McConnell And Schumer In A Stalemate Over Trump Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

The two political leaders in the Senate started 2020 sparring over how the upper chamber will proceed on Trump's impeachment trial. Mieke Eoyang and Jonathan Allen react. Aired on 01/03/20.
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McConnell And Schumer In A Stalemate Over Trump Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Brent Jackson Do me a favor though’ Go for a walk in your far far away land maybe you’ll fall off your flat earth, don’t forget to drink that Kool-aid first.

    2. Sorry Sweetheart, I’m not a liberal Dem, therefore I’m not a conspiracy theorist. All y’all believe in is conspiracy theories about Trump, & no, I don’t wan’t to join your flat earth society! Trump is your President, & will be for 5 more years. FAHQ!

  1. When are the American people going to stand up and tell these people that were fed up when are we going to make them understand every single one of us is a victim of our own stupidity

    1. @RYNNY KITTY NO IT ISN’T. Man you are just dumb. You hate socialism so much you can just send that social security check to me. I’ll tell the fire and police depts. to skip your house too. Democratic socialism is not the same.

    2. @BluSky We are all americans. Right, left all of us are. Rump is the one trying to split this country. Before he came along we may have disagreed, but nobody said the other party was a traitor and unamerican as their mantra.

    3. @Bar BS12 Both of the Bush’s were globalist RINO’s. Obummer enacted penalties for business owners that forced those businesses to other countries, and lets not forget that he committed verifiable TREASON no less than four times in office, in addition to his illegally using the IRS to target his political opposition, as well as illegally spying on 330+ MILLION PEOPLE. Obummer should be brought before a firing squad for his crimes.

    4. @Roger Jones Literally everything they’ve accused Trump of is something they’ve already done themselves. The difference is, there’s a paper trail of evidence leading to their crimes.

    5. @Arthur Anderson You should really get some new material, the whole “brainwashed koolaid drinker” thing got old before you were born little boy. If you think I’m brainwashed, try actually NAMING the crimes Trump has supposedly committed, and I mean crimes linked to actual REAL hard evidence, not hearsay or rumor. Oh wait…….you CAN’T name any crimes because even the Democrats couldn’t name any real crimes in the Articles of Impeachment even though the Constitution demands it.

    1. @Wesley C. What are you talking about? It’s the Democrats that don’t want a trial in the Senate. If they did, the trial would already have been started. Until the articles of impeached are delivered to the Senate for trial, is as if no articles exist. The Democrats rushed to get the articles approved and then put them in a drawer. This is a political move. I think it’s going to back fire on them. I’m thinking most of the American people are smart enough to see right thru this sham.

    2. Bernie you are delusional, it’s political because Moscow Mitchell said he’ll do what the WH tells him, or don’t you remember that? Nancy wants a full trial and she shouldn’t send the articles until she is sure the senate will conduct itself as it is supposed to. Trump is impeached btw, what do you think the vote was for, next is his trial..

    3. @Bernie I’m talking about how the GOP picks and chooses the jobs our sons and daughters will do —- usually at their own peril.

    4. @Ken Rimmer don’t waste yer breath with someone who lives in the alternative fact world ( created by oligarcs to brainwwash the idiotic to exploit )

    1. That vote would never pass, any more than impeachment will. It’s a Republican Senate and Democrats are out of gas.

    2. @Jack Vand All Republicans have is gaslight. Be honest, why wouldn’t they want witnesses and documentary evidence at a trial? Ahahaha. They know they’re defending an unAmerican crooked president, that’s why. He’s as guilty as sin. He even asked Ukraine and China to investigate Biden- his opponent, he thinks- on tv, to sabotage a free and fair election. Asking for this help from a foreign government is not only impeachable but illegal.

    1. Elaniago Ones they are out… will they pay for their putrid behavior ? I want Mitch on a skin stretcher machine, just as a circus act. I like to see Lindsay testifying and crying to save his own neck

  2. Giuliani’s next claim: “Evidence isn’t evidence”

    Watching this BS day after day is wearing on my very sanity. When will our collective nightmare end?

    1. @Erik Olivecrona I’m not trying to frustrate you but ur argument is incorrect if there is documented cases of videos being hearsay and on attorney’s websites they say they can argue videos or photos are hearsay if there is no direct person to cross examine then a video or photo could be hearsay, that’s the argument and I believe you lost it.

    2. Erik Olivecrona Hearsay and circumstantial evidence is weaker evidence, so if Trump would release the documents or let the officials testify he would pretty quickly be cleared. But he doesn’t want to do that.

      But, Col. Vindman did listen in on the call and has testified that what Trump was asking for was not national policy, but for Trump’s personal gain in the election. That’s a direct witness, which corroborates what can be inferred from the evidence. Trump really should explain this, that’s what other people have to do, even if the evidence is just circumstantial or hearsay.

    3. @Pontus Ekholm Erik seems pretty intelligent the only thing I can think of is he doesn’t believe trump should have to answer questions.

    4. You mean like
      My uncles girlfriends neighbors best friends cousin over heard the Ukraine call and that’s just how I feel emotionally about it and that’s my presumption on the whole thing

      You mean like that kind of evidence ?

    1. Barry Sutton Yes…. too bad you are not an American… even your drunk Nancy comment is trying too hard

    2. @ed perkins trump picked the corn out of his teeth after eating stormys butt out. Yea now look at him like the monster he is.

    3. Russian bots highly active on likes /dislikes.  also with 3-4 word inflammatory comments.  the point is to Divide us.   and Trump is doing Putin’s work.

  3. GOP are making a mockery of the Constitution just like the Machiavellian Evangelical base makes a mockery of righteousness and justice , they very foundation of the throne of Jesus

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