Haines: Trump Base’s Response To January 6th Shows That ‘The Big Lie Is Working’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Haines: Trump Base’s Response To January 6th Shows That ‘The Big Lie Is Working’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


    1. @B P You do realize Fox “News” is using the “no reasonable person would believe the nonsense we broadcast” defense against the Dominion lawsuit. Get back to me when CNN or MSNBC admit in open court their viewers are unreasonable morons! 🤣

  1. Republicans keep saying they’re the party of Lincoln, yet their base is made up of John Wilkes Booth’s..🤔

    1. @Easter Bunny I don’t know and I don’t care who Spencer is. He can be Hitler’s grandson for all I care.
      Biden is binding up America’s wounds and we’re getting better.
      You and the Rambo wannabe club can do whatever you want to do. The rest of us are moving on. There’s the virus, the border, the economy and Russia and China to deal with. I’ve got no time for anyone who is expecting the president of Trump University to take over the government and turn everyone into White, Protestant Evangelicals.
      America has changed. You just can’t have your way every time anymore.

    2. @Easter Bunny Pretending The Southern Strategy never happened doesn’t erase it from history.

    3. @Matthew Keenan better study history of the two parties before you pretend to know anything. There is much more to that story than you think. Or do you just pick and choose what you want to believe?

    4. @Easter Bunny why don’t you look at who the Republican party is today rather than who they were 60 years ago

    5. @Carol Byers
      I am. I do.

      Your party is calling 75,000,000 Americans bigots, rubes, Neanderthals, xenophobic white supremacist and hillbillies. Do not you see, in the deranged promulgation, recognize the bigotry?

      Know this about conservatives – We are not conservatives because we watch, read or listen to … Fox News, or Ben Shapiro, Larry Elder, PragerU or read The New York Post for example. The overwhelming majority of us are not simple, brainwashed, highly suggestible dopes and dupes.. hillbillies as you like to call us. No, We watch Fox News and Ben Shapiro BECAUSE we are conservatives. You have it backwards.

      You think we are what we are because we’re brainwashed, naive, ignorant or evil… or because we possess some combination of these attributes. You think we are what we are because we don’t know or understand the nuances of your arguments, because we haven’t grappled with the complexity or morality of your laudable goals and objectives; that if only we understood these things we would readily come to the same conclusions to which you have come. Let me assure you that it is not possible for a modern conservative American to have not been made thoroughly aware of the left’s narrative; to have somehow missed exposure to the left’s arguments and ideas. These things are ubiquitous in modern America – In academia, in entertainment, in nearly all media, in sports, etc. they are everywhere, they are all around us every single day.

      But we, too, are thoughtful, thouroughly informed, introspective and morally equipped person. We, too, are moved by science, data, demonstration… Living in a thriving, just, egalitarian and equitable society could not possibly be more important to us than it already is.

      We tend to revere our imperfect founders, our founding documents, our representative democracy… Our government of the people that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. We tend to revere rather than reject and abjure the works of imperfect men, recognizing men as the products of their times. We cherish things like The meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Socrates’ Apology, Galileo, sir Isaac Newton, The work of physicists, The works of Thomas Paine, John Locke, Adam Smith’s ‘ The wealth of Nations’, John Stuart Mill’s indispensable treatise ‘On Liberty’, Frederick Douglass, Friedrich Hayek, Booker T. Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Federalist papers, the words of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., etc. all these things are extremely important to us and inform our conservatism. We learn from our history without wanting to erase it. We typically value having a very strong military/national security; we appreciate law and order; Family values; self-reliance; individuality; HONESTY; accountability; Truth and integrity; liberty and freedom for all; the quality and abundance that is only possible because of a minimally regulated free market; the efficacy of supply side economics; foreign policy that is tough and fair; unadulterated free speech/somewhere between less and zero censorship; less government regulation and red tape; having borders and functional immigration policies; our second amendment; a level playing field without benefiting or handicapping any person based on their race, creed or color… absolutely abstaining from any race based legislation, etc. TRUE equity.

      We believe and value ALL these things and ideas and more, and therefore we are conservative. We hold to many thoughtfully acquired and assiduously cultivated virtues and values among which are Truth, Honesty, Veracity, Integrity and as such …. AND AS SUCH – we have come to abjure MSNBC and turn to more responsible media outlets. MSNBC is divisive mendacious poison – Mischaracterizations, misleading, distortion, spin, blatant lies, character assassinations, bigoted and damned irresponsible.

  2. I would file this under “Wow GQP Voters Sure Are Dumb” but the file cabinet is bursting at the joints. 😅😂🤣

    1. @Paul Wilson are you asking out of personal interest because you’d like to apply for the position?
      Of course you are…

    2. @CShield Paul spends so much time here on MSNBC pages because no one swipes right for him when he’s on TrumpDating. 😅😂
      (And yes, that is an actual site. Heard it’s a monthly fee, but they charge you weekly just for the heck of it!)

    3. Ya know, every single person arrested so far in connection with Jan. 6th is a Q-Anon Trump supporter. Every single one of them, without exception.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera You’re wrong. There are many people who have been arrested who aren’t. FBI Director Wrey blantently lied (not that it’s surprising at all considering the FBI has tried to frame President Trump for crimes he did not commit).

  3. IQ-45 will be president on March 4.
    IQ-45 will be president on April Fool’s Day.
    IQ-45 will be president in August.
    IQ-45 will leave the country if he lost the election.

  4. I am praying that the courts will be kind to them and only give them 20 years on the rock pile.😁

    1. @Larry Ames Let’s hope those insurrectionist are force to do the Ned Beatty role from the Movie “Deliverance” in jail..🐖😅

  5. brilliantly said, ty all. if not for lies and unbalanced idiots to believe them, the gqp would have nothing.

  6. Gaslighting= A manipulation technique. Attempts to make someone doubt their own perceptions, memories/ events currently around them. The target is sometimes manipulated so much that they begin to doubt their sanity.

    1. Trump conditioned the base like pavlovian dogs ready to attack. Trump and all the “opinion makers at Fox should be prosecuted”.

  7. Tucker Carlson: “I’m for getting along, I’m for color blindness, I’m for tolerance, 100 percent, but I also think that if things radically change in your country, it’s okay for you to say, “what is this? And maybe I don’t want to live in a country that looks nothing like the country that I grew up in. Is that bigoted?

    John Oliver: “Uh yeah, yeah it is. That’s like saying “I’ve got ten fingers and toes, a pointy face, with a little pink rosebud mouth, a cat sized body, a long weird tail, and I eat garbage. Does that make me a possum?  YES, YES IT DOES!!!
    That’s the literal definition of the thing you just described.” 😂😄

  8. I wonder how creepy tuckercarlson would react if people walked up in front of his house, “on what we used to refer to as” public road…..

  9. I thought it was ANTIFA? I guess they have moved to different lie. Typical! Thanks for update Constipated Carlson!

  10. They dont understand they keep failing because it’s all based on a lie. More lies never make you a winner.

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