Ohio lawmaker asked if he would drink water after toxic train derailment

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) joins "State of the Union" to discuss safety concerns following the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. #CNN #News


  1. Time to hold companies accountable in a more productive way. Fines do nothing. Demand they fix the failing infrastructure that they use and abuse.

    1. Democrats and their unwavering defense for government is really weird. This is a scenario where the federal and local governments fucked up and blew up a massive mushroom cloud on purpose then the EPA comes in and tells people all is well and continue drinking the water that is fucking bubbling in front of their eyes and the federal government refuses to give aid or sending FEMA help to our own citizens in a natural disaster that they created because the money would be better spent sent to Ukraine and this clown comes on and starts talking about “evil evil profits” 🤦🏾‍♀️🤡🙄 you can’t be serious

    2. Also, demand that corporations directly compensate the victims of this tragedy, both for property and material goods; and health care FOR LIFE.

  2. We’ve all seen this movie before. During 9/11’s aftermath people were told there were no health issues working on rescues.

    1. Absolutely, Madam. You know the score. And thank you for sharing your time and perspective. May you and all of your cherished loved ones enjoy the very best of health, happiness and success.

    2. “The 9/11 Responder and Survivor Health Funding Correction Act” was introduced by Democratic New York Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler with support from Garbarino and Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

  3. Ask the people of Flint Michigan just how much the government cares about environmental issues and how quick they are to fix them.

    1. This has happened too often. Years ago we had a water pipe issue. Pipes were being replaced something happened and one city was unable to drink the water. Bathing would be like bathing in a pond.) That was bad enough.

  4. When was the last time the news told people how easy it is to test for the chemicals that can be in the water? When did the news show the difference between public water supplies and how they are obtained and well water? How many times does the news put on a politician to explain science and health issues and not use experts?

    1. you should see the video of someone touching the bottom of a crystal clear beautiful creek…….as soon as it is barely touched, plumes of rainbow colors appear around a 5 to 6 foot area.

  5. Those responsible MUST be Held ACCOUNTABLE.
    So that means Executives who made Decisions that Led to this Accident Mus be Charged and Tried… Anything Less than that is Irresponsible and Doesnt bring Justice

    1. How about hold the president of the usa who repealed the saftey regulation for newer brakes?
      That would be Benedict Gump.

    1. @David J the root of the problem is not deregulation. The real root is the products they are shipping are manufactured by companies that have to compete with foreign companies who pay pennies on the dollar. Deregulation or simply turning a blind eye to negligence within the transport industry cuts down on what the cost of the transport will ultimately be so that those who make the products shipped via the rail lines can even compete and exist. If you really want better conditions we have to stop outsourcing and bring manufacturing back home and make it very costly to run U.S. corporations outside of the U.S. mainland. When you cut deals to do your business in a third world nation, ultimately, to compete you must turn your own nation into a third world country. It’s not rocket science.

    2. this is what a transportation secretary looks like for not addressing it after 2 years and 2,000 train derailments.

    3. @Nunya Bidnez Deregulation IS a problem (just as David J said) even though the rest of your comment certainly holds a lot of truth.

    4. @Judy Wood of course deregulation is a problem but you have to look at, and address, the issues that have lead to that to begin with. Just adding more regulations will only drive the cost up for companies (making them even less competitive) or they will leave and we will be left with no industry, or possibly worse, a foreign country will buy up that segment of industry and we will be dominated fully from without and within by foreign nations (who’s industry safety and standards are atrocious compared to ours). Simply focusing on regulation is like waiting to get cancer then trying to treat the cancer instead of being proactive and not promoting factors that lead to the cancer in the first place, if preventable (which in this case the results of our economic policies are absolutely reversible and lead to “the cancer” in the first place). In the 90s Republicans actually had a brilliant idea to get rid of, completely, lobbying (which leads to deregulation) and make our industrial base super competitive at the same time. It was called The Fair Tax. You should check it out to understand and see how it would fix almost every single issue we face currently. I doubt it would ever get passed in today’s political climate but it’s a brilliant strategy, nonetheless, that needs re-examining by both parties.

  6. Every resident of East Palistine should be compensated and move away to free housing! The town must go! Better safe than sorry!

  7. All the property values will plummet. Even if you have money to move you’ll never get your equity out. You’ll have to leave your friends and community. This is such a horrible thing to happen to a small community. The company won’t be held accountable. They’ll get a slap on the wrist. They were supposed to update the brakes, but the legislation got overturned. So, of course they didn’t do it.

    1. Both sides??

      That’s what they always say when they are solely at fault!

      They know they fkd up but feel the need to drag the other side instead of taking the blame!

      Funny furry to mention how they all of a sudden decided to send fema ONLY AFTER ORANGE MAN SAID HE’D VISIT OHIO IN PERSON!


  8. From Europe: Same here. Same old story.Corporations making profits destroying the environment. It`s time to fix things. They must be held accountable.

    1. Not only that, we should change the system, if we don’t we will be the next major extinction on this planet

  9. This is when a university comes in handy. Bring in a environmental biologist and their class to test the water. I can certainly understand people not believing the government agencies. The best advice is not to sign anything when receiving any “pay off” and to keep a record of everyone’s illness. The long-term effects are not known.

    1. also, just look up the words “phosgene” and “Vinyl Chloride” as a quick guide as to what these chemicals can do for a person. Also, a very basic understanding of the wind stream, waters streams will give you another indication of the severity of this derailment. Clearly most people, including news, do not understand the magnitude and severity of this spill, it MAY end up being the worst catastrophe in U.S. History………

  10. It’s not about if you would drink a one-off glass of water from there right now – it’s more about what the cumulative effects might be over the next year(s)…

  11. Amazing how much our government cares more about ukraine than our own country’s problems. May God bless the people in Ohio.

  12. We were one of the early towns that identified PFAS contamination levels over 20 times EPA limits and the company responsible immediately provided bottled water and were willing to pay for town water hookups for those affected near their plant. We eventually voted to fix the water problems in town which doubled water rates. There are many other cities and towns discovering that they have the same problem. I would expect the rail company to make people whole in terms of water and other ecological damage. As far as the mayor drinking the town water goes, you can get very high quality water filtration systems in your home. That’s what people in my town did before the water system upgrades; and many people still use bottled or strong filtration.

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