaller than Oregon?

  3. Trump: “Cases are up. Cases are up. Many of those cases shouldn’t even be cases”

    What the hell….LOL

    1. @The _Awakening: Okay, I just checked their site, and they do include “probable cases”, the definition of which meets a certain criteria evaluated by doctors. So they’re not absolute but it’s not like someone has a fever and they’re just saying “it’s COVID”. The doctors have to see evidence suggesting that it is in fact COVID-19. Same applies with the death statistics. Saying that these should not be cases is simply disrespecting the doctors.

  4. “That was the tragedy. Not that one man had the courage to be evil. But that millions had not the courage to be good.”
    – John Fowles

    1. With respect to racism: Even during the height of the civil rights movement, when racism was part of the culture, the black protesters did not conduct themselves like a bunch of out of control toddlers the way BLM conducts itself today. When a toddler throws tantrums for something, you do not reward them with it until they can control themselves and act rationally – otherwise you train your toddler to act like an out of control brat, and you have done them / everyone else a great disservice. The same logic applies to BLM and its members.
      On another note – you are expected to provide proof of something for it to be considered to exist, merely saying that there could be real racism all over the place is not evidence.

    2. @ThE DuCk There has been an increase of burning churches, beheading statues of Jesus, and hatred toward various religions. We are living in a world where everyone is offended by everything. We need people to come together if there is to be any hope for a brighter future.

    3. Yeah same thing righf now in the USA. Way to many people are Just dont have the courage to vote for Trump (doing good).

    4. @Tylorian The prime directive then is to get rid of the racist former Birther in Chief who only represents white men and corporate Rich Freeloaders. Flush the Turd BEFORE the Third

    1. @VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII he’s not trying to preserve anything. He’s pandering to his shrinking base. Everything the man says and does is ridiculous.

    1. @Pvt Read what? the official CDC data has shown for months that deaths per day have been dropping for 3 months. Hospitalizations are barely up more than normal and much lower than April.

    2. @Apex Predator cool so what you’re saying is that i never need to take my temperature ever again and i won’t get a fever………..*DOES NOT COMPUTE*

    3. Pvt Read ‘so what you are saying…’ don’t try to build a straw man argument. What I said and what your President said is, testing gives you results. The number of cases that test positive would be zero if we stopped testing. If we test everyone, we get accurate data. Yes the number of identified cases will go up. You people do know there are a lot of people who didn’t want Trump, but you guys are so biased and dishonest, we will now be voting for him?

    1. Elmosweed You’re not very smart. My analogy was to point out that people need to take personal responsibility for their lives. If you’re going to blame the president for all the cases of COVID-19, would you blame him if you were caught drinking and driving? People who don’t wear a mask or practice social distancing have themselves to blame for getting the COVID-19 virus. The president is not to blame for people’s choices. There are reports that state that the majority of new cases come from people between the ages of 18 and 30. They don’t care about wearing masks. And they party a lot with others who don’t wear masks. Are you going to tell me that they are all republicans?

    2. how can you blame him for his response to the virus its all relative you can’t compare the US to smaller
      countries that can close off their borders, each state has its own ability to run the state and choose what they do, what’s to stop someone from ny traveling to pennsylvania? nothing, where as other countries can isolate by closing their borders to other countries we are the united states so to put all the blame on trump is crazy

  5. This is how confused this guy’s IS..”WE’RE THE ENVY OF WORLD” When we can hear the world Laughing at us!!!🤔

    1. @fra francyPv As an American I feel pity for you because you are completely ignorant and know nothing about life in the USA under President Trump. You have nothing but the silly untrue rants you see on your telly and apprantly gullible and dumb enough to believe it. Here’s one example for you : https://youtu.be/ZVGxgD1WuKE
      So sad for you. …

    2. Is that why there are so many people wanting to get in this country? It is because we are the envy of the world, virus or not

    3. vincent vargas we are the only superpower. With so many resources and geographic benefits, even a parade of morons for president can’t ruin our good fortune.

    4. Fix News, are you up to date on the new NAFTA 2.0 trade deal? There is a group of independent minded people, who in spite of Trump just raped Canada. It is gift that will keep on giving for decades. Mexico and the USA are allies. Canada just does what it told.

  6. Yup, here in Europe we are so envious of American testing we have banned you from travelling here.

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler whether China’s numbers are true is irrelevant because China is a totalitarian regime which was put under complete lockdown whereas the US is full of morons prancing about wondering if they should be wearing a mask during a pandemic. Also, China’s number of reported cases could be multiplied by 40 times and it still wouldn’t reach US numbers. How about the credibility of US numbers?

    2. @Bildgesmythe we don’t care , you’re the one with our name in your mouth. Because … You’re envious

    3. @Conquesticle yawn, pasting and copying the same comment. China is relevant considering they are the reason this spread. They lie about their information and have sent defective medical supplies to other countries. You can carry on being an idiot.

    1. @soarhigh Yandow oh weird. Maybe you don’t know anything about Donald Trump? Or maybe you haven’t been paying attention to US politics the last few years?

  7. “We are the envy of the world!” You do have a clown entertaining you. Would be funny if it was not so damn scary. US is on a 24th place world wide on testing per capita.

    1. @No No Covid-45 is the final nail in his coffin. We will shed the red in November! Down ballot toooooo!!!!!

    2. That’s because we have individual privacy rights and most Americans are not sheep unlike Europeans who allow foreigners to dictate your way of life in your home country and allow the government to mandate testing for a virus that’s not even half as bad as the flu.

