Hear ex-Trump lawyer’s stunning defense

Right-wing lawyer Sidney Powell is claiming in a new court filing that reasonable people wouldn't have believed her assertions of fraud as fact after the 2020 presidential election.

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    1. @White Emerald Really, it’s no shame if you can’t remember your own words. And yes, in a thread with 380 comments, it is arduous clicking ‘more’ over and over and scrolling over and over just to read the kind of drivel that doesn’t stick in the mind. Have a nice day, now.

    2. @barryschwarz Nope, it’s just you Mr. Amnesia. Everyone else here is fine with scrolling and remembering drivels. You have a nice day too now.

    3. @White Emerald thousands and thousands left the Republican party. Millions of the stupid ones stayed.

  1. Powell: “No reasonable person would believe me…”
    Problem is, there are a lot of unreasonable people out there.

    1. @Luan Nguyen CNN always maintained that there isn’t any credible proof sufficient enough to reverse the election outcome. It was termed as fake news by the legal team of former President Trump which lost miserably in the courts. Now when CNN has reported that a lawyer, who filed lawsuits challenging election outcomes and propagated falsehoods, is saying that her versions aren’t to be believed by any reasonable person and that too she had said this in the court not in any press briefing, then all CNN has done now is to show to the so-called Trump supporters that one of the lawyers don’t believe her own version to be worth believing by any reasonable person and hence it’s for Trump supporters to introspect. CNN has done great favor to Trump supporters by reporting this. It’s for Trump supporters to understand why did they choose to be misled by all these lawyers? It’s lack of education.

      As far as NY Governor goes, he is getting investigated by the same AG who presented a report that showed nursing home deaths were underreported. So, if we believe that AG which produced a report against the administration and the same report was cited on Fox, Newsmax TV, OAN etc as a means to criticize Governor of NY, then let’s at least wait for her to finish her probe. And yes, NY Governor will have to understand what perception it’ll leave in minds of the people. He’s not politically naive and I’m sure he recognizes that it may prove damaging; time will tell and the voters will definitely have a chance to choose their governor when election happens. so far nothing is proven legally. We should definitely let NY AG finish her job and then it’ll be available for all to see.

    2. Sidney did not claim in court that “no reasonable person would believe her claims” CNN is using twisted legalese & manipulating the legal standard to confuse the issue. Sidney’s statements were legal opinions that she stands behind as they were based on sworn affidavits, declarations, expert reports and documentary evidence.

    3. @Maureen well she’s not denying it, and the law says silence is aquiessent. If you stay silent, then you are in agreement. That’s plain ol english, not legalese.

    4. @Maureen That’s the biggest problem. When it comes to courts, lawyers like Sidney displayed cowardice. They don’t allege fraud in courts, they only allege in public because there are no consequences for lying to public, but there are legal consequences for lying to a judge. In courts, they’ll say there were good faith errors which we would like to mention. And as far as sworn affidavits etc are concerned, the onus was on Trump legal team to prove their lawsuits on 2 counts: Sufficiency of evidence and credibility of evidence. It’s important that there are sufficient numbers (votes affected) to show that if they are set aside, the results will be reversed. And the sworn affidavits and witnesses need to be credible instead of mere generalized assertions and feelings. It’s apparent lily clear from all the legal defeats that the so-called evidence couldn’t meet these two standards and hence the former President’s legal team lost. Hence, there is no place for expressing feelings about a company without evidence. That’s why Sidney is at fault. When a matter is in the courts, it’s better to refrain from making comments as the matter is getting heard at a forum where it’ll be decided who’s guilty and who’s innocent.

    1. @NotA RussianBot I am most definitely a fan of that plan. I pray that Trump and people of like mind would find an island just for themselves and take their funky ideas with them and live a happy life.

    2. As someone who has a degree in a highly academic subject, I would never dismiss a person’s intellectual capacity based on their educational status. There are many instances in history when despotic figures (with questionable motives and dubious claims) have acquired power with the assistance of the intelligentsia in their respective countries.

    3. @Hypogonadism You have a classic example of a M*ron in the WH right now. After his screw ups in just 2 months you are a hypocrite with your TDS crying.

