1. @Devo was that before or after canceling keystone XL making us energy dependent on putin and putting him in charge. There are bigger issues than the loans that students agreed to pay back

    2. @Dr Darren Pretty sure it was all iin the same week.
      -Allowinig nordstream
      – removing troops from ukraine
      – canceling support with ukraine
      – Droppinig the promise of cancel student debt.
      – cancel keystone
      – cancel most border defence
      – cancel peace agreements between palestine aand isreal
      – cancel price limit on medicine,
      – cancel most AMERICAN oil drill permiits

      Hes been busy first few weeks. Who knew that lower defence and droppnig ukraine support would turn out bad.
      Who knew that oil prices would skyrocket, when we dont get it ourself?
      Who knew that medicine priices would go up when remove the limit?
      Who knew border would be swarmed, drugs would sky rocket if you dont protect it?
      Who knew he would drop every positive promise the moment Biden took offiice?

      All unforseen.

    1. @Tom Beacher oh not at all , fail some stuff, transition and identify as BIPOC and you’ll land a cabinet position with Brandon post haste

    2. google the Wexner, Epstein, тRump, Clinton Mafia, they were all pal’s in the 80’s and before Ivanka was born

    3. That would mean the teachers would have to learn something useful and significant and that is a white supremacist idea.

  1. Democrats are supposed to be erasing my debt, I take no responsibility for signing contractual agreements and taking loans out

    1. Yeah like…it’s all about like….happiness and stuff like….it’s affecting people in like….a negative way and like….maybe investing in the us dollar is like….an option

  2. Tip #1: Stop eating, it costs money.
    Tip #2: Move out of your house, rent costs money.
    Tip #3: Don’t go to school, you’ll end up with crippling debt.

    1. ​@Mr. White I didn’t ‘start out’ though. My career was obsolete after the recession of ’09. I was forced to do it all again. I had good money and it was gone in a week.

      I tried construction and struggled after a few years because there wasn’t enough work in my local area.

      I am a 36 y/o man trying to have enough of an income to raise a family in the Seattle area. I figured it would help getting a masters degree in engineering. LOLOLOL

      Good lord, what was I thinking?

    2. @Mr. White Thank you. I’m on track to do R&D for DoD. Good job and it’s also fun to say. I’ll be able to afford my loans in the long run. It just sucks that people have to sign up for this kind of financial commitment to get ahead.

    3. @RealmCenter40 Born and raised Tacoma, Federal Way, Seattle. I’m headed back to Bremerton now and love it. WSU has a good engineering program there, but I digress

  3. “I’m so glad the Russia/Ukraine War ended COVID-19! Now we have to find a way to end student debt!”- Dave Chappelle

  4. This woman better keep on talking because women have a highest school debt with the lowest income after school because they choose Majors/ careers that do not pay enough for their loan and their wants and needs in life which are pretty high.

  5. Half the story is, wannabe hustlers trying to get over on the loan system.
    Let’s call it what it is.

  6. East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’
    A-we gonna do what they say can’t be done
    We’ve got a long way to go, and a short time to get there
    I’m east bound, just watch ol’ “Bandit” run

    1. Too late. Two decades of propaganda to get kids into for profit schools that leave millions of them holding the bag in debt for an “educations” that does not get them the jobs they were promised.

  7. In the first 40 seconds I basically heard, “be selfish, don’t pay your bills!” What a halfwit…

    1. @Christine Enlighten me to why any individual would even fathom to waste more than a sentence on your utter disgrace to humanity with ignorance, incompetence and lack of morals?

  8. 1.) Don’t spend money on stupid things like a cup of coffee for $3.00 everyday. Take that $3.00 and put it in a shoebox everyday…..you’ll end up with almost $1100.00 that could go towards debt.
    2.) Don’t have kids you can’t afford and expect the government to pick up your tabs.
    3.) Consider taking up a trade. A trade will leave you with little to no debt and you’ll be making 6 figures while most of your peers that went to college will have debt. A trade can also easily become your own business (i.e. plumber, machine shop, HVAC, etc.).
    4.) Work as much as you can if you want to go to college. A degree isn’t work experience.
    5.) If you do decide to go to college, get as many credits as you can in a community college and then go to a university.
    6.) This is something I did when I was younger…….I had a “dollar box”. Anytime I broke a bill and ended up with singles, I would throw them in a shoebox at the end of the day. After a year, I had over a grand in singles in said box.
    7.) Hustle on the side as much as possible.

  9. Some may like this advice. But the interest will kill you. Pay your student loans off as fast as possible even if it means living with mom and dad for a couple more years after graduation – IF THEY’LL HAVE YOU!

  10. Perhaps, the students should have invested in college degrees, like engineering, for which there is actually job market demand. They’re surprised to find out their “Urban Studies” and “Women’s Studies” degrees are useless, in the real world.

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