Worry spreads about country Putin may target next

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed deep concern over the security of Moldova, a small country with Russian-backed territory bordering Ukraine. Moldovan President Maia Sandu accused Russia of planning to destabilize the former Soviet republic, echoing a claim made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. CNN's Bianna Golodryga speaks with Moldovan journalist and author Paula Erizanu. #CNN #News


  1. Privet, mine is the republic of Georgia and I’m really worried Putin will come after my birthplace next. My husband is Ukrainian his family was uprooted and had to scatter throughout Poland and Georgia. Putin must be stopped before he plunges Europe into real hell again.


  2. Condolences to all the Ukrainians mothers, fathers, families and foreigners fighters families who lost their loved ones in Ukraine.

    1. Great job and commentary brother Slava Ukraine 🌻🇺🇦 good morning 🌞☕ and happy you are doing well today ☺️👍

  3. Having Russia as a neighboring country is like having a neighbor who is constantly trying to break into your house to loot and mur der everyone inside.

    1. They say the same about the USA. After Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Afghanistan, who will be the next nation?

  4. I am from that “small poor nation”.
    Just wanted to let you know we will not tolerate anyone who breaks our borders!
    Not having a lot of money dose not mean you are poor! In situations like this especially. Brothers from Ukraine proved it.
    We will fight with forks if necessary! In no way will we let Russia occupy our Country!

    1. Putin is backing desperate people into a corner. This makes people warriors and survivors. I am from the USA and pray for all of you.

    2. @James Street it 20 years for US to fail in Afghanistan and leave behind tons of weapons…so stop it with the whatabouism BOT

    3. @Paranormal Traveler- Pennsylvania
      BS they spend more than 1 Trillion dollars and could not win against a rug tag army of Taliban that only has light
      Weapons. America is a paper tiger it is only good at fighting from far away but in a real war they are pu—ies.

    4. @MammaDuck What’s not actually accurate? Your message here says nothing of the FACT that for over a decade the Taliban to which Raa was referring to had expelled the Western forces from Afghanistan. I’m quite familiar with the final days for which control of Afghanistan changed hands, which wasn’t a defeat for the west. The point I was making.

    1. Pootie, r there any bounds that u will not stoop ? Gettin eviler by the day- evil on top of evil. What!! Go there and kill more children, parents, fathers- destroy another country – displace more people? why : for A Russian empire of an era gone forever ? Something has to stop him. Is everyone gonna just watch, wait and see?

    2. @Thunder Lips Russia was so drunk on their own bravado they couldn’t even make it to Kiev w/o loosing 1/2 their army.

  5. Well, actually, back in the first week of the war, Lukashenko showed their plans, according to which after the capture of Odessa, Moldova should be “liberated” next. Apparently they planned a lot of things in those days, until the harsh reality put everything in its place, and instead of a victorious march across Europe, the Russian army began to lose thousands of soldiers for villages that are not even visible on the map. In any case, Moldova can feel safe. Before Russia gets to them, the third millennium will come.

    1. @ElCamaronPesado Russia doesn’t seem to learn from its mistakes, now fighting head-on with human wave assaults…..just like WWI.

    2. @Matej Blaha Good point. Eventually, we can hope,….. many of the Russians who are acting as a fifth column will forced to leave back to Russia. A sizeable minority in all the countries of the old Soviet Union including the Baltics are their to destabilize their new home country.

    3. @Lockwood Peckinpaugh Lubashenko’s weak army is there to keep the dictator in power. If this dictator commits his military to attack Ukraine, it will be quickly defeated…..then the aging dictator would be heading for retirement in Sochi.

    1. Excuse me,the american media has censored everything coming out of that part of the world.Actually we don’t know what’s really happening there,everything we hear is propaganda.

    2. ​@Oliver 101 An idea if he does will lead to almost every country declaring war on Russia and lose a ton of support from other countries

  6. There are many small countries that ring Russia and it wouldn’t take much to inspire a few hundred russian speakers to welcome some ‘little green men’ and storm the democratic places of power, in fact in Moldova’s case they already have a a very sizable and better armed Russian force already camped in lands that legally belong to Moldova. If I was Moldova I would ask for a UN peace keeping force immediately to be settled there, it would at least bring some income into this poor nation if nothing else.

    1. Yeah, that’s Puturd’s plan. He’ll claim he’s sending in his savages to “rescue russians” by taking over the country. Bet on it.

