Haberman: This is what struck me about Ivanka Trump’s texts

CNN's Maggie Haberman and Errol Louis discuss what stood out to them from the thousands of text messages that former President Donald Trump's White House chief of staff Mark Meadows sent and received between Election Day 2020 and President Joe Biden's  inauguration. #CNN #News


  1. We need more Liberals, Progressives and Independents with new ways of doing things, get money out of politics, Citizens United, so Corporation will quit ‘buying’ politicians and how much money a candidate raises dictates if he gets elected or not.

    1. @Shane Johns I know, and that is problematic. But, the constitution needs to be a living document to evolve with the times. If the government can’t or won’t do its job, then what good are they and why keep them?

    2. @Christina C there are a lot of In dependants but not a lot of people worthy to vote for . This country needs a large independent party for the people by the people greedy wealthy not wanted !!

    1. @justthefactsplease🇺🇲
      “Public Hearings”…👈😂…

      “Theatre” for the “dweebs”….👈😆…

      In the meantime, while you’re sitting there in your straitjacket, read up
      on Ron Klain’s emails, because
      EVERYBODY is paying
      attention to Ron Klain’s e-mails…👈😁…


  2. Obviously she doesn’t know on those things. To think a sitting congresswoman doesn’t know what the Marshall Plan is and confuses it with Martial Law is infuriating in itself.

    1. Take a look at the senator from Hawaii. As long as she’s around, Ms. Greene can never claim the title of “Stupidest Senator”.

    2. @Pat Doyle Right, Marshall is the sous-chef: he’s entitled to make the Gazpacho, but not the Paella.

  3. At this point: What are the consequences for these people? Why aren’t they be held accountable?

    1. @The Contractor

      You must mean slow day in the Manhattan Penthouse…

      When I call for my call to be brought around, I don’t want any delay… you hear?

  4. we need Grisham’s deposition to know how far back this was planned. she was around all of them to have overheard and walked in planning conversations.

    1. ,,,,,,,,,,,, And EVERYBODY is paying
      attention to Ron Klain’s e-mails…👈😁…



    2. @Jimmy Johnson Buttery Males ? Hunter’s laptop ? Jared’s TWO BILLION DOLLAR deal with Bonesaw Bin Salmon ?

  5. Her not knowing how to spell martial law means she’s never looked into it 😂 she’s a trump fan tho so can’t expect much

    1. This mistake says everything you need to know about that insane woman. Everything she says and does and believes in can be explained by this juvenile spelling mistake.

    2. @Vernon Zehr She wouldn’t have a clue what the Marshall Plan is, same as she has no clue how to spell Gestapo.

  6. As it was happening I was saying that Trump could stop it immediately with a megaphone, standing on the Capital steps, or hovering over the crown in a helicopter with a loudspeaker. The fact that he didn’t even try to personally intervene says volumes about the man.

    1. @Web Baumeister,
      By then, it was too late. It had already incited the crowd. He knew exactly what he was doing. You must not be an American. Or just maybe you didn’t finish 9th grade and learn about Civics and American History. Any real American that loves this country would not worship a politician. No way.

    2. @BB88 You probably have a point you are trying to make. It doesn’t seem to be linked with the discussion. But, I guess, this happens a lot to you…

  7. As an American, I am embarrassed and emotionally crushed by the fact that my country has been so stupid as to have been taken in by such an OBVIOUS con as Donald Trump.
    We are a pathetic, sad nation.

    1. @Jimmy Johnson you and every Elon/Trump хуисос has talk about “emotional crushing” in the past couple days. Do you all just copy and paste each other’s same insults? Reeks of a lack of creativity.

  8. They would say they did these things because they “truly believed” trump won, but delusions and refusal to accept facts are not an excuse. Such thinking is in the realm of psychosis and if not, they have a responsibility to present their facts and evidence or accept the truth and behave accordingly. Adulting is hard.

    1. @The Contractor – Durham report came out a while ago now and he says that what the right is saying about the report is wrong.

  9. I always heard that ignorance of the law was no excuse. She’s a Congress person. She should have read, be able to remember, and understand the U.S. Constitution. MTG doesn’t seem to have a clue what’s in our constitution and that’s not ok! And, she actively participated in the extremely criminal and violent coup attempt to overthrow a democratically elected POTUS. Lock her up! Lock her up for a long, long time!

  10. If the Capitol was ever overrun by international terrorists I would hope a sitting US President’s reaction time would be immediate.
    That he took his sweet ol’ time seems incredibly damning no matter which way the GOP frames the attack.

    1. @Tom Joshua this is some kind of spam I have had it in reply to a total different comment of mine in another video but I’m not taking the risk of clicking. It probably ales a rickroll look good.

  11. “You have to discard all of your prior commitments to friends and family and philosophy…and ultimately, the truth itself.” Errol Louis captures Trumpism in a nutshell. Well put. What continues to boggle my mind is how completely UNWORTHY Trump is of such adulation and blind loyalty. I could kind of see it if he were an intelligent, personable, or morally upstanding man. Trump is none of those things, yet so many people are ride-or-die for him. Truly baffling.

    1. And the majority of America feels the same way about all the sleepy joe fanboys. Your man actually agreed with “Let’s go Brandon!” on national television. And his wife bowed her head in shame and rightfully so. Both are a disgrace. Agreed with it. 🤣

    2. @Jerry Brown Biden don’t get that kind of devotion don’t have that kind of devotees. What’s wrong with you?

    1. I believe that they will still be there next year, and the year after that. The way this justice system works, when is the wealthy is embarrassing. It’s clear that there is a double standard in this country when it comes to the law. There is no way that Racism could be denied ever again in America. Racism is alive and well in our Government, Law Enforcement, and communities across the USA..

  12. This is proof positive that “that woman” has NO business being a representative from the state of Georgia!

  13. I think bringing up the fact that he’s right doesn’t even matter, there’s good people who make rational positive change. And there’s bad actors that somehow get into these places of power and the cycle continues

  14. “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”

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