Has Legault's COVID-19 response set him up as a dominant force in Canadian politics? | TREND LINE 1

Has Legault’s COVID-19 response set him up as a dominant force in Canadian politics? | TREND LINE


CTVNews.ca's Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nano discuss the political landscape in Quebec, where Premier François Legault and the CAQ have emerged as a powerful force in Canadian politics.

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  1. Dominant force lol has he ever shown his face in public. Keep hifing behind your screens. Your power is slipping.

  2. C’est certain que M. Legault va l’emporter car il a démontré qu’il est intègre et il a fait preuve d’une force extraordinaire afin de gérer la covid-19. Évidemment que les anglophones trouveront à redire. Mais on va voir qui aura raison au bout du compte. BRAVO M. Legault

  3. The measures currently in force in Quebec are taken by decrees and ministerial orders signed by the government. this is how he can stay dominant.

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