1. If putin is so worried about prolonged conflict, he could GTFO of Ukraine and it would end today 🙄🤨🌻🇺🇦🌻🇺🇦 g

    1. @A T O No Sir the God of all Mankind is King Jesus..And Ukraine days are numbered..Watch and See what God does using Putin to do his Work
      It is marvelous in our sights..Isn’t it..
      No man can touch him..Because God is protecting him..If you mad then i suggest you make repentance to God for Ukraine..Because Ukraine needs to repent for their evil works in the sight of God..

    2. He is trying to threaten with the thing that he does not want to happen, another afghanistan

  2. If Putin has a problem with America, then he should have invaded America instead of Ukraine. 🤣😅

    1. He knew he couldn’t,imagine how bravery the Ukrainian soldiers are o compare with the United States forces lol,I bet with the type of soldiers his using he should just invade his own territory lol

    1. ​@A T O No . Russia is one city , Moscow lol …boooooooom annnnnnd good night . we all might get a little something but Russia..you will be a wasteland of 3 legged bears and trees with eyes for the next 50k years .

  3. This is a crazy person warning about long range missiles he already threatened the world with nukes

    1. @Burhaan Hassan No. It’s right on their doorstep and they don’t want to irradiate the large gas reserves Ukraine has.

    2. you think he really is putting in any effort? HAHA this is a mental war so far, trust me you don’t wanna see Putin actually beat ukraine

  4. Putin: “For as long as Ukraine is armed there will be a conflict”. Um, yeah, duh, that’s usually the response to an invasion.

    1. @eiosdnxa какой “храбрый” диванный воин, в штаны наложишь в первую очередь😂

  5. I feel that Ukraine should be able to counterstrike at any target that launches missiles into their country.

    1. @C O’Neal Black No,
      has the United States been engaged in aggression since May 1945? who allowed the United States to set its own conditions?

    2. At this time, I think its more important to have them try to get their territory back, rather than go for a kamikaze counter offensive in Russian territory.

    3. Ukrainians are not idiots, having half a million soldiers to fight against 200 thousand Russians is one thing, having half a million soldiers to fight against 5 million Russians is another

  6. Ignore his empty threats. Russia’s no longer the second best army in the world. They’re the second best in Ukraine! And they just lost another general!

    1. @Big Vic Yes we hear you!! Go over to the white house and convince biden administration to stop!! WE GOT THIS!!

    2. Exactly. I cringe every time I hear news outlets identifying every single detail about what weapon support we provide, when and how many are being shipped

  7. June 6, 1944. D-Day. Please take a moment to reflect on the heroism of 18 and 19-year-old boys who stormed the beaches of Normandy for freedom 78 years ago today! 4,414 Allied soldiers died that first day including 2,501 Americans! The bloodiest was Omaha Beach where the first landing crafts faced almost certain death from German machine guns! *Among the stunning losses of those first-wave soldiers were 19 young men known as “the Bedford Boys.” The U.S. Congress chose Bedford, Virginia as the site of the National D-Day Memorial because it suffered the highest per capita D-Day losses of any community in the nation. The 19 Bedford Boys were mostly National Guardsman who were some of the first to land on Omaha beach.*

    1. My father was one of the “Greatest Generation” that saved the world. He was in the Army Air Corps. They never knew when they would go home. My father-in-law (Navy) spent 4 years in the Pacific. I looked for President Biden’s address commemorating the D-Day anniversary but couldn’t locate it

  8. Stalin Jr. just isn’t as threatening as Stalin Classic and since we now know what his actual capabilities were and are the threat is even less effective.

  9. The issue is not the US sending weapons into Ukraine. The issue is Russia sending (and using) weapons into Ukraine.

  10. I live in Russia and I am absolutely against this war. This situation is getting bloodier and more dangerous. The famous Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov has recently said that the war is absolutely pointless and the only thing that can explain this war is that bloodsuckers live in the Kremlin and they only need a lot of blood. I sincerely wish victory for Ukraine, and I am sure they will win and set free Russia and Belarus from the dictatorship.

    1. @Румпельштильцхин freedom of speech!!! People should have the right to speak out against their government and leaders. In America I was glad to have the right to speak out against Trump in his presidency! A country is its people, not the leader!

  11. Call the war criminal on every threat he makes. Every time. Immediately. NEVER let him set terms on anything.

  12. “Drag out the armed conflict as long as possible” You mean, keeping Russia back as long as possible? 🤔

    1. Ukraine already lost a land equivalent to all of england. That’s totally not keeping Russia back.

  13. The problem is all the other countries don’t want to get involve fear of Putin so the west have to stand up and help Ukraine.

  14. “When a Russian threatens it’s usually hot air. When he is silent you should be worried.” Not my quote I heard it somewhere.

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