1. @Dorian Shades of gray they were sent to a proper area for the resources they need and are afforded as asylum seekers. Did you idiots miss the part where Texan and Floridian process agents intentionally gave erroneous information and sent them thousands of miles from their hearing sites ? There is no bar low enough you Idiots won’t limbo under

    2. @Dorian Shades of gray IT WAS FOR LOGISTICS until they can be sent to proper sites with resources . Your stupidity and lack of morals is exhausting

    3. @Spooky Boogie seriously? It’s an off season for an island whom the residents weren’t given warning , they don’t have the logistical support hence the republican governor activating the guard to help . Your goddam stupidity is astounding and exhausting

    4. @zski ya they can’t read English and were lied to be people assigned to help . Idiot . Is there no bar low enough for you goddam douches?

    5. @hotboy757 you don’t pay taxes idiot? The Republicans had control of all three branches of government yet passed a tax break for the wealthy including pass through owners like the golfing grifter in chief and funding for a useless section of wall,instead of trying to pass immigration reform

  1. The racist Left-“border crisis, what border crisis?”
    Also the racist Left–“What are all these brown people doing here, we don’t want them here?”

    1. so if i kidnap somebody, and drop them off at some rando’s house, you’ll ignore me to deride how quickly they go to the cops?

    2. The flights in. The reason they were sent to the mainland was so they could access the immigration services there.

    1. they literally gave them food and shelter until they could get back to the mainland. the immigrants were expecting boston, that’s where they were told they were going. so not only did the liberals give them food and shelter, they gave them transportation to where they could actually integrate into our country, gave them legal representation, and now get to be smug about helping people that had their legal immigration process interfered with by governers who were, say it with me VIRTUE SIGNALING!

    2. @Vital Signs do you have any empathy or sense of humanity at all? what if this was your mom or children? you don’t treat human beings like this especially vulnerable ones

  2. @2:00 you can tell she didn’t like when he said “ Everything was voluntary” very against the narrative Pablo 🫣🥲🔫

  3. Kudos to the leaders of Martha’s Vineyard, the way they were able to get rid of all those illegals in less than than 48 hours, they should running the Border Patrol.

    1. @Dorian Shades of gray did you even watch the video or are you only here to air your prejudices and preconceptions?

    2. @Michael Finnigan that little twerp has got Buckley’s chance of getting a conviction . He should try that same charge against Biden who has flown 1000s of illegals into the middle of the country in the dark of night

    3. @Xander Alxandro probably the part about which sanctuary city exactly? Want to know you can’t answer that it’s because Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t have any sanctuary cities you rube.

  4. OMG. Humiliated democrats are a sore bunch of whiners. 50 migrants in a “sanctuary” town and state just made heads explode.

  5. I wonder how many people applauding what DeSantis did know that Florida has the largest population of Venezuelans in the US? People and communities that would have welcomed these people with open arms. That Florida also has the largest population of Cubans and Colombians also. And do they also know that taking in these refugees isn’t a strain on state resources because every dime spent helping asylum seekers is paid for by the federal government

  6. “They” arrived in another city.. A much “better” life.. Sounds like letters the Germans sent out on behalf of the Jews.. 🇺🇸 🇺🇦 🌎 ✌

  7. I can’t believe our governors and our representatives did a huge crime to these poor scared HUMANS
    I hope people can see you now
    God Did

    1. @Krisie Addams Oh no, the onus is on you to prove you are right. You made the claim, now nail it down with your rock-solid evidence.

    2. @charcolew and there speaks the judge 😂😂 what part would you like ME TO PROVE as opposed to THE OTHER IN THIS CONVERSATION 😂😂 ….TOOK A WHILE BUT THANKS FOR PROVING A POINT 🙄🙄 link available on all good news outlets ….I was called a liar ……prove I’m the liar ??🤔 do you love trump ??

  8. Do you blame Biden for letting them in? Perla for getting them on a plane? Or the immigrant for coming here free of charge? Or the reporter? Who paid for all this? Who will keep paying for all this? Many questions, zero accountability, and zero answers.

    1. ive been to florida to spend my tourist dollars
      lots of places to spend my money
      great service
      and not a legal employee to be seen

      maybe the illegals will quit immigrating to Florida when you quit paying them to be there

  9. seems like DeSantis put more effort into shipping Asylum Seekers out of Texas then he puts into keeping Asylum Seekers out of Florida

    1. seems like he did a fantastic job bring awareness to catastrophic crisis that plagues most of the US border towns and cities, Now with the help of political news shows like this, The whole of America knows. What is not known is who did all the recruiting for Biden when he was flying them all over the country. Heck, we don’t even know where he shipped them to and how he conned them into going!?! Another question is who called the Military to round up the immigrants at Martha’s?? A few of the immigrants want to go back to Martha’s and the rest dont care where they go to, they just want a job, a house, and to live peaceful lives. Last question….does anyone know where the waves of south american prisoners are at in their travels to the US Border??

    2. Send them all to sanctuary cities….they are welcome…..yeah right…Martha’s vineyard sent them all away to a military camp… ever to be seen again.

    1. Which state is that? because it definitely isn’t Massachusetts. Mass isn’t a sanctuary state
      congrats you’ve made conservatives look even dumber than they normal look, which I guess is pretty impressive in a way

  10. It’s not voluntary if you gave them false promises in order to sign a consent form, Perla [Desantis] duped these poor people.

  11. I am a political refugee, I have all the documents, I live in Italy, but I have not received a penny of assistance from the Italian state for 8 years. who to ask for help?
    I live in Trezzo sull’Adda, Italy, Via del Mille 11 C.

  12. What are the odds that Perla’s phone is a burner phone — I’d wager right at 100%! What are the odds we will ever find out who Perla is — probably less than 50%.

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