1. The thing that I find disturbing about affirmative action is that it treats poc like they are inferior and need separate scores.

    1. @Guided Meditation Yeah, it’s all about YOU losing your slice of the pie. How does that not wreak of WHITE PRIVILEGE to you?

      Let me make this clear: in your little metaphor, you don’t even make it to the plane because you’re too damn stupid.

    2. @TMM
      Imagine a four way intersection with four stop signs.
      If you your way… Black drivers would just run the stop sign? What is wrong with equality? I thought that was a good thing.

  2. I think to some extent students might over-rate how their future depends on them getting into just the right college. Maybe it matters for some careers I guess. The one I’m in (technology) nobody gives a rip where you went to school.

    1. @Deborah Freedman , an MA from MIT or Cornell carries more cachet than one from OGI….
      Your English is atrocious. I wonder how you graduated from high school.

    2. @janet price The vast majority of Students are to busy working to get involved
      in extremist policies. Thats right and left wing media click bait. You may give
      them a pass based on your views and opinions. But employers need people
      that are well educated in their fields. Hard work is useless without knowledge
      and you miss-spelled employment.

    3. ​@Heruhcane Dean Yeah these Asian kids get told “no” by their parents for all the fun they can have as a kid sadly.

  3. Affirmative action should be based on an economic basis. If kids from poor families and neighborhoods are given opportunities to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty then that would be really good for society and will provide true diversity of thought in companies, government, and academia. An economic affirmative action policy will cover most African Americans and other minorities any way because of the disproportionate and systemic exclusion of minorities from circumstances and opportunities that generate generational wealth.

    1. Yes I think all should be considered all who have grown up poor. It should apply to all. I have relatives who when growing up were very poor and worked very hard to pay for their education. Bit this should be applied to all. There are many people and cultures who were poor and can not afford an education

    2. @J Jones So the standard way to think about this is the “veil of ignorance”. Imagine if you’re a baby in heaven about to be randomly assigned a family, race, genetics, gender etc. If you had a vote in designing the public policy and laws of a nation before you knew anything about the specific circumstances into which you’d be born, what would pick? Would you picked a society that helped babies born into poverty? Would you pick a society that only helped babies born into certain races? Would you pick a society that helped no baby at all and let the baby ride out its luck?

    3. @Anshuman Sinha a society where people get no help or incentives for having children would make society responsible out of necessity. With the current conditions, minorities always have a golden parachute and that’s why they stay in poverty. It used to be about being the kind of person that can serve the institutions. Now it’s about how the institutions can serve the individual.

  4. If the goal is to have more blacks and hispanics in top tier colleges, then start with K-12 education and figure out what’s holding these kids back. To use race as a metric at prestigious schools doesn’t make students admitted based on race better prepared for the rigors of university work, leading to time spent on remedial classes and eventual drop out. Additionally, the idea of lumping more than half the world’s population into one big group AAPI, does every nationality and ethnic group in that group an injustice. An ethnic Chinese is different from an ethnic Indian vs. ethnic new papua guinea in language, culture and history. Plus whether Asians are considered people of color is pretty arbitrary – they are considered POC if their help is need to boost some left wing socialist agenda, but then they are not POC for college admissions??? The equity/diversity departments at many top tier universities are now so large that even if affirmative action is knocked down, they will still find some way of maneuvering race into admissions criteria. But admissions people, please don’t lump Filipinos or Solomon Islanders or Hmong with other well represented Asian groups like Chinese and Indians.

  5. Diversification laws are meant to solve racial discrimination, but depending on who applies the concept may just as well do the opposite and shift the problem around instead of fixing it.

    1. @slickstrings the first rule of the leftist ideology is that when there is no proof of anything racism is the default.
      You may have heard leftists say all disparities are due to racism, they actually say that, they don’t care what it’s really about.

    2. @Joe they didn’t flip. That’s just the easiest way to put it. Look up the southern strategy. Both parties suck. But ask yourself this. At one time the democrats were on the side of the confederates. But those same people in the south who say the south will rise again, vote republican. How could that happen?

  6. Imagine being “scared” by universities not having AA lol. You lived a life more protected than anyone in this world

    1. @timothy moore no, it’s not true.
      Oprah Winfrey, $2.7 billion.
      Strive Masiyiwa, $2.4 billion.
      Patrice Motsepe, $2.3 billion.
      Michael Jordan, $1.6 billion.
      Tope Awotona, $1.4 billion.
      Jay-Z, $1.4 billion.
      Tyler Perry, $1 billion.
      Lebron James, $1 billion

      Me and my white privilege?
      Debt 😂

    2. ​@PhillyWest Work your way up. It’s not an even playing field, so go to your local colleges/universities where your scores actually match your peers. Don’t need to go to Harvard or UNC to be successful in this world. Don’t take a hard earned admission away from someone for your “race” card

  7. Affirmative action is morally wrong and unfair. It’s also illegal under the constitution to discriminate based upon race. If the court does not strike it down, I demand we have affirmative action in professional sports like football, basketball and ice hockey.

    1. Forcing a racist society to stop rejecting qualified Black candidates based solely on their race is morally wrong and unfair in your eyes?

    2. @Golden Lady (Debbie Reaves) That’s not affirmative action. Affirmative action forces a racist society to stop accepting qualified Asian candidates solely based on their race. And it is morally wrong and unfair in my eye.