  7. He wants to burn it all down if he can’t have it. Internally he’s raging. That’s the problem. If he can’t have his way. The idea of Empire. He will ruin it for the humans who have to live in every former Warsaw Pact nation after he’s dead. And that doesn’t just include Europe or Asia, but the globe. Namaste and Slava Ukraine 🌍🇺🇳🇪🇺🇺🇦

    1. You are correct, Putrid, the sh** a** murderous little dictator is furious! “How dare they defy me!” ME!!!

  8. The best way to make people forget about a war we are definitely not losing is to start another war we definitely won’t lose. Also, stay away from a window if you don’t like this.
    – V Poutine

    1. No money in winning a war. They simply need to drag it out as long as they can. If they wanted to win it, that would have already been done.

    1. Exactly. If Putin had just kept to Russia, the world would still think them as a super power. Now the world sees just how garbage their military is.

  9. I can certainly understand the concern from ANY country that has a common borders with Russia. That being said, there’s evidence that the Russian military has begun pressing highly trained naval personnel into the infantry as canon-fodder; that is NOT a sign of a healthy military at all.
    Putin’s hands are more than full in Ukraine; given how much of the Russian conventional military capacity has been committed to that theater – or more precisely; destroyed or captured there – he’s in absolutely no position to pick fights with anybody else at this stage of the game. By the time the conflict in Ukraine is resolved it’s pretty unlikely Russia will even have the conventional military capacity to defend it’s own territory, let alone threaten anybody else’s.
    Which introduces China into the geopolitical equation.
    Considering that Russia has a largely geriatric population of about 130 million – and that is shrinking every day while the demographic breeding stock has either fled the country or been fed into the meat grinder in Ukraine – it’s inevitable that those eight time-zones worth of territory and resources that make up eastern Russia are going to become more and more tempting to Russia’s extremely populous neighbor, China. When the war in Ukraine started last year, Russia’s largest security concern was actually on their EASTERN borders; not their western ones. NATO was never really a credible invasion threat; China definitely is – just as a result of population density alone. China has more than ten times Russia’s population crammed into less than half the space.
    The die is already cast: eventually and inevitably the territories east of the Urals are either going to form breakaway republics of their own or, more likely, be bought out by the Chinese. A war over the territory probably won’t be necessary; Moscow won’t have nearly the money or manpower to manage those territories anyway, let alone fight a war over them. China will be able to increase it’s physical size and resource wealth massively just by writing a relatively small check – without firing a shot.

  10. Must remain vigilant and all free countries must support Ukraine 🇺🇦💪💙💛🌻✨

    1. War would have ended after a month if our government didn’t step in, and interfere with the peace agreement Ukraine and Russia both agreed upon. NATO, and the US, are fueling this unnecessary war.

    2. @morgan james It’s infuriating. I’m all for staying ahead in regards to military advancements, but it’s disgusting how many of our politicians are controlled by both them, and Big Pharma

  11. I am glad you said you are from Moldova, it drives home how closely connected we are to what’s going on. As for the russian sympathizers, they can be taken to the Black Sea and put in row boats, then told “russia is that-a-way”, and they can start rowing themselves to they’re beloved russian masters. 🇺🇸🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇸

    1. Americans who go traipsing abroad to overthrow govts and play God with the lives of faraway locals should get in that rowboat and go drown themselves.

    2. @manofsan we’re not overthrowing any governments now, we’re helping to save a country full of good people who just want russians to get the hell off thier land. I suppose you have a problem with that?

    3. ​ @David Peterson – no, Victoria Nuland showed up in 2014 to overthrow the elected govt and install ethno-fascists in its place. They promptly launched an ethnic-cleansing campaign against ethnic Russians who had always lived there (Ukraine is certainly not an homogenous place, but is very heterogenous). That’s why this war has happened, and ignorants like you choose to shut your eyes and ears and stay in denial while shouting “God Bless America”, because you live very far away from there and don’t care to understand the local ground realities. Get over yourself.

    4. @manofsan my my, ethno-fascists…you really have been huffing the old spray paint, haven’t you? I would warn you that “huffing” can rot you’re brain. But in you’re case, I really doubt it will make much of a difference. Is that what’s wrong with russians?, are they all “huffing” paint? 🇺🇸🇺🇦🇺🇸😄😄😄

  12. Putin’s failure in Ukraine has been pretty extreme. He’s decimated his standing army to the point of a ridiculously enforced draft. His fleet of tanks is cut in half. He’s expending his missile arsenal faster than he can replenish, and he’s accomplished next to nothing. If he’s even considering another country before a LONG term rebuilding and retraining effort, he’s even more insane than I thought, and that’s saying a LOT. Honestly, if he keeps wasting his force in Ukraine, he’s going to leave Russia defenseless other than nukes, which is the most terrifying part of this failed invasion.

  13. Even more reason to let governments know we want Russia stopped In Ukraine at all costs. Sanctions should be tightened, Russia totally cut off with shipping blockades and send Ukraine every dang thing they need.

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