    4. @NotA RussianBot Critical thinking doesn’t require high levels of education nor a degree, not even a high school diploma, but Critical Thinking is not taught in any US High School primarily because it would contradict religious beliefs and trigger the questioning of religion. Religion is the True means to suppress a human’s ability to think critically. Religion consumes 65% of the 7.7 Billion humans. If we want be to NOT be easy targets for governments and people like Trump, then we need to separate religion from any sort of government institution at every level so that kids can be taught early how to think critically. Thinking critically is a learning process that 98% of the world’s population are qualified to understand.

  2. November: “It’s going to be biblical”
    Today: “Y’all are stupid AF. ”

    The rest of us: “DUH!!!!!!”

    1. @james zimmerman So ya wear a foil hat huh ? Just because you wear one doesn’t give you the right to try and spread ur lies … I will never walk around like you looking like a fool. You can wear one if u want .

    1. @Kyle Stevens check my comment under the press conference and then watch again. Joe is going to save America, and all the woke Republicans will have much to be grateful for.

    2. @barryschwarz thank you , #Dog Man assumes I’m from China coz my surname is Chang.. lol😆😆

    3. @Big Red_71
      I don’t remember you or your obnoxious comments personally ! How arrogant, grandiose and important you must feel. If you could comprehend what you read you might not embarrass yourself.
      Your not the only person in the comments. You have no idea what news I may watch/ read .
      The insults are childish and immature. Shows your ignorance. You have no credibility. Give it up troll.
      I find BBC, and my local home networks/ newspapers a great source to start with relevant information and facts. I’m not a parrot or sheep who follows and hangs on the word of ignorant conspiracy theories and obnoxious propaganda .

  3. It was slander if she meant it. It was also slander if she lied. She is 100% guilty of slander. I hope she gets all she deserves.

  4. Sidney Powell:”release the kraken” (most feared creature in mythological times)

    Smartmatic n Dominion: ” release the lawyers” (most feared creatures in modern times)😂😂

    1. Now I need to go back and find people I was arguing with 4 months ago about the “release of the Kraken” and how Biblical it would be, if not this Wednesday then the next, or the one after the next… any day now 🤣
      I feel the urge to be petty and troll them. What does Faux News, Newsmax have to say about her defense?

  5. Yah, c’mon any reasonable person in that bank, that I wasn’t trying to rob, knew my gun wasn’t loaded the entire time. Yah you can drop all the charges now thanks.

  6. Sidney Powell’s defense would be humorous if there were not millions of people who actually believe her claim (a particular one with a distinctive orange face just repeated the claims two days ago), if thousands of idiots were not so into it that they almost destroyed our democracy on Jan 6, and if the republican party didn’t use it as a rationale for hundreds of proposed laws intended to limit the right to vote.

    1. @Valeriy computers hid evidence,cardboard over windows ,hundreds of affidavits.
      And corrupt courts …………………..
      CNN never tells all the facts.
      Russian collution for 3yrs,everyday
      Nor does corrupt NY lawyer s .
      Sydney never said she don’t have proof.Is English your second language.

    2. @Tom Torrell Everything u said is 100% false. Let’s first start with u saying that voting is only done on one day. If u r an American citizen then u should know that sending in early mail in ballots is something that has been done for hundreds of years. U also have people who vote early via ballot box. This too is nothing new and has been going on for a long time. As u know there has been a deadly global pandemic going on since late 2019 till right now, and that required making voting as easy as possible to help people feel safe & make sure that they take part in our democracy. I think it is absolutely disgusting & appalling what Republican run state legislators are doing. They r responding to the big giant lie that they were told from trump about voter fraud, which we all know never took place. If u don’t believe me don’t take my word for it, trumps own DHS official said that the 2020 election was the most secure election EVER! And who could forget trumps own AG saying that no voter fraud took place. So now Republican controlled states are doing whatever they can to suppress black & brown voters. One example is that Georgia does not want any voting done on Sunday. It doesn’t take a genius to see what they r doing. They know that a high number of black people in Georgia vote after church. Whats the reason to stop it now? Another law they r trying to make is that mail in votes need to be signed by a notary public & paid for their services. I’m speechless about that, that’s how crazy it is. How come now all of the sudden u need a notary public to sign ur ballot & then u have to pay for it🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤔🤔🤔🤔???? I could go on till next week about this. In the words of Majority Senate Leader Mr. Schumer, “WHY ARE REPUBLICANS SO SCARED OF DEMOCRACY”????

