Hear how DeSantis flip-flopped on backing Ukraine in its fight against Russia

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said supporting Ukraine, in what he calls a “territorial dispute” with Russia, is not a vital US interest. CNN’s John King takes a look at contrasting statements DeSantis made in 2015 when he was a member of the House of Representatives.
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    1. Russia just wants the areas that are ethnic Russian-speaking (Donbass). These areas have been shelled and terrorized for the past 8 years by the Ukrainian army. Once that is done, they will sue for peace and the war ends. If Ukraine still insists on fighting, they will go on to take Odessa and turn Ukraine into a landlocked country. They will also probably establish a demilitarized zone as a buffer – in case of a missile strike by NATO or Ukraine, Russia will have enough time to respond appropriately. Because right now, if a hypersonic missile system is deployed near Ukraine’s border, it will take less than 5 minutes for it to reach Moscow, and to the Russians, that is unacceptable.

    2. @alex clarkeMissiles can be placed in the baltic states already. Russia doesnt have a right to take land where Russian is spoken.

    3. @Sevenfold120 The Baltics are further away from Moscow than Ukraine, so missiles coming from there are less of a threat. Also, considering that Ukraine, even before the invasion, is a highly unstable, far-right, anti-Russian state, parking NATO nukes there is just a disaster waiting to happen. Not that I agree with what the Russians are doing, but take away all the noise and propaganda from Western MSM and you can see Russia’s point of view.

    4. @alex clarke Ukraine isnt far right. And wanting to integrate with the west or EU doesnt make you anti Russia. But I guess not wanting to be conquered by Russia makes you anti russian.

      The difference by the way is bout 150 km. The baltics are still close to Moscow.

    1. ​@studyhistory2ctruthdo you always struggle to understand simple statements
      or is this problem new to you or are you possibly one on the many
      Russian trolls getting money from Putin and so find the statement
      hits too close to home and that’s why you felt the need to lash out
      at someone speaking the truth?

  1. Remember how giddy those right wingers were when Putin first started this war, Trump calling him a strategic genius? I’ll never forget.

    1. The last time a dictator invaded a European country, it led to WWII. A younger new fascist version of Donnie has arrived, festering warts and all.

  2. Russia went from being the 2nd strongest army in the world to the 2nd strongest army in ukraine real fast.

    1. @GS .. “Our mobilized [men] are being sent like lambs to the slaughter to storm fortified areas — five at a time, against 100 heavily armed enemy men,” she continued.
      They are prepared to serve their homeland but according to the specialization they’ve trained for, not as stormtroopers. We ask that you pull back our guys from the line of contact and provide the artillerymen with artillery and ammunition.”
      Russia’s move to send hundreds of thousands to fight on the battlefields of Ukraine has generated dissent and protest and prompted many Russians — young men in particular — to flee the country.
      Families of drafted Russian men have criticized the mobilization, saying it is beset by problems such as discipline issues and lack of leadership from mid-ranking officers, non-existent training as well as logistical difficulties like insufficient uniforms, poor food and a lack of medical supplies.

    2. Russia is actually doing pretty good, considering it is one country against thirty-five, with a military budget that is dwarfed by the amount of aid sent by these countries to Ukraine. They have also annexed most of Donbass and destroyed Azov’s HQ in Mariupol, which is the main thing they wanted from the war in the first place. And all those sanctions didn’t even crash Russia’s ruble, in fact it made it the highest performing currency in the world.

    1. Democrats love Ukraine because it like 99% Caucasian nation. What about Palestine? Get nothing lmao 😂😂

  3. Almost exactly 100 years ago, a similar battle was playing out not far from Kyiv. Russia was invading Poland, and they were stopped in the battle of Warsaw. Poland went on to gain its statehood for the first time in a very long time. It’s incredible how much history repeats itself – this is the Ukrainian version.

