Head Of Florida Teachers Union: Educators Preparing Wills Amid School Reopening Order | MSNBC

Fedrick Ingram, the president of the Florida Education Association, which is suing the state of Florida over an order to reopen brick and mortar schools in August, tells Lawrence O'Donnell the order is "shameful and reckless behavior" and that they are suing because "this is life or death for us.” Aired on 7/21/2020.
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Head Of Florida Teachers Union: Educators Preparing Wills Amid School Reopening Order | MSNBC


    1. 2 Black 2 Strong Bounties on US soldiers… And Trump did nothing about it… Makes Republicans traitors. Keep supporting Trump, make Republicans traitors.

    2. @Richard MacLean I’m not supporting him. I was replying to your comment. I was talking about COVID-19. The subject of this video.

  1. Trump’s covid-19 denial blows up in his face. President Trump’s only real strategy for addressing the coronavirus pandemic has been denial. It will go away. States must reopen. Try hydroxychloroquine. Move the Republican National Convention to avoid guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Forget masks. Test less. Without exception, each of these instances of magical thinking not only failed him but made things much worse, both politically and medically. He is incapable of doing his job, the result of which has been an upsurge in coronavirus cases and, inevitably, more deaths.

    1. Of course it will go away in Nov. you’ll never hear of it again, it’s just the flu. If there were a Democrat in the WH, this wouldn’t even be a story.
      Once it’s political currency is used up they’ll move on to some other B/S like impeachment again. Won’t do you any good though, the secret Trump voter and the silent majority are going to rise up and step on you roaches.

    2. MUST watch video: “THE GREAT HOAXES OF OUR DECADE !” (by SimplyRVing Channel).
      #reallygraceful channel
      #amazingpolly channel

  2. Governor Ron DeSantis is a complete and utter moron. He’s going to seriously harm the citizens of his state with his sycophantic incompetence.

    1. Going to? The infection rates are through the roof and they’ve stopped counting the deaths!

    1. Roosevelt, the buck stops here.
      trump, I take no responsibility for anything unless it helps me to be re-elected.
      Nuff said!

  3. President Ingram, you are so succinct. Thank you for your awesome leadership. Your community should be glad to have your voice 😊

  4. Why not sue DeSantis and his corrupt regime. At least it will delay the re-opening of schools. Sue him the last minute and keep appealing if lower courts go with his regime.

  5. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Small children are not going to stay six feet apart nor wear masks for almost seven hours. Parents who care about their need to step up before they lose them to indifference and incompetence.

    1. Kids don’t spread the virus. If the teachers are worried then quit. They won’t be missed. They’re nothing but marxist a** holes, anyway. We need Americans to teach Americans.

  6. To all that agree with this travesty I suggest you volunteer at these schools and bring your kids

    1. Would anyone notice or care?
      This educational system needs to be radically remodelled.
      Most of these marxist teachers are more destructive to society than they are a benefit and are not needed b/c they are not teaching, they’re indoctrinating. It’s time for them to go the same way as BlockBuster Video. They’re obsolete.

  7. Tell me again, why did Florida want this guy? He’s going to need to update his resume with “Student and Teacher Killer”.

  8. *Fed govt and states should be preparing ‘Distanced Learning’ for kids and families . . Not bullying people back into school classrooms during the Coronvirus pandemic.*

  9. Exactly. The teachers arent mentioned often enough. They are asked to lick a petry dish!
    And also how spreading works, when kids brig the disease home to their parents and siblings and neighbors from where it will exponentially spread – and all it takes is one single kid in an entire school! Thats how this disease operates!

    1. Thank you. They can have summer school and/or add an extra hour per day during the 2021 school year.

  10. I command you to open and if anything bad happens, it’s your fault.
    Did I understand that right?



  12. Omg just the title is making me sick. What a sad reality we the people are finding ourselves in.

  13. It’s the instinct of the animal kingdom to protect the young. In any catastrophe over the eons the first instinct for the grown-ups is to protect and save the children. The Republicans “Who cares”.

  14. My mom has been teaching for over 20 years. She retired this summer. I can’t express how relieved and grateful I am that she made that decision.

  15. so is Trump just going to say “ooops, didn’t see that coming” after our children start dying from the virus?

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