'He Knows': Trump Fixated On 'Likely' Loss To Biden, Per Trump Insider | MSNBC 1

‘He Knows’: Trump Fixated On ‘Likely’ Loss To Biden, Per Trump Insider | MSNBC


New reporting shows Trump’s inner circle worried he failed to handle Covid hitting the White House, bungled debates over a final stimulus package before the election, and 'blew' his chance to reset the campaign – raising broader questions of whether he is self-sabotaging. 'Art of the Deal' co-author Tony Schwartz discusses Trump’s penchant for hurting himself, how his approach has coarsened over the years, and the wider potential danger facing the U.S. if Trump loses and tries 'to bring us down with him' before leaving office, in this interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 10/13/2020.
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'He Knows': Trump Fixated On 'Likely' Loss To Biden, Per Trump Insider | MSNBC


  1. The level of self-destruction 45* has had his whole life gives incompetence a whole new depth of meaning.

    1. @Montesa ,Really miss foreigner? Do you actually think the entire United States voted him in? Mind your own business

    2. @myko freder We can never forget that tRump could not have done so much damage if Republicans had not broken our system of checks and balances.

  2. Trump doesn’t really care, at this stage about anything. He’s trying to hurt the Americans, as much as he is hurting at the prospect of losing.

    1. @John Cox This is exactly what another narcissistic fascist (Adolf Hitler) did in WWII. Losing a war on all fronts, Hitler was prepared to see the whole country destroyed and millions die unnecessarily just to prop up his delusion of “the master race”. The parallels between Trump and Hitler are amazing.

  3. Can the Speaker on behalf of the people send Trump a bill for the use of the White House when he used it for personal re election events?

    1. @Travis Sad but the hole in the Hatch act is that it applies to Government Employees only.
      As Trump is not classed as an Employee being the President, the Hatch act does not apply to him.

  4. Trump really doesn’t want to win . He wants to lose and feel sorry for himself and spend the rest of his life crying and complaining about how he got screwed. Pitiful.

    1. don’t be silly Trump is not a Democrat. so i’m sure he will simply go back to work if he loses. It’s just a blessing from God that we wont have to worry about that. Trump by a landslide 2020!!! we will leave the crying to the anqueefa pros

    2. who cares? He’s lost before & declared bankruptcy. He’s not going to be homeless if he loses. Grown up baby! Melania should give him a pacifier at night!

    1. Insist on voting when there are no suitable candidates & America will find themselves in a WORSE situation than what they are in now!

  5. I think he lied about having Covid as a distraction for the Supreme Court Seat, he lies about everything anyways.

    1. @Susan Farley The “Trump didn’t really have COVID” is just a nutty, baseless conspiracy theory like the ones from QAnon.

    2. @clarkb91 her source is all of those minion doctors standing close together on Live television without masks on… tRump paid these docs “hush money” to go along with this fake Pastor jim jones I’m now cured from my deadly virus act.

    3. The mere fact that the American people as a whole can even begin to doubt whether our “leader” is telling the truth about being infected with a deadly disease is more than enough proof that he is grossly unfit to be in any position of importance, let alone the president. And that is still a massive understatement imo
      Vote Blue this November, if you’re Republican you can give yourselves the chance to choose a proper candidate instead of a clown who knows the keywords to incite fear and hate in your party.

  6. No extradition in Russia where his new hotel and golf course is being built, yeah, putie , you’ll have bromantic going on

    1. @come and get it he will head to the Russian Embassy and he will get into an armored car and get on a Russian plane and fly to Russia..all under the protections of the Russians and guess what his freaking base will say he had to run

    2. No deal for Donnie & family regarding a one way ticket to Moscow. The only remedy is long jail terms, seizure of assets, etc.

    1. @Jayjoejames We’re so lucky to have the democrats. Biden, Harris, pelosi, and Schumer- They really don’t care about themselves, only their fellow Americans. I mean pelosi is worth over 100,000,000 all earned while sacrificing and helping the less fortunate.

    2. @D M not only they care about their fellow Americans but also helping Americans in this time of this pandemic by staying 1meter apar and no mass gatherings.this is the only way to fight this spread and also practicing by using facemask to proctect ourself and not being selfish by.i really hope Biden wins the elections.Americans need a real president in this time of this pandemic.

    1. @Steve Zide hahahaha! Actually I saw all your 7 ballots floating in the river over there. You know—the river!

  7. Trump didn’t destroy the Republican party. They destroyed themselves by not standing up to a president in times when the American people needed a leader.

    1. @Jim Schleehauf I am not one to call out spelling errors but you spelt Demonic wrong. But you’re so right, there is evil in the white house

  8. It’s disgusting to see him dancing around after so many have died because of his negligence! Him and his supporters can kiss me where the sun doesnt shine!!! Vote vote vote BIDEN!!

    1. I hope they can all be charged with some sort of homicidal negligence. They had the opportunity to saves lives and passed.


    1. The deepest and most introspective analysis of the inner workings of Trumps deranged mind that I have witnessed so far. And I love that Ari quoted Bob Marley at the end there. Excellent segment!

    1. Do you people not see BLM…METHED OUT ANQUIFA FREAKS BURNING CRAP DOWN? Lmao. You people should be studied.

    2. @L Y the “real” looter, arsonists, and killers are the ones doing it now and blaming it on the “real” protestors. There were such people out there with the protestors (undercover) and it all will be proven real soon.

  10. Any stupid thing Trump tries to turn around his declining poll numbers is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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