    1. Please don’t pick out history to serve self justification,
      Do you also know these? 75yrs back US nukes Japan and few decades ago 1000 miles away US killed millions people in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria etc though they don’t pose any existential threat to US.
      Russia ever warned that NATO expansion is an existential threat to Russia, remember the Cuban missile crisis.
      Do you really swear by God that the sole reason of US fighting here because US love Ukraine so much? Better also evaluate the gradual development of this history.
      US says that will fight till the last Ukraine standing man, but who knows? US may abandon Ukraine as worse as Afghanistan.

    2. @Lalnunzuala Darlong “Do you really swear by God that the sole reason of US fighting here because US love Ukraine so much?”. There are multiple reasons the USA and other democracies are supporting Ukraine, but the primary one IMO is based on preservation of democracy. We learned in WW2 that to protect the freedoms promised via democracy it is necessary to join forces against fascist and/or authoritarian invasions of a sovereign state. To stand aside and do nothing is not just cowardice; it is self-destructive. Thankfully, the majority of Americans chose to engage in WW2 and the world prevented Hitler and the Japanese from becoming global dictators. And because of the sacrifices of many countries, WW2 resulted in the longest period of relative peace in human history and decades of improved living conditions across the globe. Only the uneducated support fascists and Putin. The rest of us realize we must stop him in Ukraine or risk the end of democracy in eastern europe.

    3. I always thought that was such an irony that the invasion of Poland started the war and at the end of it Russia is allowed to keep it. You would think the treaty that compelled France and Britain to go to war with Germany for the same reason would still be valid.

  4. If he promotes this view once he’s actually running for president, for the entire country, he’s going to tank. He’ll be flip-flip-flopping back to Ukraine’s side once he sees where most of America is.

  5. One can’t reasonably expect fascist candidates to support defending democracy anywhere in the world.

  6. Republicans: ” I need 50 guns to defend my home”

    Republicans: “omg stop helping the Ukranians to defend their home omg”

    Wen you become a putin apologists you really need to pump the brakes and reevaluate

  7. If Desantis knew anything about international affairs he might have a different view. Instead he’d rather parrot Comrade Carlson.

    1. @CaliTXman Not calling out of the “right” merely pointing to Tucker Carlson habitual support of a totalitarian government that has its roots in the KGB of Soviet Russia. The fact that DeSantis and other Republicans feel they MUST answer the questions of someone that thinks 6 Jan was a “shame” is laughable – all to play to a base of their party.

  8. *quote continued* : “The fact is this is for us. This is for them. This is for the entire global community. You stop aggression or it will continue and it will overwhelm us all .

  9. *quote* : “We know the consequences of November 9th the day that the Berlin Wall fell. We know the consequences of September 11th….and then January 6th. Also February 24th because on this day, we are put to the test, what will we do now? You saw what happened in the buildup to World War II. *The world just allowed* the German effort to move forward further and further and further and did nothing. *We see what happened when we let terrorism go unchallenged, unchecked* .

    *quote continued* : “And I know that there are some Republicans who want to stop the (Ukraine) funding and a few Democrats as well. The public says absolutely not. *Why is it that the American people have learned more from history than these extremist members* on both sides of the aisle who say, we’re only focused on the money we give to our country, just for us?

    *quote continued* : “The fact is this is for us. This is for them. This is for the entire global community. You stop aggression or it will continue and it will overwhelm us all .

  10. *A quote* : “DeSantis only wants citizens to have the freedoms he allows them to have.”
    *another quote* : “Don’t want to live in a state that tells me what I can read and how I am supposed to think like China, North Korea and Russia.”

  11. In less than a week this didn’t age well… seeing as Russia just attacked a US drone in international waters.

  12. *quotes from the article – ‘DeSantis Poses ‘Danger to Democracy* ‘ : “he is a more competent politician than Trump who could more effectively implement *undemocratic policies* …. “[She] Dismissed Trump as “an authoritarian figure who limits the amount of destruction he can cause via his own incompetence,” …. [and Wrote] “DeSantis understands how the levers of power work, and he knows how to put the right people in the right places to get exactly the results he wants.” … *another quote* : “So now DeSantis has his own military. Wake up people!”

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