Han Dong’s resignation shows why Trudeau needs to call public inquiry: Mulcair

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair says that Han Dong's resignation from the Liberal caucus is just another indication a public inquiry is needed.

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    1. I think it is more than hope. The public has the memory of a goldfish and the patience of my 2-year-old. If he can drag his term to 2025 most of his voters will have forgotten or forgiven him. This SNC, WE, Blackface 1 2 3, the Emergency Act. I’m sure I’m forgetting things, each one of those should have brought him down but he just won’t fall.

    2. True. Because we forgot about carbon tax for a while didnโ€™t we. Until April 1st comes. Then weโ€™ll be back to the 25% raise in tax

  1. Mulcair is the last NDP leader who I still respect, despite being at the opposite end of the political spectrum.

    1. Jack Layton was a true NDP’er. I’ve never been an NDP supporter, but Layton truly believed in the NDP philosophy as well.

    2. โ€‹@My Enemies Call Me Namor You’ve done so much better with Singh and dragged the whole country down at the same time.

    1. Not if Toronto, women, and new Canadians have anything to do with it.

      The conservatives have a huge problem with those 3 demographic and/or geographical areas.

    1. You overplayed your hand by crying for the past several years about him. No one cares anymore.

    2. Oh, really. LOL He should have resigned months and months ago. He is a terrible Prime Minister. He embarrasses Canada.

  2. Why did he leave Liberal if he did nothing wrong? Why is he still in his seat if he did what he was accused of? None of this make sense unless he did what was reported and he only leave Liberal to save the party.

    1. Your questions are so hypocritical and insincere. You considered him guilty whether he resigned or not.

  3. Why don’t you ask Mulcair to condemn Mr. Jagmeet Singh for ‘torpedoing’ the Conservative demand for an independent Probe? It’s the NDP who are preventing that from happening.

  4. If this was a candidate from another party you’d have no problem believing the allegations and reporting them as factual

    1. Look into conservative MPP Ke. He was accused of the same thing and had to step down. Politicians are so corrupt

  5. Singh is holding out on this inquiry because he wants his agreements with the Libs to be honoured.. again government reps doing the wrong thing for their own gain.

  6. Why do these 2 MP’s now get to sit as Independants? They should be removed from Parliament with no pay until proven guilty or not.

    1. If this was any other employer the person would be fired on the spot and all benefits canceled ( except If youre a cop )

    1. From who? The only party that would have a vested interest in doing so is the CPC. The rest will support the liberals, as they’ve been doing, and just laugh at the CPC and tell them to sit down.

  7. The Whistleblower is a hero as far as Canadians are concerned and all political institutions need an extreme overhaul, full criminal investigation needs to happen NOW!!

  8. I am developing a whole new respect for Tom Mulcair, despite my opposition to his personal politics. His commentary is considered, well reasoned, and neutral. His observations are shrewd and pertinent, and his obvious current concern for the welfare of the institution of democracy in Canada is an alarm bell for every citizen of this great nation. I can honestly say I NEVER thought I would find myself agreeing with anything that came out of this man’s mouth… but then, I’m also willing to bet HE never thought he would ever be saying that Pierre Poilievre was exactly right!

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