    1. @soarhigh Yandow My country has not had any community transmission of the COVID-19 virus for about two and and half months. Our economy fully reopened over 6 weeks ago (but not our border) and we even have packed sports stadiums. Just early action, good leadership and following scientific and medical advice.

  8. When he says things like this why do republicans still support him? And I don’t mean politicians just regular citizens?

    1. @Silkendrum who was quicker to act. Joe couldn’t even say the travel ban was a good thing well into the pandemic, let alone early on when it was extremely unpopular.

    2. @RogueTravel well, the CDC says the real death rate is probably .26. Close to the swine flu which is .2. So should we have lockdown the country for swine flu?

    3. @kathy kelly Post proof lmao. He didnt say that. The china ban didnt even work, so irrelevant either way. Trump only banned chinese nationals. Even then, airlines had already done that, he just parroted them. Ignorant moron.

    4. @soarhigh Yandow He waited 2 months to do a thing to stop the virus, downplaying it and actually going against the head expert of infectious disease. He failed to wear a mask for 4 months, or to encourage wearing it. Biden didnt. It is absolutely trumps fault when tons of other countries did better than us. The countries leader is responsible for dealing with disasters, why did trump believe china about it not being a big deal? Hm?

    5. @soarhigh Yandow He was gifted an economy pulled from another Republican recession by Obama. Did you support Obama when his economy was historic? Hm??

  9. I remember an idiot saying if you are wearing a masks than you are against him . I wonder who said that!

    1. @IHCTerra We also have masive drop offs in deaths of accidents, natural causes and flue deaths are non existent. We also have 90% of the deaths coming from nursing homes.
      What’s up with the ventalators? Nobody is being put on them. I thought we needed them? Oh that’s right! 86% put on ventalators died. While 98% untreated survived.

      I know what you are. Shill.
      Why don’t you tell the rest how you are killing your followers first? Berry few Trump supporters are getting tested. Not to mention where are they getting tested at? All the testing centers are vacant all day long?

      Not to mention. I got this in December. And the CDC started tracking it in November.
      Covid 13 is swine flu
      Your going to try and tell me that covid 19 isn’t the flu?
      They are lying about deaths.
      The Democrat governor’s forced sic patients into nursing homes. Disregarding the president’s guidlines suggested. But now I’m supposed to believe these murdering goveners about wearing a mask?
      I’m not Asymptomatic. I’m cured. I got it forever ago.

      And they are only testing for antibodies for a covid. Impossible to test for 19 without a DNA test.

      You are following the delusions of pedophiles.

      S Korea has less deaths because most of the country lives in a jungle. And are constantly on hydrocloraquin.

      And that hasn’t killed any of them.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @IHCTerra we were told from the beginning that everyone was likely to be exposed so she just hurried the process along

    3. @Josh Gibladar actually total deaths are up by about 200,000 over this point in the last 5 years. If anything Covid 19 deaths are under reported by 50%. People who don’t have medical coverage often die at home and it doesn’t get reported as Covid 19. When Trump started dismantling the funding for the ACA, 8 million Americans lost their coverage.

      So if all those reported causes of deaths are way down and deaths have increased dramatically, then there are far more people dying of Covid 19 than are reported. Possibly 70,000 more than reported.

      Accidents were down during the lockdown because people were not driving. Reducing the numbers of accidental deaths

      Roughly 50% of the population have contributing factors. If you die of a heart attack and you have Covid 19 it is Covid related because heart attacks at far more fatal when you have Covid 19.

      Hospitals are not paid to report deaths as Covid 19, they are compensated because it expensive for them to treat. If they file claims for Covid 19 compensation and the patient didn’t have Covid 19, it is a fraudulent claim.

      Most people who did of cancer or MS don’t have the actual disease kill them. They usually die of infections because their bodies are weakened by the disease, but they would have survived the infections if they had not had the disease. So they usually report them as dying from the disease, not the infection.

      You listen to liars and you repeat their lies.

    4. @soarhigh Yandow in April, everything we were doing was bringing the pandemic under control. Then we stopped doing everything that was working and no surprise, the virus is out of control again. Other countries have managed to control it. Trump surrendered the country to the pandemic. He is telling people to stop fighting and give up.

      The only people who don’t understand that seem to have a political motive to protect Trump by denying reality.

      It is easier to fool people than convince them they were fooled. They believed Trump’s lies and they backed him 100%, now Trump is being exposed and corrupt and incompetent, they can’t admit how stupid they were to believe him in the first place, so they double down on his stupidity.

    5. @IHCTerra 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Your just making up numbers. They aren’t up by 200 k. They are down.
      Under reported by 50% 🤣🤣🤣🤣Holly hell!!! You don’t get it.
      They are lying to you.
      Hospitals are empty. Not one nation wide has been to max capacity since they stopped with the ventalators.
      Not even the CDC supports your numbers.

      I already debunked the testing with my last post.
      What are you a bot???🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Keep plugging the narrative. No matter how outlandish it is. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      HELLO! Covid is killing your side first!!! Your the only ones Stoopid enough to go to the hospital first.
      Your the only ones Stoopid enough to refuse the cure!!

  10. So…according to Dr Trump…if I had not taken that pregnancy test, I would not have a daughter????

    1. Connie O’Neal , he said , ‘you won’t have a positive test result.’ You will still have the baby and people in China still die by the millions. If someone read you a Biden statement you would clamp. When they told you afterwards it was really from Trump, you try to change your response immediately. How blinded by hatred can you people be…

  11. How is something so logically easy to follow a “false claim”? If we did 0 tests we would be able to confirm 0 cases.

    The logic, science, and math are so simplistic. Is CNN THAT dumb?

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