1. sound good to me. I wouldn’t say no to a death sentence & confiscate all their properties.

    2. I can see why this guy is no longer a Republican. He is smart, he loves and cares about the country, and he is not a sleazeball crook. This is the kind of guy we need to hear from on TV instead of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz.

  1. I love Denver Riggleman. He is smart, and his analysis always gives me insight into what’s really going on. This interview is no exception. We must rid this country of those right-wing nut biscuits.

  2. On behalf of all Americans and their families that paid the ultimate sacrifice in past wars in the name of Democracy, that all of these traitors be held accountable.

  3. This man’s testimony is extremely valuable. Ironically the people who think that they are on the side of good are actually the evil ones. And the people who are fighting against them, us, are simply standing up for what’s right and good.

    1. @Janni Chi they’re officially out of the “headline news” area after defending Amber Turd today

    2. @Cruzmissle M I get that, the Defamation instructions were clear. Malice didn’t seem strong when I followed. However the toxic abuse went both ways, good thing they both had work schedules apart. They both did a public service, get out when the going’s NOT lethal. I am glad that a gentlemen (even with addiction flaws) stood up. This was the second trial after London. So many careers being lost these days, time for GenZ to have opportunity & power 💙 Many Texans (Amber alert) seem to act out of entitlement lately.🎩 Who knows what’s happening to USA? GREED maybe?

  4. he knows it’s imperative to get this right and bring justice because his kids and grandkids are going to grow up in this country.

    1. We are all feeling this threat to the futures of our children and grandchildren. We all have to support people like this man and the committee in deciphering what has gone down in the US and in varying degrees in other democracies. There”s no doubt that a full out assault is being waged (with lies, propaganda and as he mentioned fantastical thinking) on the foundations of democracy. We have big work to do to overcome what’s happening to all we hold dear and preserve our way of life.,

  5. Not everyone knows the very interesting life of Denver Riggleman, and I would implore you to look into the history and accomplishments of this amazing American.

    1. @Thats not funny Comments are being hidden all over Youtube in videos covering every subject under the sun. I don’t know why.

  6. The problem is that people now are accustomed to “preferred facts” in lieu of verifiable, reality-based facts. People will choose what they prefer rather than being open to logic and legal argument.

    1. @Tom Cruise “toxic and ineffective vaccines”

      The medical community and the tin foil hat community differ significantly on this point.

    2. Pity that “legal argument” is a moveable feast. In fact, “logic and legal argument” is in practice an oxymoron, no?

  7. It’s horrifying to hear Q-anon being discussed as a valuable source of information for any action taken by our elected officials.

    1. @SILVER SALVATION So you don’t have a clue what Communism is. Or what history is. Is there any point to you, cleaning up in a diner or something ?

  8. Grateful to hear from this former Republican congressman, who so clearly has intelligence, integrity and moral values, and respect for democracy.
    Thank you both. 🇺🇸

    1. @John Last It seems like the crazed laugh of someone who finally realizes that their world of lies is finally crashing into hard reality.

  9. Thats a Republican? Closed my eyes and all i heard was a concerned smart U.S. citizen with leadership skills and genuine love for country.

    1. There was a time when he wasnt an outlier. But that was quite some time ago. And then came trump as the catalyst to bring the worst undercurrents within that party to the forefront and made it the doctrine, the ideology of doing anything to achieve the desired result of conservation of power and status. Its all a means to the same end, not about doing the right things for the country.

  10. Don’t forget that the former president would have happily seen people jailed, or even executed, if his coup had succeeded. It’s critical to shine light on what the insurrections were doing and all those involved — they were the people in positions of power that would have supported the corrupt political incacerations and executions. As Mr Riggleman said, the corruption involved all three branches of government.

    1. Trump the business man, and at the time the darling of New York society did call for the death penalty for the now exonerated “Central Park Five “. So he certainly has form.

  11. Give this man the Nobel Peace Prize! The right person at the right time at the right place ❤️

    1. Propaganda is a hell of a thing, I used to wonder how people could be this simple I didn’t believe it but – apparently you are.

  12. Wow. What a great work that this man has done. Regardless of political affiliation. Still can’t trust a politician. I hope he gets his medal of honor.

  13. Rep. Riggleman, I am so glad that Republicans like you exist in our country! I am a Democrat but you are an American first!

  14. This gentleman obviously know what he is doing, the right man at the right place, definitely, but his cautionary tone at 10:06 when it comes to the ‘murican people deciding to accept or ignore the facts is very valid, and highlights the ever growing division in the country.

    1. 3:56 “What do you mean …you were troubled by what you heard”
      Laughs and twists his face – I would like to know what all those microexpeessions were I pickndisgust and disbelief.

  15. This is one of the highest quality interviews that I have _ever_ seen on CNN.

    Well done on getting someone so capable to impart his knowledge to us.

    I hope the January 6 committee will be able to continue its work and go through all the data and tell us what happened.

    1. @Em M We’re talking about a Government over throw here, not getting caught shoplifting at WalMart.

    2. @포리너 Sure they did 😆 did you then wake up and realize it was only a dream or are these daytime delusions too. I didn’t know that North Korea hired it’s own online trolls but it’s now obvious. Inexperienced and comical North Korea propaganda.😆😅😂🤣

    3. @Em M One more thing why in the world would you even attempt to over throw a government without a plan to hold on to power afterwards, what would be the point?

    4. @Nik Palmira Without a plan to hold on to power after they over throwed the Government, what would be the point of over throwing it? Hell a couple members off a seal team could go in and take it back from them in about 10 minutes, it wouldn’t even take a full team.

  16. Great interview. This man needs to hold a higher position in our government. Very intelligent.

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