He Left me So Many Amazing Stories: President Bush's Chief Of Staff 1

He Left me So Many Amazing Stories: President Bush’s Chief Of Staff


Chief of Staff for President George H.W. Bush, Jean Becker, discusses her new book 'The Man I Knew: The Amazing Story of George H. W. Bush's Post-Presidency'.
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    1. @Z06 Guy … and I don’t mean that as a conspiracy. I don’t think any one person knows the level of clearance George H W Bush had.

    1. And RIP your dad too. Hope they are sitting together in heaven playing chess. . May God bless your family always.

  1. How about the story about how he got William Barr to shut down the Iran Contra investigation before H.W. himself was in indictable territory?

  2. Republicans now realize they were wrong about the Bush family,
    and agree that they were bad for America.
    And one day, they will realize the same about Trump.

    1. False. Bush was a war monger. President Trump is a peace maker, which is why he’s beloved by so many Republicans and moderate democrats.

    2. Trump is not a peacemaker, just a conman out to enrich himself at the expense of the people of this country and the world at large.

    3. The Bush family are racist, classist, soulless warmongers. The tRump family are even more crudely _blatant_ racist, classist, soulless warmongers.
      Republicans are racist, classist soulless warmongers who have learned — and _will_ learn — NOTHING. Ever. They’re attacking their own country, while puking up deranged propaganda about “peace.”

  3. Well I hope you also talked about how much cocaine he authorized to bring into the U.S., to finance the Contra’s. Mina, AK

    1. …..and bring CRACK into urban areas to start “war on Black” ..not to mention the 8 women he sexually assaulted

    1. ??????? Did you miss where his lunatic son picked up where inept daddy never finished and we’re STILL in Iraq DECADES later?????@Roger Out

  4. President George HW Bush is one of my personal heroes. I will always miss his decency and patriotism. As a Democrat, I do still consider him as my favorite Republican

    1. @James Smith Bryan thinks “MOAB” means…
      (you fill in the blank… I’m too tired of morons like him)

    2. @James Smith well we all enjoyed 0 wars and 4 years of peace in the ME under President Trump’s leadership. Can’t say the same about Bush or any other modern day president.

  5. Basically I have one principle I live by; I could never be friends with or respect anyone who have no sense of humor.

    1. One principle.
      _(One that’s tantamount to “Flippancy, no matter the circumstance.”)_
      Don’t hurt yourself trying to take on too much responsibility, buddy.

  6. Did he leave you any amazing stories about how he said to the American public: No New Taxes and then walked it back when he wanted to justify the incredible amounts of taxpayer dollars that he was spending while destroying the military of which I was serving in? First year of being an instructor we lost 14 instructors and got an entire three to replace them.

    1. @Roger Out that would be world war II under FDR who got a massive 530 electoral votes in one of his elections and also while all Americans or at least most of Americans were members of antifa before the phrase had been coined because it stands for anti-fascist while we were fighting fascists in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania.

    2. @Roger Out I like the way you focus on the word taxes so I’m going to assume that you never served in the military!!!

    1. Are you still enjoying all those cantaloupes that you bought and took back to your basement . I’m not even going to speculate on what you use them for but Tatiana still would love to meet you .

  7. had to hit mute …i gotta fart…i got gas…..and 02 seconds is all it took……………….no thx ….and last time i checked …thats a dead president

  8. Let’s put politics aside today and honor the soldiers of all colors who freed the slaves from democrats

  9. I would of love to ask President George H.W Bush would do he think of the Republican party now.

  10. A villain, who raised an even _bigger_ one.
    It’s not just the right wing that lies about history, to protect, enable, and further encourage, racist monsters.
    MSNBC is always ready to rehabilitate the reputations of — and often employ — America’s most prolific victimizers.

  11. US Politics is worthless
    unless The two major parties both ! can work for the nation
    and NOT get sidelined with BS issues that don’t benefit the nation

  12. Basic Ranger Training. The numbers game of Unit strength degrade, the grade and the big head game. Demon group think. Shiny objectivity. Shiny object on the position approach, shiny objects on the retreat. Tap the over shoulder disappearing act. Little demon ducklings one by one. The demon tactical analysis their overheated lizard brain.

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