Dexter Filkins: Iran Will Retaliate For U.S. Killing Of Soleimani | All In | MSNBC


  1. Look at all these sick sociopaths fingers crossed can barely hold back the smiles longing for a war with Iran… he could almost taste it.

    Smedley Butler “War is a racket.” .

  2. Soleimani was a good man…. Just the best lmao. Such a sad day for Democrats to have lost such a vital ally

    1. They’re not making a “hero” out of him, they are explaining who he is to the Iranians. The problem with Trump is, he only thinks about himself not how this will effect the rest of the U.S. Iran is gonna do something that will make us all very sorry Trump is POTUS.. as if most of us weren’t already.

    2. Sarah H how come they didn’t talk about how respected osama was by some of the people who followed him? This is no different at all. The only diffenrce is Obama pulled the the trigger on him.

  3. If they do, Trump just told all he’s taking out 52 targets in memory of Iranian hostage crisis.
    Never forget folks.
    I support Trump on this one.

  4. *Considering most of the young people in Iran rioted and protested this guy the last 5 years, good luck raising a army*

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