1. We need a younger version of Bernie, running as an independent. He’s too old now, we don’t want more old men running the country, and the Democrats have shown they won’t run with him as the candidate, twice.

    1. We should have more than two poltical parties anyways. More options on the table for people to choose from. The two party system is unsustainable in the long term.

  2. He’s being dishonest by not saying all conservative candidates dropped out and endorsed Joe Biden. It took like 7 of them to go against Bernie.

  3. Fool me once, Bernie, shame on you. I wont vote for him again just to be played with a bait & switch. Bernie will back whoever the Democrats say to.

    1. No the quote goes like this, “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” -George W. Bush

  4. Why not? Let’s have a race of the grumpy old men. Trump, Biden, Sanders. The last one still breathing wins.

  5. We will see who the Candidates are for Both Sides in 2024, until then I will sit back & not worry about it till then. Right now, everything is SPECULATION.

    1. I personally so not care about the age as long as they can do their job and are not suffering any mental health issues. I believe Bernie at least would do what he says he will do and will also make hell for the wealthy which would give the rest of America a break and huge relief. If there is someone “young” that won’t be enamored by power and money then I would like to know who that is and what they really stand foe.

  6. The value of a Bernie campaign is not in the winning or losing. It’s what he brings to the national conversation. in 2016, they laughed at him for suggesting $15/hr. Within a year, it was state law in a couple places. Within a few years, it was state law in quite a few places, and today, it is on the table at the federal level being blocked by only two senators. They laughed at M4A, but Medicare expansion is now a critical part of the Democrat platform. The laughed at free college, and here we are waiting to find out if student loans are going to be forgiven.
    Obama was right, Bernie is a prophet, and running for President is how he got his word to the people. Change is slow, and doesn’t always take the shape you expected, but Bernie’s best ideas that got him sidelines as a “commie extremist” are now part of the mainstream conversation about where this country should be going.
    I hope he runs again. I hope he wins, but even if I know for a fact he won’t, I still hope he runs. This country needs to have more of those conversations.

  7. Yes and he should. At the minimum for 1 turn. Specifically because if you support Biden’s second term, how can you not be ok with 1 term from Bernie if the issue is age.

  8. Bernie was my candidate..But I do think it’s time for him as well many others to think of retirement go enjoy stress free vacations they had their run for many years..Time to allow new Politicians a chance to get into the White House.

  9. Yes it’s time all the old go home and just rest we need for the younger people to take over, being the President is hard and you can age a few years more just trying to do that job just make the ladies can take over

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