1. @Dorian Shades of gray, Did you not watch the video? She said she just saw her recently at an event she was hosting and it sounded like the shooter supported her work on and off in recent years.

    2. @Dorian Shades of gray, The interviewee said she had recently been supporting her at her events. It sounds like they’ve been together multiple times over the past year or so. Regardless, for whatever reason, the shooter felt close to this person and decided to message her. That’s the point. Why do you have such a problem with it?

  1. The young lady, Ariana, was quite brave and did what she could to prevent a tragedy. That said, how awful for her. “The shooter” (who has a name, Audrey Hale) tried to lay this all at her feet, and I am sorry for Ariana. I can’t imagine the burden this must be for her.

    1. @espy the woman did exactly the right thing , she told her father about the text and he advised her to call the authorities and she did. End of story .

    2. She has to say “the shooter” to cover her own tracks. Have you forgotten that there are a whole lotta people just WAITING for the reporter’s inevitable misgendering “the shooter”? EVEN THOUGH “the shooter’s” friend keeps saying “she, her”? Saying “the shooter” is the safest thing she can say. Think about it.

  2. Let’s hope this brave and honest young person gets all the support she needs to deal with being drawn into this tragedy.

    1. @The coward democrat Your neighborhood for eternity will be the Abyss if you don’t let go of the hate….more hate is not needed. We have too much of it already! Stop letting satan control your thoughts.

  3. When you all interview people in trauma get them help too. I can see she’s still processing this tragedy.

    1. I hope so too but I’m not sure how simple it is. She may not want it but hopefully it’s at least suggested to her

  4. Averianna, I’m so sorry that this happened to you. I’m sure you have SO many conflicting feelings. I hope you have a lot of support so you can heal. 💗💗💗

    1. @Dorian Shades of gray how can they be the real victims if they are all going to heaven? Isn’t it supposed to be great there?

    2. A lot of support for blasting her friend and private messages?
      Nobody forced her to come on public television with that.

  5. I’m sorry but no amount of personal pain and suffering is reason to take the lives of innocent people…NOTHING!

    1. Oh yes it is.
      People die every day.
      Nobody is innocent either.
      Suffering matters more than death itself and until people realize that and stop contributing to it, things like this will continue to be the consequence of letting so many devalued individuals fall through the cracks with mistreatment and neglect.

    2. Also a life can be taken in many different ways.
      We have the walking dead all around us but nobody cares to notice them until they act on the despair that is worse than ceasing to breathe.

  6. Averianna, the actions of the insane can never be understood or anticipated by the sane. Your father gave you the right advice. The text you recieved implied suicidal intent. Taking out grade schoolers as well could not be anticipated from that. The bureaucratic pinball you experienced on trying to do the right thing is proof of that.

  7. It is obvious this young lady has been shedding tears! Imagine being thrust into the limelight, because of this tragedy and having news people tracking you down. Praying for strength and peace for her and all those immediately affected by this tragedy.🙏🏽

  8. Averianna I hope you don’t feel any responsibility. You did all you could do given the ambiguity of the message. God Bless You for trying.

    1. This woman has not been contacted as an organizer of the “trans day of vengeance”. This interview needs to be pulled down immediately

  9. Averianna, thank you for doing the best you could. You need someone to address your needs/trauma at this point.

  10. I do wish I would have seen direct messaged her back in that timeline but in that moment she made the best decision with the resources she had at her disposal. Bless young lady.

    1. She did message her back, replied something along the lines of “you are too young and have the rest of your life to live. I’m praying for you and God bless you.”

      I don’t know why CNN didn’t show that part but I also think it is worthy of knowing

    2. @State Money Claim  right. That’s my point in my message. I know I saw she did and it was not mentioned here.

  11. I find it a point of interest that maybe could be followed that the shooter told Averianna so many good things about herself as a friend and how she was clearly respected as a person to the point of telling her “love you” with those benevolent wishes to see each other again, right before doing something so heinous to so many others. The psychology behind, wow. I know they’re going to follow everything the best they can as they investigate, but I always hope they get inside the mind as much as they can to hopefully get people the mental help they need.

    But I know she must be completely blindsided and I hope she knows she did the VERY best she could do. It’s the most anyone could have done, so I hope she rests assured in that.

    Following this story hoping everyone has the best mental health care possible as they try to make sense of things. 💔

  12. Averianna, you did all of the right things. Thank you for stepping up and doing everything you could do. So sorry you have been through this.

  13. She literally did the best she could way better than a low enforcement officials. RIP for the deceased and be blessed you young girl.

  14. God’s Blessings to Public Safely Officers

    My deepest and sincere condolences to all the families, friends, and loved ones of the children and staff who lost their lives

    Author Advocate, Activist for Humanity,
    Jason Sandifer,

  15. This young lady literally called her parents, the Suicide Hotline & police dept just minutes after getting the text: please don’t beat yourself up, you did everything you could do.

  16. This young lady is a hero!! She reached out to convey the danger promptly! So proud of her❤❤❤

    1. The woman in this interview has now been connected as an organization for the “trans day of vengeance”.
      This interview needs to be pulled down immediately

  17. I am so sorry for Ms. Patton. The interview was inevitable, but so scattered because Ms. Patton is still “mind boggled”. Bless you, Ms. Patton.

  18. The poor lady is in a state of shock, no wonder she finds it difficult to find the words to express herself despite her professional background.

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