1. Get your managers to do patient care… All they have to do is follow the algorithms they created… You don’t need nurses you need mangers who covet the nurses expertise… Let them do the heavy lifting instead of downgrading any nurse they get into their sight.

  2. The problem is all the middle aged heath care workers ruined the system with the Union and the younger staff have inherited i deserve more with half of the work ethic’s attitude, bravo union ,,,solution bring in doctors and nurses willing to work from other countries who dream of working at top notch hospitals!

  3. Yep they are defiantly underpaid , with all the cash that has been fire hosed in the past 2 years it’s a shame to not have anything to show for it in healthcare.

  4. How many malpractices have been going on within the Ontario health system during the present given time with health care workers stretched to their limits? I would be more concerned about the patients not receiving the care they need and/or dying as a result of what is being expressed.

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