1. There is footage on ballistics of .223 and 556 rounds and it definitely doesn’t look like that.

    1. ​​@Toy Legend don’t worry you won’t ban the guns that are going to be used to clean out you groomers.😂👍☠️🌈☠️🌈☠️

    2. Are they mad at the 223/556 or the rifle? I will just swap it to a 458 Socom if it’s the cartridge that’s the problem.

  2. in the philippines, when you go to a mall, you see guards at the entrance with assault rifles. the stores inside the mall have their own security guards with assault rifles.. schools have security guards with guns. guns everywhere but no mass shootings.. no school shootings..

    1. @Fierce BoneVery true. I will never forget when that guy stabbed 59 people from the 32nd floor of a hotel room…oh wait sorry, that was Las Vegas in 2017. Easy mistake to make as a knife and gun are basically the same weapon🥱

    2. ​@Fierce Bone I agree with your intention but it still doesn’t stand for Armalite RIFLE, it’s just the first two letters of ARmalite. The same company manufactures pistols whose models start with “AR” too so why would the “R” stand for “rifle”?

    3. @Fierce Bone Least you have a better chance of surviving/outrunning someone with a knife. Plus you don’t have to worry about multiple victims.

    4. ​@bigirishchef2034 yes, And in France one person just extended the retirement age by to years with riot in the streets. So much better to live under a dictator

  3. Wasn’t an “assault” anything…it WAS a 9mm SUB-2000 handgun caliber “back packer “ type. Folds in half to carry camping and hiking.

    1. @John Freedman true any weapon would slaughter an unarmed victim. That’s what cowards do go after those who can not defend themselves.

  4. I thought aim, range, and type of bullet were deciding factors in the severity of flesh damage. ER trauma nurse who has seen many GSWs might know more than the CNN guest. Just sayin’.

  5. Thanks doc well Aware .
    Still rather take a 223.
    Then Military 556 .
    Honestly. very useful information

  6. Tennessee law inforcement is strong, unlike those scared officers in tx
    14 min. , saved so many lives. Pray for all tonight

    1. I mean you heard this woman saying what a Ar-15 can do to a human body I dont blame them for being scared 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. @Annabelle Wollis no, if ur a cop that’s ur job. U signed up to be scared so the little kid watching his classmates get massacred isn’t.

  7. 3:48 The 9mm projectile is actually larger than a .223. The reason the .223 causes more damage is because it’s traveling three times faster than a 9mm round.

  8. Doesn’t take a medical doctor to realize that being shot is probably really bad. When are you going to do something about the schools that make people feel so bad they want to pick up a gun.

  9. During my six years working in an ER in the US, I saw more gunshot injuries and fatalities on an average weekend than I have seen in a year working anywhere else other than in combat zones. This is over a career extending over 50 years! After six yrs in the US I’d had enough. I put my own kids first and left.

    1. @Just A thought in the 60s’ US hardly got the bad news of mass spree shooting, is it the psychological problems of US people or too easy for obtaining automatic assault
      In the community. My own opinion is strict rules and law in a country can eliminate these bloody killings. Singapore is an example, after 58 years independence, zero spree shooting incident in the country .

  10. this same bullet does even better out of a 24″ bolt action that’s why these 22 cals are so popular, Now if we could just fix the mental health problem!

  11. Lillians Liaos cooking tips are amazing like Tomatoes on a “spinach salad” ,not everything in life has to be traumatizing.

  12. This is why I scratch my head when people have a meltdown when I call the AR15 an antipersonnel weapon.

  13. I find it astounding given all that has happened a lot if you are still defending guns that shoot so many rounds it’s ridiculous. Children and young adults are dying in schools by this weapon more then any other. Chosen for the mass amount if bullets it can fire and you come here and try to tear apart what a freaking surgeon has seen in the ER from these weapons. You just can’t help it can you. The gun is your symbol of strength and that is what drives you it seems. Fear of appearing weak so you need a gun to be the great equalizer.

    I work in a trauma hospital and the damage from guns and assault weapons are real and like she says. You can try to down play the damage a gun and the AR-15 all you want. When it rips through a child or even an adult the damage can be extremely significant. That is a fact. Until you have seen a child blown away buy multiple bullets stfu!!!! Your speaking from your keyboard safely at home with no real work experience. God help any of you if something like this happens to your children.

    1. Fortunately these incidents are relatively speaking very rare. Unfortunately the MSM blows tragedies out of proportion, bc many people don’t get enouggh violence on TV and in movies.
      Afterall, stepping outside, going into public places is very safe.

  14. If every 60 year old faculty member had had guns, this could have been averted. If every child were allowed to concealed carry I guarantee you that they would have made short work of the shooter. The answer is always MORE GUNS!!!!

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