Hayes: ‘I’ve Heard Critiques About Having A ‘Plan’ For Entirety Of My Adult Life’ | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes comments on how he has heard the same conversation throughout his entire adult life about which military "plan" is going to finally work. Aired on 01/03/20.
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Hayes: 'I've Heard Critiques About Having A 'Plan' For Entirety Of My Adult Life' | All In | MSNBC


  1. He’s so angry about the violence and war. It’s refreshing to see someone seriously concerned about bloodshed and suffering, not just whether ‘their’ political party has the upper hand.

    1. @Joanne Park Thank you xx Just found out my life long friends made it off Kangaroo Island safely this morning. Half of the island has gone…… The second biggest sand Island in the Australia , cleanest beach award many times…….All gone. Then the animal’s…. my heart is breaking….

    2. @Georgia Peterson It’s stunning what’s happening across the country. It’s like the whole place is going up in flames.

    1. Tom Truett the podcast for this show is available from most podcast hosts but tbh you’d be better of listening to his (podcast) show ‘why is this happening?’ to to the fact that most of the time he has to toe the MSNBC line and not be *as* challenging. The show beforehand was mostly about how ‘Iran is the bad guy’ with literally no input about how American foreign policy in the Middle East has been the same for the last 40 years and has led to this point because the US can’t keep it’s nose out of other countries politics.

  2. The irony of cadet bonespurs giving military orders is sickening to me, trump should send his kids to Iran and then start wars.

    1. He has NO regard for America or Americans, he is all about power playing , using, and exploiting ALL people, that is how his brain works.

    2. It’s a repeat of his 2016 campaign strategy. He’s setting the stage for retaliation. He won’t be harmed himself because he’s sufficiently protected. He’ll then run on the same old fear narrative of “ban them, remove them, don’t let them in, build that wall ASAP because they are pretending to be Mexicans and they’re getting in, blahblahblah.”

  3. Trillions of dollars spent WAS, AND IS, THE PLAN. Pretending that any of this is based on any moral, social, military, or political imperative, is intellectually dishonest.

  4. The cover page of this clip says a thousand words of this clipped one, of final attempt to stay in office start a new war of one so impaired. Is there any medications he on that has side effects not cocaine again.

  5. This drive for an “end to endless wars” and “war no more” is a misleading concept. We do not have a war in Afghanistan. We have a perpetual policing action, as we have in many places across the globe. We can discus the efficacy of this, but we should not call it a discussion of war. I believe we may be about to experience a real war with Iran, but let’s not confuse it with what America has been doing in the Middle East for the last 12 to 15 years.

  6. Maybe the best plan is to send all the war mongering boomers in the bureaucracy and military industrial complex back to Jurassic Park.

  7. Trump: I have a plan. I have eliminated Iran’s general and I’m going to see what they are going to do next. Maybe now the do nothing Dems can’t impeach me.

    1. His only plan has been to erase Obama, and make money for himself and his friends. Trump is The Lyin’ King!

  8. Oh tell us more mr. geopolitical scholar.

    Is chris the wife in his marriage? I’m not being critical, it just seems like he would be.

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