‘I nearly died on their watch’: Woman calls out absent Senators Cruz and Cornyn at abortion hearing

Amanda Zurawski, who is suing the state of Texas after being denied an abortion, told Senate lawmakers in a committee hearing that not receiving abortion care harmed her mental health and might prevent her from having children in the future. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. ​@Jason Baird She lost her baby at 4 months pregnancy! Did you not watch the video. She was denied care because of Texas strict laws, not even care to void the deceased fetus. She and her husband loved their baby, wanted their baby. You do know when the water breaks, especially at 4 months pregnant, that is dangerous for the Mother, they could not save her baby. I pray for you, because your views are not that of a person who loves Jesus.

    2. @carolyn turk you assume what my views are. Do you think this case justifies any woman getting an abortion at any time during a pregnancy?

  1. This is a disgrace how dare they treat one of their citizens like this!
    Cruelty is the Republicans point VOTE them OUT!

    1. the funny thing is that the reason the founders gave for the separation was they thought government would poison religion, not the other way around.

    1. ​@Hita ya God forbid their lives should be disrupted. Stop and think about the disruption this young couple lived through. You’re cold, really cold.

  2. It’s time to see the women to be respected in the whole United States. What’s happening is unacceptable 😡

    1. Yeah they can, the abortion controversy has been around a lot longer than you or I and most of it is religious crap. It’s killing a baby, a human being, but that’s not such the awful thing people seem to think it is.

    1. ​@Kaliban I hate to say but you are 100% correct. They worry so much about abortion but could care less about all of the school shootings

    1. @David Signor the ones around them can’t speak either? anyone trolling here is the lady in the video

    2. ​@Hita ya Correct. Remember the cases in Ireland and Italy. The people who spoke were those who were themselves in healthcare. They had knowledge and the habit to record contemporariesly.
      Not all who are hurt or killed by delayed care has the same qualifications.

  3. Start suing politicians practicing medicine without license. Sue them for everything thry got. Every single one of them.

    1. @Tunde Brazlik thats a lie. In a fascist manner, the military required it and the government did some forcing with corporations to require it. Some people were denied the ability to travel or work.

    2. @Tunde Brazlik yes they very clearly did. This woman was told that there was a zero percent chance of her child surviving and yet she was in fact forced, that’s the key word here. She was FORCED to keep that child inside of her and NOT allowed by law to abort it until she was suffering life threatening complications to herself. So yes, her state government 100% forced her to not get a life saving abortion until her life was at a high enough risk.

  4. What an extremely brave young lady, it just goes to show how out of touch Republican Law makers are when it comes to Medical needs. At the point that she was told that there was no chance her baby wasn’t going to survive, that’s when she should have had the abortion. It wasn’t like she was knowingly asking for an abortion, knowing the foetus was going to survive. Thank god I live in a country, where Women still have rights over there own bodies.

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