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    1. @Chris yeah it should have been China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ built and China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ strong πŸ’ͺ πŸ˜‚

    1. @sakibmehedi6924Β  who is provoking Kim? Nobody. This was a hypothetical question asked by the media and the man answered

    2. He answered a hypothetical question of if they threatened us with nukes. He gave the exact answer I would expect and wanted to hear if that scenario was real.

  4. Iran needs US drone technology to build better drones for Putin. And so, my guess is, these Russian pilots tried to down a US drone without destroying it. Might be, if I am correct, that now Russian ships will try to salvage that hi-tech drone.

    1. Iranians have already downed and recovered a RQ-4 Global Hawk drone, more advanced than this aging MQ-9 Reaper.

    2. Having one doesn’t mean you can copy it. Their industry doesn’t have the same access to the tech.

    1. Because the pilots go to countries that do not have fighters, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia, and they fear from Iran and other countries.

  5. wow that “fresh-off-the-boat” reporter asking the first question in this video clip, her English is just wow. One has to literally squint their ears to understand what she’s asking. I was born to immigrant parents so I’m used to broken English but regular people can’t understand her. I bet whatever news organization sends her to do Pentagon reports does it as a joke or to piss off the Pentagon staff. That’s the only logical conclusion.

    1. @sir slick rock I was born in Poland and immigrated with my parents to the US where we became US Citizens when I was an infant so I speak, read and write Polish fluently and English. I also speak Spanish fluently since I reside in Nevada and took it in school and learned on my own. My dad employs a lot of Latinos and I would work for his company during my high school and university summer breaks and I learned a lot from the people who worked with us. I can read and write it too. So I can speak three fluently. My parents speak Polish, English and Russian because they had to learn Russian when Poland was under communism. I know the basics but wouldn’t consider myself fluent. I could order a sandwich at a shop or ask for directions, very basic stuff.

    2. @Seabreeze Coffee Roasters her accent sounds Oriental, and I don’t think there’re any Oriental news organizations based in the US. There’s a CNN Latino version but there ain’t no CNN Vietnam or South Korea version lol. Plus if she’s from abroad, I highly doubt she would be given clearance to enter the Pentagon since she would not be a US Citizen. Therefore I deduced she works for a US news office or publication.

    3. Yeah jack. You learned something here today. Its cool. Doesnt make you a stupid person. Sometimes very basic things allude us. All of us have a few things we learned SUPER late in life lol.

      I had an older stepbrother who used to force himself to burp by ingesting air. I learned to do it. And after I learned it he then learned how to make himself fart by doing the same method.

      Because of this….. I continued to believe for YEARS that everytime I farted it was because little bits of air were getting into my mouth and had nothing to do with the food I was eating.

      I managed to make it do adulthood having no idea that food being processed in the stomach is what makes you fart. LOL.

    4. @jack kozlowski Again you are ‘assuming’ CNN reporter. There was 3 different reporters asking questions (memory) and CNN carried them all.

    5. @Seabreeze Coffee Roasters where did I say she was from CNN? I used CNN Latino edition as an example. I could’ve said MSNBC but I chose CNN. I know she doesn’t work for CNN because all of their reporters and news anchors speak proper English. People would tune out if that broken English reporter/news anchor had a program going.

    1. I think he meant it’s not feasible to keep flying it, it might’ve been banking uncontrollably and so they decided to point the nose down to make sure it doesn’t go into a populated area or something. Remember that the damage caused isn’t all the damage that will occur. Sometimes damage gets worse while flying.

    1. ​@倩月🌚 they’ve already had one they shot down reverse engineered and are producing

    2. @Ivan Alvarez who said they do? Russia won’t bother trying to recover it. They’ve just given Erdogan a little bit of leverage whilst embarrassing the US

    1. There’s been cases of Russian and Chinese aircraft getting ridiculously close to other aircraft. It’s a miracle there hasn’t been a disaster.

    2. @Nathan Seibel Unfortunately there has been. The Hainan Island incident from April 1, 2001. A Chinese J-8 intercepted and then collided with a U.S. EP-3 legally traveling over international waters, the highly contested South China Sea. The Chinese pilot was killed.

    3. Thats how the job should be done, NOT shooting a static baloon with million dollar missile lol 🀣🀣🀣

  6. I just like the way he answered the provocation of nuclear weapons from North Korea. The U.S not afraid of making such statements.

    1. @John Rogers then NK must do the right thing. No one want that to happen. And for ur information, he did not said end of NK, but end of the “regime”

  7. There are rumors that the SU-27 pilot opened the canopy of his fighter and threw a shovel at the Reaper hitting its propeller. Shortly afterwards the drone fell into the sea.

  8. You can’t believe anything these people say anymore. They can’t even answer a question without β€œreferring” you somewhere else.

  9. I pray he is just dodging the questions for security and not as ignorant as his answers imply he is.

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