‘No Question There Will Be Retaliation:’ Majd On Iran’s Imminent Response | All In | MSNBC

"There's no question there will be retaliation," said author and journalist Hooman Majd, of Iran's response to Thursday's drone strike. Aired on 01/03/20.
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‘No Question There Will Be Retaliation:’ Majd On Iran’s Imminent Response | All In | MSNBC


  1. but if russia responds is it worthy.now u got chumps best friends. iran ,russia andchina all having a military partys together.

  2. America and Iran are planning a way to attack Saudi Arabia……… I would guess?

    Much like America abandoning the Kurds…. it was a trap……..

    1. @fafar gol I thought Reagan sold arms to Iran so as to give Iran an advantage in the 1980’s war?

    2. @The Toasted Hippies
      With the disposal of the Shah in 1979 ,the US was actively involved.
      The Iraq’s armaments including chemical weapons , were coming from the US and Europe .
      Iran itself has been a victim  of a lot of gas attacks , but never used it as a weapon.
      An absolute shame for the civilized west!
      WITNESSING IRAN-IRAQ 1980-1988 WAR.  
      The story of Dr. Udo Ulfkotte about chemical attack of Iraq to Iran

    1. Uhhh just cause YOU say the uk won’t doesn’t just mean they won’t we are allies we have each other’s back.

    2. As a prestige grad fellow living 2 years in the UK, I LOVED it, embassy reception, sherry with Her Majesty. Yes, obviously, total class snobs and racists, and yet some at least tried.
      Boris Johnson is the end of that old alliance.

    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if you all in Western Europe start marching condoning this act of aggression?? Lately if you didn’t notice y’all starting to change to a lighter side of brown!!!

  3. I am from Australia. I wish we could withdraw from being a supporter of America. Trump is going to get us all killed and we cant even vote him out of office. As the President he is suppose to protect his own people. He cant even do that, Allies have no hope. I dont know why Australia even bothers with this self absorbed piece of entitlement.

    1. Sandy Fix. Yes. Trump is going to get everyone killed. This THING is the most disgusting and CORRUPT. Pretty much ALL OF US want him out if OFFICE NOW. Trump is a Lunatic and Dangerous not only to the United States, but, to putting our Allies, of which there are hardly any anymore, in danger. He is definitely is in Putin’s pocket.

    2. My father fought with Australians in WWII and North Korea. Respected you guys
      That was when America stood for anything.

      You guys trust Trump? He’s not just a U.S. traitor, but a traitor to all our former friends. He hates all free peoples.

      (I really am sorry to admit this.)

    1. Pray God, may your kids not come back at midnight in body bags as in Vietnam. I was there. That’s what you get from a macho President.

  4. Give Iran Trump, Melania, Trump Jr., Ivanka, what’s-his-name other son, Ivanka’s husband, and Mitch McConnell in trade.

  5. Iran does anything and it’s comiting suicide we ain’t gonna put up with their bs and i dont mean bean soup

  6. When did Iran become a super power? Americans afraid of taking action following death of American citizen…

  7. Speaking from professional experience:
    I like borderline intellectually impaired persons (max IQ 85). They can be good, caring, hard working people and citizens.
    But they’re not up to abstract thinking, or conflict, or complex challenges.
    You don’t place the cognitively impaired in charge of 328 million people.
    God help us.

  8. Anybody who welcomes a decade of war better hope their kids are white and grow up to be defense industry contractors. Tell them to run, not walk, to their college guidance counselors.

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