1. I hate to say this, but given the lack of awareness and under educated American public, polling them is like asking a kindergartner to explain relativity.

    1. @Derek you act like it’s either/or. People can be critical of both Biden *and* Trump. Someone said it’s madness to maintain faith in Biden with what a poor job he’s done, and you said “no, it’s madness to trust Trump”. That says nothing beyond “I don’t like trump”. It doesn’t even remotely address the damage Biden had done- which he has.

      He’s too old. It’s time to go. As do Mitch, Nancy, Chuck, and Donald.

    2. What country are you from?
      My neighborhood has two different gigabit Internet providers, and one sub gigabit provider. I use it with zeal. Sometimes I notice the allegedly intelligent others who are not from here are actually kind of backwards. They are not what they pretend to be. We take a lot of heat because we are powerful. Others are anonymous, weak, and therefore not in the spotlight.

  2. He caught them notes faster than he can catch himself n i don’t remember him ever catching himself ever

    1. @Derek tell us you know nothing about brain injuries and cognition without telling us.

    1. @It’s Me Mario That doesn’t make him a bad dude. It makes him a grandpa with bad grandpa jokes 🤣 Except I was actually laughing so I guess it wasn’t that bad.

  3. He is so good at the job.
    He needs a cheat sheet with the questions he is getting asked?
    And the names of the people who work for him 😜

    1. @Flash305 Johnson – That’ll be an icy day in hell, Jack. BIDEN/HARRIS 2024!!! 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  4. I’m a bit sad that he didn’t accept to give way to Bernie Sanders. Joe is not aging as well as him

  5. The fact that people would still vote for this man is beyond me. Dementia works expenontially quick, it gets faster…

    1. He shows no sign of cognitive decline.
      And if you have performed a job for a long time there is even less chance of decline

  6. He had a list of the questions with answers in his hands.
    He even had the names with photos of the “Journalists” asking the questions.

    1. @Demarcus Faulkner he did. The photo of the person that was asking him a question and the question that was going to be asked

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