1. lol great coverage. They still talking about Bakhmut. There are sources that post battle reports and updates.

  1. Why, because they are evil monsters. They’re are few acts more heinous than killing children.

  2. People in Kyiv and other areas of Ukraine are living in constant terror every night and day. It is difficult for me to imagine the level of fear and anxiety those residents in the Bakhmut area experience daily.

    1. @Riding Out that’s the go…. keep that proxy war going. The stability of the Dow is what’s important… and military complex share prices.

    1. In this conflict God is for Russia and not Ukraine the trouble maker who brings existential enemies in the neighbourhood forgetting the friend of an enemy is an enemy

    2. I see your infantry units sleeping in snow, I see you lose limbs in your + pick up trucks πŸ™‚

  3. ? I know …
    Because they figured they would be dead way before the military tribunal for war crimes anyway …
    Well I hope they enjoy meat grinder.

  4. These are all war crimes by the way. They’re not in anyway a legitimate military strategy according to any recognised international laws of armed conflict. And it won’t help the muscovites very much since they did the very same thing to Bakhmut months ago now, yet still have not occupied the whole city. The notion that somehow by targeting apartment building, hospitals and schools that the rashists are going to instantly maraude through these settlements in a blitzkrieg fashion is straight out of some fairy story book! They still have to contend with staunch AFU defensive lines AS WELL as new western armour now being deployed to push the orcs back out. Let’s stick with reality please and not dwell in some hypothetical wargaming world.

    1. indeed, hope u know the school bombed was in Donbass russian speaking region, and the truth of the fact was it was a himars missile that hit that school.

  5. It’s one thing you have a rogue president in Russia. What I don’t understand is that people of a nation are willing to go along with this evil of targeting schools, hospitals and orphanages. I used to believe that most humans would just refuse to do such a thing. Russians however, are doing this systematically and consistently over a longer period of time. The country is truly sick. There should be 0 negotiation with Russia over occupied territories. They need to be kicked out of Ukraine entirely.

  6. Evilness, horrendous war crimes. Ukraine are the bravest people in the world. So much suffering….keep strong and you will win in the end.

    1. And normal Americans should move to more favorable countries, I hope that the Lord (with the help of an inner voice) will tell them how to do it, because there is no place in this world for a God-fighting country, because of which the whole planet suffers…

  7. UKRAINIANS, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! THAT’S WHY THE EARTH IS NOW 8 BILLION PEOPLE! AT LEAST 6 BILLION OF US ARE WITH YOU! We are here to support you! Humanity sees you and bears witness to Ukrainians being in the right to defend AGAINST evil people

  8. With very competant Britsh and American planners advising the Ukrainians we may well see a classic “combined arms” Battle Group(s) charge across the Crimean pensinsula with the flag being raised in Sevastopol. From an arm chair point of view, the conditions are ripe for a splendid Blitzkrieg across Crimea with Bradley IFVs and Marders, packed with heavily armed infantry leading the way. In support, they could deploy their newly supplied Leopard and Challenger tanks with HIMARS artillery and anti-air defence platoons. With their newly arrived MiGS perhaps even some localized airsupport will be possible.Time for some Ukrainian “shock and awe”!
    Slava Ukraine

  9. Putin does not play by the rules, only the training he received in the KGB; torture, fear, intimidation, and weak points, clearly seen in the past 3 decades of his ‘reign’. Then one day a nation stood up to him for truth, freedom & transparent government.A wake up call to us all.Although far from perfect, living in a Democracy is better than under Tyranny. Slava Ukraini from Aussie.

    1. @Alex xelA no doubt things are rosy there alex, and that hardly anything at all, average wage, is just more western propaganda eh

  10. It’s really simple and has been repeated throughout history. The tactic is indicative of how one thinks daily how to control or influence others. It’s the bully method, the disregard for human life. It’s a bit cultural and baked in to thee governance,……..but fortunately it rarely is completely successful or lasting. They never had a desire to win hearts and minds. Heck they don’t respect the lives of their own troops and citizens really. Fear is the motivator.

    1. In this case we know that surrender would be the more horrible option, resistance is the only real option when you are facing an enemy who’s a complete moral degenerate hell bent on terror and genocide.

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