  8. So is CNN concerned that the court is not “bigoted”enough to keep affirmative action on??. How come we do not have affirmative actions all across organizations and corporations such as the nba, the nfl, hockey, etc:.???. Isn’t it because in those professional environments is skill and talent what counts??, but for academia, we tolerate to accept those that do not meet the requirements?

  9. The universities should have all race, skin color, and other information that can be used to deduce the students’ races removed from the admission process. This will ensure no discrimination.

    1. @Kenm That’s a total lie! Scores in what, mathematics, science, and reading?! All schools will accept anyone who has perfect scores!!! And everyone knows the HISTORICAL scores of Hispanics, Blacks, Whites versus Asians. Only science and technology make a country affluent and prosperous. NOTHING ELSE! NBA? MLB? Goodness!!!

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  11. This was predicted years ago… East Asian and South Asians were going to fight this eventually. This has been polarizing indeed. On one end, it has given eugenics, racists, and culturists ammo for their causes. On the other, it was an idealistic idea to help oppressed groups. The problem of AA is that it a racist solution to what is considered a racist problem.

  12. Imagine the USA made our young adults accountable and to be judged by their character, discipline and hard work instead of being divisive for their race, color, creed or sexual orientation. Also eliminate legacy admission.

    1. @ishmael essuman no, it is not. my son is half White and half Asian. I wouldn’t be happy if he is discriminated against. But affirmative action itself is not discriminatory toward Asians or Whites. If you’re really concerned about anti-Asian discrimination, then fight against it directly. Here is a more legitimate target: legacy preferences and those who make the dean’s list thanks to sizable donations from their parents.

    2. Your comment admits the America you want never existed. It never will. The well to do and connected will always have an advantage.

  13. It is amazing how none of the commentators who are on this show recognized the biggest problem with this issue, which is: more qualified people have been passed on in favor of individuals who are far less qualified than they are. When I hire people to run my business, I am looking for the most qualified candidates and not candidates with a specific skin color. Skin color should never be qualification for admittance or for hiring people into a new position, period

    1. You’re right — many WHITES have been hires/promoted based solely on skin color. This I know for a fact!

  14. Let’s not talk about slavery. Let’s just say everyone has equal opportunity, even if it’s a damn lie.

  15. This is all so disgusting. So often people who are entirely incapable of succeeding in these institutions are given admission based on the color of their skin. Then, after being humiliated, they blame the ‘racist’ curriculum. Fact: We are not all the same. We are not all just as capable. We are not all willing to put in the same effort. We do not all qualify for higher education (in this case, Ivy League education)

    1. I guess that’s true, but wouldn’t you be implying they just give people placement in universities? Why not have a balanced representation for which you have to qualify for. And don’t inform the universities to the individual’s ethnicity or gender until they have qualified. Don’t forget most of these universities reject most applicants. Only so much room. Or we could just make education free and easy to acquire.

    2. What’s wild is that the biggest beneficiaries of AA as a whole, are white women. And where is the fight to ban legacy admissions, and those whose parents pay for their admissions. Just a few years ago some the parents were jailed for this. Really, does anyone believe trump did well enough in school or on his SATs to attend UPenn???

  16. This present Supreme Court is deeply reactionary and entirely unprincipled. I agree with almost none of its decisions. If it rules against affirmative action in this session, however, it will break it zero for me. As an African, I think it is long past time we no longer use race or ethnicity as a measure for anything, and especially as a basis for admission to schools. Either we base decisions on race or we don’t.

  17. Finally. A conservative/Republican US Supreme Court that will finally end affirmative action – one of the most discriminatory practices in the history of American education.

  18. Imagine living in a country where we reward the best and the brightest. If some groups feel like they are underrepresented, then we should focus more energy into improving their scores. That seems a lot better than lowering the standards. That’s not helping these students. That’s just telling them to use their race as a crutch for the rest of their lives. Stop treating some groups like they aren’t as smart, we just need to get these teachers doing a better job. Stop the woke TikTok’s and teach these kids math and science

  19. I remember creating an Affirmative Action Plan for my employer ( a fortune 100 company). It was meant to be a living document and was reviewed by the Firm’s legal counsel prior to submission to Headquarters for the final blessing. It was a tedious task, however it was a reflection of a company that had The Spirit and Letter of Integrity. When hiring as an Hr Manager, you wanted to make sure that you followed the Affirmative Action Plan you laid out for your company. And it reflected the values of a company that prided itself as an Equal Opportunity Employer. I can’t understand why you would want to not require firms that employ hundreds or thousand, have interstate commerce and must adhere to Federal Guidelines for employment as well to have an Affirmative Action Plan. Well maybe I’m outdated in these areas as i crossed over to be a Mental Health Counselor. From my viewpoint in the USA things seem to be going in the wrong direction. Don’t get me wrong, change can be a good thing. However, I saw today on the news that Elon Musk opened the door to Twitter and the use of any language you want, and there were tons of tweets using the “N” word. And my first thought was, are there African American employees at Twitter? Something is going and growing terribly wrong in the USA and this is the mess we leave the youngsters who are preparing to find there place in the workforce, or as independent entrepreneur’s, or whatever they want to explore and the way I see it is that we the adults who should be setting examples are sending very contradictory messages to them… Food for Thought

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