Harris Visits Border Amid Criticism From Immigration Advocates 1

Harris Visits Border Amid Criticism From Immigration Advocates


NBC News' Jacob Soboroff brings us the latest from Vice President Harris' trip to the border. 
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    1. @Youngstown529 They already did. And Mitch and the rest of the followers are twisting it until President Biden explodes. And he will go off and Mitch will find out, how not to stick it to the President.

    2. @L KS the crisis at the border was created by joke Bi-dung, the situation is exactly what they ordered, Harris just came to laugh.

    3. Comprehensive reform means what? Amnesty for people who have avoided detection? Amnesty for everyone? Open borders? How can you have comprehensive immigration reform when you don’t have control of the border? Comprehensive immigration reform is a cowardly way of arguing for amnesty.

  1. Ok. So if you have a flood do you ignore the place where the leak is and just build a pool?
    The problem is in Guatemala Mexico etc. The result is at the border. Cause and effect people. If you dont stem the cause you wont change the effect. Its not rocket science.

    1. Whoa whoa, take it easy there, Hard Charger.
      We’re not the World Police, remember? Can’t be involved in other nations affairs, CIA is behind it all, yadda yadda
      ***insert some other recycled boiler plate BS here***

    2. Republicans are too lazy to go after the cause. Trump actually cut off funding to countries that were the source of most of the immigrants instead of helping them and their citizens.

    3. No it isn’t rocket science and if trufmp had spent more time speaking with New Mexico and other countries south of our border instead of campaigning and pandering to his base, perhaps it would have been better money spent than a wall, which never got finished. Smh

  2. Stem the problem from the source!
    The problem did not originate at the border. This administration knows that and that is the smart thing to do.

    Trump will be at the border next week. To do what exactly? He has no power to effective real change. He built a wall that is being blown down by the wind. That the immigrants are getting over with $5 worth of equipment from the hardware store.

  3. Remember when Bannon fleeced Trump-supporting rubes to pay for a “wall.” Ah, good times.

    1. The Trumpkins never complained once. One wonders if they even realized that they got screwed.

  4. Remember that time when the Stable Genius pardoned the guy who was using the “We Fund the Wall” thing as a personal check book? But keep donating to that re-election fund too, maga cult!

    1. @Dude we didn’t have the strongest border in history, it is still the same NOTHING has changed. Biden didn’t turn it into a crisis, trump did when he left people camped out there and no one to process them, also trump had his own crisis with the caravans.

    2. @tecums3h Along with Steve Bannon was orange stink Jr. Both of them were on that multi-million dollar scam.

    1. She went there to shut you idiots up. It’s all an internal, from climate to natural resources to housing and financial from those countries. Like I said internal.

    1. @TheHopetown well all of the activists that want the open border and illegal immigrants here should volunteer to take these people into their homes and support them. !

  5. With Too Many People On The Border
    We Could Use AMTRAK To Relocate Them
    In Abandoned Housing In The Rust Belt.
    Keep Control Of The Situation Without Using “Camps”.

  6. The migrants are being put in Private jets and sending them all over the country, Real Anthony Aguero goes live in El Paso,Tx

  7. The vice president great grandfather owned slaves in Jamaica. So we put the DNA of the slave master at the broader. One more question did she use the slave money that her great grandfather gave her

  8. She’s not there to dig in and figure things out. She showed up to get on camera, take a few pictures, say a couple words and gtfo….

  9. This clown is going to need a chiropractor after twisting himself into a pretzel trying to make the situation tolerable.

  10. Kamala continues to say that she is working hard to find the “root cause of illegal immigration.” If that is what she is looking for, the only trip she needs make is to Biden’s office. This administration IS the root cause of this unprecedented rise in illegal immigration. It began the day Biden took office.

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