Haiti Earthquake Leaves At Least 227 Dead, Hundreds Injured Or Missing 1

Haiti Earthquake Leaves At Least 227 Dead, Hundreds Injured Or Missing


A 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck the Haiti has left at least 227 people dead with hundreds more either dead or missing.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Haiti Earthquake Leaves At Least 227 Dead, Hundreds Injured Or Missing



    1. @Goldie locks say something stupid again, Joe Biden ANTIFA terrorist and democrat racial hatred klan member

    1. Remember January 6th.Trump must be held accountable. I’d like to thank the subscribers. Soon we will be able to have live streams. There is strength in numbers

    2. @January 6th: A Terror Attack Caused By Thugs though I agree with you I also do not see how your comment reflects on what occured with the earthquake.

    3. @Support your Troops & Athletes Can also turn the land holding their homes to mud, possibly shifting things and making it more unstable. We’ll have to see.

  1. This is just heartbreaking.
    I’m so sorry for all the people who lost those they love.
    Rest in peace and God be with you.

    1. @The Logic Party Hey whatever happened to all the black Indians, why there’s no black Indians reservation?

      You know before the Europeans has cultivate this country? Why something so important was missed in history books?

    2. god isn’t with anyone, they made him up when you were a kid, you forgot to grow up, you believe drumpf was the chosen one too?

    1. No big deal. They’ll be back up in a few days. Honestly, how long does it take to rebuild a shanty town?

    2. “I input $1 in a slot machine, it returned something “BETTER” that exponentially changed. When some people are born with those evil and negative traits or defective light switch brain wave patterns, they take front-row seats to the show, and still nothing change to make things “BETTER.” —Justice F. All

    3. @Justice F. All None of that made any since at all. Are you saying that you are enjoying the game as much as I? A bit of schadenfreude?

    1. @Korean @Abraham you guys honestly sound very ignorant it’s sad. Kindly educate yourselves before judging a country. Learn the history figure out why it is the way that it is. Use your head and do some research. Stop getting all of your so called “facts” and “information” from the media all the time without doing your own research. There always going to show you the ugly but never the good. Honestly your not even from there and no nothing about the country. I would like you to know that this country has an incredible history. It was one of the richest colony in the western hemisphere and it once occupied the so called “beautiful Country your talking about (DR). Educate yourselves 🙂

  2. Perhaps Haiti could be rebuilt as an experiment in sustainable architecture, “earthquake-tolerant” and storm/taunami safe architecture.
    A global push to address these issues because climate change has already changed. Now we have to change

    1. @Bryan never said they did have anything to do with climate change, and I suspect earthquakes have been happening there well before then14th century. They are also subject to weather events that are caused by human propelled climate change.
      Anyhow…none of that was the issue. The issue is using a disaster to rebuild in ways that may allow mitigation of damage from such events….climate induced or not.

    2. @Michael Bray Fair point, in that case the French should just repay what they forced Haiti to pay them back in the 1800s as a price for independence back to Haiti adjusted for inflation in addition to what the world contributes to help rebuild and develop the nation.

    3. @Karl Tsang that is a seperate but valid issue. Just suggesting that a decent thing is to help Haiti rebuild and to do it with an innovative and creating mindset. Who knows…it may catch on.

    1. @Roger Out “Masks are ineffective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material” – Dr. Michael Osterholm

  3. “US aid is already working to help with the situation.” Biden. That’s what you do when your neighbors are in trouble. Yet after the last guy it makes normal compassion look like sainthood.

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