1. So in case you skipped AZ66RT it’s probably the last thing which can fix stuff now for good. Nothing to ignore even when it looks spammy as fk

    1. You have taken spamming to a new level- My hat is off for the new technique.
      annoying as fk, but new and innovated for a spammer

  2. Lucky those who have AZ66RT right in time, unlucky those who think it’s meaningless. There’s a reason why so many would write about it no matter where you lookin’ at

    1. You have taken spamming to a new level- My hat is off for the new technique.
      annoying as fk, but new and innovated for a spammer

    2. This is a spam account – basically making you search for something that doesn’t exists and the only link takes you to their malware infected site. Make sure to report this account.

    1. @Antifa and BLM are true fascists (Andy peltola)

      Good day to you sir,

      The world actually. I’m in Europe, The Netherlands.

    2. That explains why the US invaded Iraq and why the US is helping the Saudis kill tens of thousands of civilians in the Sudan, and why the US is the only nation in the world that supports the Israeli occupation of Palestine at every level.

    1. @Mark “<—said all construction regulations are controlled at the county level," - the fact that you don't know this to be true proves that you don't know much about the construction industry

    2. @William Klutts put a fork in ya, kid, you just repeated yourself, and your lack of knowledge of statewide building regulations. Too funny

    3. @William Klutts You mean while you just proved why the US has dropped to 35th in the world in education over the last two generations. It’s not difficult to see you have never worked in construction in your life, kiddo

    1. Unfortunately, a large part of GOP voters are only interested in attacks, hate spewing, misinformation, and chaos. They have zero interest in what is happening outside of America. They just need to be victims of the straw men trying to take away their life of entitlement and privilege.

    2. @Oliver: A declining empire starts rotting from within. History will tell you. BTW, 370 out of 435 congress members are NOT clean! You expect these people to watch your back.😂😂 USA has no credibility in the world. It lost its ability to lead. It cannot lead its own country, never mind leading the world.

    3. Exactly. These guys still won’t stop. They say it was “embarrassing” for the US yet foreign policy experts said it was embarrassing for China that they got caught and exposed to the world. Former intelligence officers went further and said the internal political fighting is actually a security threat to ourselves. I’m so sick of it.

  3. At one time, parties rallied together when foreign threats to security were hightened. It seems that today GOP cannot stop itself from criticising the US military leaders and the Commander in Chief, even while trying to present itself as being a hawkish party concerning the China.

    1. Cowards can’t join the nation’s need for cohesion. Always have to take party line over support of the country’s greater good. I used to be a Republican years ago until Gingrich designed the split of the nation. Never voted GOP again after that.

    2. @Antifa and BLM are true fascists (Andy peltola) Actually I’ve tested significantly above average my whole life… and I knew what time it was in China when I wrote that. I remember where I was a what I was doing when JFK was assassinated and know where I was when Eisenhower was President. One thing I don’t know is why you’re such a _________. (Fill it in with something that’s against Community Standards.)

  4. I agree we are all hypervigilant,
    Reassessment and working together to out those who seek to benefit from pitting China or Americans against one another, foreign or domestic.
    Everyone wants to feel Great.
    It is not a competition.
    Harm ye none, do as you will.

  5. China statement only applies to Chicago Convention if balloon payload is less than 4 kg. Which it wasn’t. And if balloon is ONLY meteorological. Not “mainly” meteorological. Sovereignty rule applies and US is within its right. Of course, politics also apply and opportunity does exist for communication in a bipartisan manner.

  6. There are many reasons that F-16s wouldn’t be a much of a game changer in Ukraine just based on the design of the fighter. The most useful choice would be Sweden’s Saab but, quantity is a limiting factor. The biggest impact giving the F-16 to Ukraine would be like giving them the Abrams tank. Western allies would follow with aircraft more appropriately designed for functioning in that environment. American combat airpower and its individual components are design to function within a system of combined forces, not as individually operated stand alone set pieces. Also, with that huge air intake beneath the fuselage and close to the ground, F-16s are very vulnerable to runway FOD (foreign object damage) sucked into the engine from the runway and their landing gear require smooth and well maintained runways which would be rare or even nonexistent in Ukraine. The SAAB on the other hand is designed to take off, land, be refueled, rearmed and maintained from civilian highways.

    These politicians being interviewed are, well, experts at being politicians and should leave military strategy to experts in the Pentagon who’ve spent their entire careers studying and working in the field. 👎to both of them for not answering the reports question by saying, our expert military planners are dealing with the details and will make recommendations. It’s jackass politicians like those two that led to politicians making tragically bad tactical targeting decisions in Vietnam.

    1. Your premise is wrong

      Ukraine doesnt need jets for 1 reason:
      -Russia isnt waging an airplane campaign over the skies of Ukraine

      Russia is instead depending on land and sea launched missiles as well as drones…not jets

      Therefore this environment necessitates a better air defense grid as opposes to more jets

    2. Its the GOP the ranking house member is Kevin “I didnt say that, and the next day the recording of him saying exactly that was released” McCarthy, which includes such fine politicians like Santos, Andy Ogles – Im sure if you ask they would tell you they wrote the art of war and were stand out badmitten players at the citadel and west point at the same time

  7. Asking two congressional Republicans to evaluate Biden’s handling of the Chinese balloon is like asking Putin to tell Russians the truth about what’s happening in Ukraine.

    1. @Mark Nope, Republicans are low information voters, getting stuff like this wrong, or directly lying, is why Republicans keep losing. Studies have shown FOX “NEWS” voters are more ignorant than people who don’t watch news, at all. People like you are why Republicans keep losing, thanks and never change.

    2. @Antifa and BLM are true fascists (Andy peltola) This from a three time lying loser maga moron, lol! Please stay stupid.

  8. The hypocrisy of Mike Turner saying “statements like that are not helpful,” after he’s just spent the previous 5+ minutes stabbing his colleagues in the back repeatedly. Truly pathetic.

  9. They keep say everything is bipartisan. yeah right. They can’t even behave bipartisan during a press interview.

  10. Two GOP Congressmen who started out pretty well, tripping over their own words at the end. This is the best we can expect from Congressional Republicans until the beginning of 2025, alas.

  11. It was disappointing to hear Michael McCaul and Mike Turner speak without providing any concrete solutions or alternative policies. It’s easy to criticize without offering any real ideas, but these two Reps. failed to offer anything of substance. It’s frustrating to see politicians play politics instead of working towards real solutions.

  12. Why do these reporters feel the need to recharacterize everything that’s said? Just let the guys speak their mind. If you think they’re wrong, let someone else (someone on the other side) offer a different viewpoint. Jeez

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