Day 1,079: Iran Vows Revenge After Trump-Ordered Killing Of Military Leader | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Amid reports of another airstrike in Iraq, Iran is vowing 'revenge' on the United States after Trump ordrered the assassination of its military leader, Qassem Soleimani. Aired on 01/03/20.
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Day 1,079: Iran Vows Revenge After Trump-Ordered Killing Of Military Leader | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @BillHK Shhh you sound as dumb as the media that brainwashed you. I have 2 words for you that matter: Where’s Hunter?

    1. dwualr – Hey just sayin We have *TONS* of space up north if any of you Muricans want to move, We just want to say, Welcome!

  1. Who is Lyndsey Graham trying to BS ? He says the world is a safer place . It is now dangerous for any American to travel outside of the U.S.

    1. It should have been like that since the beginning. The world would have been more peaceful if your government and armies didn’t start wars over resources and then put the blame on other countries

    1. Pay no attention to the Trumpeters comments or replies. Those that aren’t bots are just ignorant, feckless 💩 just like the person they support.

    1. @Dr VR yes i understand just like the cobalt and minerals in Africa. The socioeconomic wars would be over in Africa too if foreigners would get out..but when its over euro assets its a war right.

    2. @David Obama Obama Obama 😂✌ please get over the first black president. Post Obama Psyc Disorder

    1. Barry Sutton is that the best from a snowflake republicans ! Sorry because everything things that tRump does is in a Sharpie! Just like last year and his Fake weather map was in a Sharpie ! Poor little Barry so afraid of the truth!

  2. If one loses internal politics, there is no better way to switch the narrative as to start a war. All autocrats do this. It is played by the book.

  3. How does this not equal war. What if any other country took out a US general with an air strike. Would that not be an act of war?

    1. @Dusty Nickels They are being asked the nature of the attacks..what plan was Qassem was planning…they say they cant say..killing the General not to start a war…US since 2001 fighting peasants with AK47 i.e Taliban..and now US is gonna make a peace deal with Taliban and withdraw from Taliban defaeted…noo!?..US still in Iraq since 2003..doing what?

    2. @Dusty Nickels And don’t forget the Iranian airliner with hundreds of passengers, that has been shot down by a nervous US Navy commander.

    1. Alex Hamilton just 1 … ONE… Nuclear Weapon can wipe out the Atmosphere and Earth in Time… you may not die right away, but you will die from lack of Food or Cancer.

    2. @Geraldine Burns so? end of problem. Besides isn’t the world going to end in about 11 or 12 years according to AOC?

  4. Republicans historically start wars to gain an edge when there is an upcoming election, knowing most people will vote to keep the same President in during war-time.

    1. @Debra Bashaw innocent until proven guilty in the USA. President Trump has the same rights to the Bill of Rights just like any person residing in the USA including illegals. Demokkkrats proved nothing but an partisan vote of indictment without proof of a reasonable doubt. Senate convicts which will never happen….You’re a dummy dumb dumb

    2. @Conservative Jew How did FDR start WW2 LMAO!
      What wars did Obama start? I thought they were started by George W. Bush. He invaded both Iraq and Afghanistan. George Bush senior also declared war on Iraq.
      What wars did Clinton start?

    3. @Rick B FDR did a Declaration of War with Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Japan and Romania. Obama involved USA in the 1st Lybian Civil War just like Bush involved the USA in the Persian War, War on terror and the Iraq War. Clintion = Bosnia. See dummy those weren’t wars USA started. Those are approved involvement by Congress as well as the UN. Since you don’t understand the rules of engagement…. sit down.

  5. Don’t believe a word that Pompeo says; tool of Trump needs to leave w/ rest of this administration.

  6. Lindsey Graham: “And the President killed him(Qassem Suleimani)”, and the world is not than much safer. Wait and see. DUCK AND COVER! Quack!

    1. herman greenstein
      I bet that hateful old armchair warmonger Graham encouraged Trump to do this . Graham never met a country of color he wouldn’t like to bomb !

  7. “Deep strategy that Trump laid down years ago.”
    Am I the only one that noticed that Pompeo said that without even cracking a smile?

    1. @Maga 4Eva3 I’m not a coward, but my dad’s doctor says I have debilitating bone spurs. otherwise, I’d let em have it with everything I got.

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