      BTW, I have many friends and family that work for the biggest police Dept in the country (NYPD), and they all shook their head in complete disbelief about your crazy take on police putting there knees to peoples necks. Next time please make sure u know what the hell ur talking about before u make urself look like a complete tool✌️🌊✊🏿👍

    3. @SC I believe I said voting SHOULD be 1 day to vote. Not that it is. Which is a Tuesday in November. I realize
      there is absentee voting,
      because I have done that
      when I was overseas. As far as policing, I was told by a cop that kneeling on neck was part of policing, but it’s obvious that Chauvin didn’t know what he was doing. Not properly trained. I don’t think he was intentionally
      trying to kill Floyd. He will get justice, there was no excuse for all the rioting and property damage. I also know that Trump got the support of most police unions and Biden hardly any. Biden is a disaster who won’t last 4 years. I really can’t wait for the 2022 midterms.

  7. She is actually saying that Cruz and other GOP’s are all unreasonable people. What sad and evil people!👹😈👺

    1. @travellight No you cant. If I were you Id wait for the facts to come out before you speak. This was another one of your hoaxes.

    2. @adipsous Thanks, I was kinda proud of that one myself, and that’s a rare occasion. I reserve the right to be wrong on any and all of, it’s just the way I see things at this moment in time, and although I always try to stay open minded, I doubt if anyone could convince me that I’m far off the mark on this one.

  8. So, her defense is: “Only a stupid person would believe a liar like me.” This is beyond satire.

    1. @Hugh Mungus Except she’s not getting sued for saying she was gonna release a Kraken onto DC. She’s getting sued for telling lies about Dominion. No votes were switched by any machines. Hugo Chavez had nothing to do with it. She’s been pushing lies that have been discredited in court. No election officials in any state have said there was widespread fraud. I suggest you quit, as you are treading dangerously close to the same libel that’s about to cost Sidney Powell $1.3 Billion.

      As for Carlson, the argument made by the Fox lawyers was that he’s so full of hot air that no reasonable viewer would take him literally. The US District Judge Mary Vyskocil sided with Fox’s lawyers, writing “the ‘general tenor’ of the show should then inform a viewer that [Carlson] is not ‘stating actual facts’ about the topics he discusses and instead engaging in ‘exaggeration’ and ‘non-literal commentary’.”

      Which is kind of ludicrous if you ever watch Tucker for any amount of time. He always punctuates his ‘non-literal commentary’ with “they are literally…(fill in the blank)” or the ever-present “that’s a fact!”.

    2. @Snoglydox I know it better than you do! These are the Khazarian Mafia of the world and are devote Satanists. Joe is on MSDNC saying :”I’m a Zionist! You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist man!” ..and YES I do have a problem with it and so should you. These are not Israeli’s or those that follow the Torah, they are something all together different that around the 15th century chose to hide behind the Jews so they could be blamed for everything the Zionists did. Zionists were the Bolsheviks, the Marxists and Leninist. They hate the white man and believe it is they that stand in their way of total world control. The NWO is their ultimate agenda. So if you knew any of that, you would be seriously concerned to your core.

    3. @Dora Explora ha! Your hilarious the majority of wale-fare recipients are Republicans those are facts ! Don’t like them too bad. You’re a bot with those false claims maybe any brain dead republican will believe you but no one with a brain will😘

    4. @Strom Thermos Thank you for proving my point. A leftist child would rather cry over someone contradicting their brainwashing than taking a couple of minutes to actually do a little research to find out what the facts are. I am not your or any other leftists babysitter. Very easy information to find. Grow up and educate yourself. That goes for all Marxist supporting leftists.

    1. @Greg ADoes that make you feel better to realize you were lied to? Made a complete fool out of? Complete and utter mockery? That would require a single iota of comprehension skills, which Trump cultists severely lack.

  9. This is great news!! She has now opened herself up to having her law license suspended due to knowingly filing frivolous lawsuits.

  10. When she’s talking about “No Reasonable Person” whom she’s addressing her words?
    The American voters?
    Probably those 70 Million MAGA-Cultists among them, isn’t it?

  11. So what Sydney Powell is saying is that she was preying on the uninformed. She was taking advantage of people.

    1. @Gerry Ward yeah and the shame for that is on the people who would not stand up for the truth when they knew that she was telling lies.

    2. She has discarded everything her self respect and shown all Americans how corrupt one can be for the all mighty dollar. Ops forgot trump doesn’t pay his bills

  12. I can’t believe I actually agree with Sidney Powell, but she’s right. No reasonable person should have believed her. I never did.

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