‘He was looking for people’: Man who wrestled gun from alleged shooter tells NYT

Investigators in Monterey Park, California, are still searching for the motive of a gunman who killed 10 people and injured 10 others during a shooting inside a ballroom dance studio. CNN Senior National Correspondent Kyung Lah reports. #CNN #News


  1. It was the equivalent of an elderly school shooting… The shunned getting back at the social monsters in his eyes.

  2. This is becoming the norm. But let’s all take a second and understand the shooter was 70 years old. That’s not in anyone radar. Crazy situation

    1. What a hero Brandon to disarm a shooter. We need ppl like this and not NBA players and rappers as hero’s for our kids….

  3. ‘You are no longer in danger’ Yeah right how long is that going to last, Until the next psycho comes out.

    1. @Dennis Tafeltennis Countries that had a mass shootings and put a ban on most guns like pistols and semi-auto rifles like UK an Australia had a massive drop in gun deaths

    2. Yeap, already happened agai, not even 24 hrs later. 67 y.o. Asian man killed 7 people in Half Moon Bay, CA this afternoon.

  4. The guy who fought the gunman said he was the only one, there was no other person involved in the struggle. So please clarify was it “heroes” or just a “hero”.

    1. @TrayDuece14 right.. cause the hero didn’t need a gun to disarmed the gun man so it’s fishy and fake news..

    2. At first dance hall, one hero, Brandon Tsang. At second dance hall, several people jumped the shooter to take away his gun.

  5. First, it was a legally purchased handgun fitted with an illegal high capacity magazine. Second, Asian on Asian crime does not eliminate the possibility of a hate crime. Depending on the person, there are inter-Asian animosities among people with different Asian heritages, just like there can be animosities between different African countries or between different European countries.

    1. @David Italians invented drive by shootings, and typical of the whites to want to only associate drive by shootings and crime with Blacks. When Chinese, Vietnamese, Asian Indians,Afghan, Middle easterners, Italians, and whites in the USA never stopped with abuse, drug running, organized crime, prostitution, and theft!!!! Asians are not the model minority nor are the others.

    2. What does that matter at the moment? It’s not what happened here. I’ve never seen people get so upset that it Wasn’t a hate crime.

  6. Lots of talk about the gun. The video is blurry, but it looks like a Mac 10 or 11 or perhaps a Uzi, but in any case with an extended magazine. The gun may have been legally purchased in California, as it could have been in my state, thus traceable back to the owner, but the extended magazine (20-30 rounds) may have been bought separately making it illegal (over 10 rounds) as a combination. Such weapons were originally designed in automatic versions for the military, for use in close quarters combat. They can be fired with one hand, but are typically held with both hands as sub machine guns. The civilian versions are sold as semi automatic but can be converted to fully automatic illegally. The young man who chose to wrestle this away from the gunman, no matter how old, was very courageous.

    1. with the mac 10s and 11s its a little more difficult to convert seeing that the original class 3 versions fired from an open bolt, and the semiauto post 86 models fired from a closed bolt completely different FCG. the sear triggerpack and disconector on the semi are completely diff in every way , not to mention the lower rec on the semi version is proprietary and would need alot of re-tooling, same with the uzi fam of subguns but they do use the same rec as the F/A version, pretty much a royal PITA to do if you dont have a decent setup and a good hand with the mic and dremal/files Just a gunsmiths take, either way the kid had balls of steel and is the only hero of the day.

    2. @luis velez I didn’t mean to turn it into a dissertation. There were just so many questions on the legality of the gun I thought I might be able to clear up for some viewers. I handled these things when I was a young man. The other reply is from a gunsmith who seems to be an expert on them. We appreciate when the police show up bearing such arms and not the criminals. Of course condolences to all.

    3. Ugh, whites are the worst…. Of course, who is surprised that a WHITE van was involved in a mass shooting. We need to get rid of these whites asap….

    4. @ElChuntyCabra Only two ASIAN mass shooters 100 white mass shooters over 50 years from the texas tower sniper 1966 15 people shot.vast majority are white males

  7. This is heart breaking. As a victim of gun violence, I say we should start saying that gun violence is not the solution.

  8. He was one of the social dancers there too? Absolutely crazy. Thank God for the astute worker at the second location who knew he was looking at death in the eyes..

  9. That old man had a lot of hate in his soul in order to commit that crime that particular day. He knew better than most how important that holiday is to the Asian community. My respect to all the families who lost someone and the ones who have family members in the hospital.

  10. The citizen who wrestled away the gun and reported the incident to the police. Three minutes away but hours to find the van. But well-trained police to wait and set a parameter. Also, what a great reporter this “JuJu” is. She actually offered additional information and insight.

  11. Sounds like the shooter really carried serious grudges. He was also another person who believed whatever issue or problems he had would be resolved by using a gun.

  12. This man might look frail and was actually old, but there was no denying that he emptied the gun barrel of about 17 shots with each shot never missing one target, and two or three of those shots hitting multiple victims at that. He could have been a well-trained soldier in the Vietnam war.

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