Health Experts Starting 'To See Some Melting’ Of Vaccine Hesitancy 1

Health Experts Starting ‘To See Some Melting’ Of Vaccine Hesitancy


While there are varying reasons why some Americans are hesitant to get the covid vaccine, Dr. Michael Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, explains why he is optimistic that more vaccine skeptics will change their minds.

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  1. Just sore arm at deltoid, that’s all the side effect, why you scare of getting a shot, baby?

    1. @sam rut j an j is a more old school viral vector vaccine based on human adenovirus unlike the other vaccines which are the 2 shot mRNA vaccines. Ask your doctor. Read about them.

    2. @sam rut There is nothing weird about it. The major difference between mRNA vaccines and those you took as a kid: these are much more effective and they took about 1/12th the time to develop.

    3. @Phineas1626 Much more effective at what? What is wrong with a traditional vaccine? They worked at curing Polio, Small Pox, And numerous other viruses. I hear that this new “vaccine” took 1/12th the time to make to they have been around for years. So which is it?

    1. Congratulations, you guys deserve to celebrate that.
      Unfortunately here in the United States, we will get to that 70% herd immunity one way or the other. Unfortunately we’re losing a lot of people in the process.

    2. @NiNi J over 80% people who have died from covid-19 are 65 and older, over 75% who are in that age group are vaccinated

    3. Best thing that happened in British history was Boris Johnson getting sick.

      He took it so seriously afterward that the UK approved the Pfizer/BionTech vaccine before the US!

    4. @Deborah Freedman just one dose. US is actually ahead of every country except israel for fully vaccinated.
      People just like to talk crap on the US i guess

    1. i got both of my Pfizer shots. couple months ago. only side effect was being tired and burning in my ears because i have allergies. they told take allergies meds. and it went away right half i took some. 2nd the same side affect maybe one or two days longer then 1st one.

    2. @O S We could say the same about you. Let’s see if you survive a new and improved variant of COVID-19 while refusing to mask and/or get a vaccine. Your life, your choice. Your demise, ultimately.

  2. We will eventually get to that 70% herd immunity, one way or another. It’s up to you which statistic you want to be in.

    1. @A R that’s the thing I never get with right wing conspiracy theorists; you guys never understand that the goal of the wealthy is only to obtain more wealth, so it follows that some interests of the wealthy would overlap with the interests of the working class.

    2. the percent needed for herd immunity will vary depending on the genetics of the virus and the hosts. If a virus is virulent enough and with a high mutation rate, the percent for herd immunity may be close to 100%. Realize that 99% still means that 10,000 out of each million people may still harbor, culture and mutate the virus. That may be over 3 million in the US alone. So a virus does not need to be as mutagenic as some may think to create new variants that will be novel enough to be invisible to an existing vaccine. The 75 to 85 percent figures thrown around are based on less mutagenic viruses than the current Cov2 strains. Bottom Line: the closer to 100% vaccination prevalence, the better.

    3. @Ryan Walsh I’m not talking about the 1% I’m talking about the 0.001% that really runs the world conspiracies? Lol no such thing

    4. @Bad Noxin Everyone that I’ve brought this up to gets very angry. But, I thought that I had read about that years ago.

  3. So glad to see this.
    Dying from Covid is the most horrible death imaginable.
    You literally drown very slowly. And it’s incredibly painful.
    So, so, so many who had Covid, now have chronic health issues that are irreversible.
    I am fully vaccinated with Pfizer. I can understand the hesitancy, but dying such a horrible death was not an option for me.
    Only side effect was feeling tired the day after the second dose. It lasted only one day.

    1. I had to take a motrin the morning after the second dose of Moderna. Oh and a little sore arm. Big whoop.

    2. It was not a certainty that you would die from Covid. You act like it was. It is not 100% lethal. One would think you would have learned that by now.

    3. @R L T Of course not. The point is, you are way better off taking your chances with the shot than taking your chances with Covid, and the shots are free.

    4. @R L T I am reading the post from Equality For All that you claim they are acting like dying from Covid was a certainty. That is definitely not what their post is saying. The way I am reading what they have written, is that they had to weigh up the personal decision of whether to take the vaccine or not. Considering the pro’s/con’s of taking the vaccine against the risk of not getting the vaccine and catching the Virus is understandable. This is a personal justification we ALL should weigh up, when it comes to vaccines.
      Equality For All has not discussed the external and much more significant reasons to get vaccinated, but I am sure they would agree that getting vaccinated to protect others is an even more valiant reason to do so.

  4. I got my second shot of Pfizer at the start of February. I’ve been doing great.

    Still wear my mask outside of course, to be considerate of others.

  5. I got my 2 Pfizer shots in May and June – because I want to live as normally as possible!
    Because I’m not an anti-masker, anti-Baxter moron!

  6. Last week my coworker cousin’s husband died of Covid19.. he was only 35 years old.

    1. Two weeks ago my friend shot his friend cause his gf was cheating on her with him. Got ruled as a covid death somehow.

  7. Had three rough days feeling tired after my second shot. Which I’d take any day over the slow painful death of COVID or possible lingering effects that could follow you the rest of your life.

  8. I am doing everything I can to convince those stragglers on my part! Let’s all do our part America!

    1. @Hand Rubbing Intensifies I’ve had all my shots, What is the difference, 40 years of vaccine research and no one has grown horns yet, stfu… antivaxer fake commentator or just comment to prove no points. If you are not part of the solution don’t be part of the problem!

    2. I’m doing my part by keeping my mind & body in good health and staying away from people if i feel sick. No need to inject myself with a chemical cocktail.

    3. @Daisy Avenger No long-term studies on these vaccines… Have you looked into the animal studies for mRNA vaccines? How do you feel about no liability for the vaccine manufacturers. Why is questioning the government and big pharmaceutical bad? Why can’t debate be had and why are doctors and scientists in opposition being silenced?

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  10. Another thing, Covid affects people diffenently, so stop getting mad when polticians, celebrities, or ordinary people say that it’s not that bad (what they mean is that it’s not that bad for them).

    No they’re not taking away the fact that you or someone you know might be feeling the worst of Covid, they’re only speaking for themselves.

    Just think, you wouldn’t want no one to discount your claims that Covid is bad, so have that same courteousy when someone says that it’s not.


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