1. I appreciate his awareness, it is depressing to see the support for Trump. Its all over conservative states. Just sad. I wish Merrick Garland would do better

  2. I’d love to see the average person try a trump defense in criminal court like ignoring subpoenas or summons and his absolute favorite perjury and citing well trump can get away with it so why can’t I???

    1. Oh you mean like Eric holder when he sent weapons to Mexican cartels and ignored the subpoena

  3. Justice is BLIND and Nobody is Above the LAW Pathetic the lack of moral and hope and Confidence in the Justice system Please FIX !!

  4. Not wantin him to run and not votin for him if he does IS 2 DIFFERENT THINGS !! Cynical people arent smarter than everyone else but we dont allow ourselves to b tripped up with stupid hope .. DONT HOPE !! .. PLAN !!

    1. @Craig Colson Absolutely, because I guarantee it will nothing compared to other things that went on that year.

    1. I disagree. He must be held accountable. AND, the people who support him area SMALL minority.

  5. Thank you for standing up M…
    You don’t deserve this…
    Keep fighting for the good people!

    1. What does Buddhism teach about war and peace?

      The Five Precepts are moral guides that all Buddhists try to follow in order to minimise desires and reach enlightenment. The first of these Precepts is to abstain from taking life.

      Killing or harming human beings is therefore clearly problematic for Buddhists. Because of this, some Buddhists would not rise to an attack or to any conflict with violence.

      In times of war, Buddhists must show compassion and help all living beings. They must abandon any fight that crosses their path.

  6. maybe we need to switch focus from “he’ll never pay for any of this’ to “I will be outraged if he gets away with this.” It may be realism to some, but it’s also priming ourselves for defeat, and worse, to accept it.

  7. With out charging the masterminds and co conspirators, Merrick Garland seals the fate of our democracy. Americans are begging for justice for officer finnone and the other valiant peace keepers and law protectors at the Capitol on the horrific day of the insurrection. How in hell do we get the DOJ to man up and do what these
    brave Americans deserve?
    This is infuriating!

    1. @Zubar garland was installed….look at his history and the weddings he has presided over. Lisa page?

  8. Politicians are above the law, no matter how many times they are told they are not. We *never* hold them accountable and it sickens me.

    1. @Courtney Scott Thank you! I try to remind my fellow Americans what’s a stake here when we’re talking about the insurrection, and what the RINO’s (Republican in name only) are trying to do to our voting laws, rights, and regulations. Most don’t know what it took for Americans of African decent to get to vote and that it even took longer for women to get the right to vote, in my opinion they had it all the time, but it took the (old white men) a long time to recognize it. What’s at stake is our beloved U.S. Constitution, our Democratic Republic, and our United States of America and friends we just can’t let the RINO’s do this, we owe it to our future generations to uphold and defend our Republic.

    1. Twila Johnson–I hope you are both wrong. There will be millions of new voters & maybe they will see how ridiculous trump is.

  9. Finone is 💯 correct, spectrum of human consciousness…not good or bad, it’s about a level of existence…some will chase ego, power, money at all costs and some most will simply follow….apathy leads to ignorance. Add the two groups and you have Trumps base

  10. I understand Michael. I am so proud of him for standing up to be heard, over and over. His kids must be, and should be so very proud of their Dad. He is a true hero.

  11. It’s amazing that he’s even considered to be a candidate for President. Insane is a better word

  12. This poor man… I hope he and other brave officers get the justice they deserve/ and need.

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