Hear Ivanka Trump’s reaction to her father’s indictment

Ivanka Trump – who has remained largely silent in political matters concerning her father in the fallout of the 2020 election – reacted in an Instagram post to the former president’s indictment by a Manhattan grand jury. #CNN #News


  1. Who says crime doesn’t pay? The fact that people will continue to send him money is indicative of just how deeply sick our society is at this moment in time.

    1. ​@Rick Bowdich yeah, funny how when you’re criming they gonna come after you. Doesn’t matter who you are. FAFO.

  2. Trump raising money? Isn’t he the one who claimed _”I’m self-funding my own campaign. It’s my money.”_

    1. @Steve Tyeah, how come the poor people giving him money has not figured that out- remember Dump said “I’m really rich”. Giving a rich man money – doesn’t make sense

    2. @G G How did it turn out? It’s ongoing now, but so far in the US 1.55 million dead and globally 6.83 million from Covid-45.

  3. If the police put Trump in the a police vehicle I hope they remember he said “Don’t worry about people in custody hitting their heads on squad cars.”

  4. Even she didnt declare his innocence, or the unfairness of Bragg, or her undying support…she’s just pained LOL!

    1. The reason for the difference between Ivanka’s reaction and that of her brothers Eric and Don Jr. is that she knows the true love of her father — a love that made the rest of us all cringe in disgust when he told us about it on live TV — whereas both of her brothers can do nothing more than long for it.

  5. The only thing a narcissist is afraid of: not being in control.
    Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱.

  6. “My juror, I call him my juror, came to me with tears in his eyes and said ‘Sir’, he called me Sir, ‘You’ve suffered greatly from bone spurs and the fake news media’, …so true… ‘we’ve never seen someone so innocent been treated so badly in front of every man, woman, camera TV.’ This guy, this really big guy, ….tough guy….cried and cried for your favorite President.” 😢😢😢😢😢

    1. @Ivor Biggar-Johnson it’s SPAM? Spam is unwanted, this has 1000+ likes. It’s clearly much valued COMEDY. Unlike you’re pointless “contributions”.

    2. @breadnbuns I do not want criminal love. I want criminal justice. To me the dump is lower than a snakes belly

  7. His limits and sense of well-being and comfort or NOT will always include the fact that he is an indicted man who may lose his freedom and could eventually spend time in jail. If he can smile through all of that only time will tell. Alvin Bragg did a huge service to America.

    1. @wilzon Saeed Exactly! Hunter, that dregg on society needs to be indicted for the laptop scandal, the dope smoking, the paint-by-numbers paintings peddling, the Ukrainian money grab, etc. etc. In my opinion! Thought no one was above the law??????

  8. Trump. ‘I want to see Biden in jail’
    Biden ‘Why would I go visit Trump’
    The old ones are the best.

  9. If this was a poor person, the judge would say, “Swear out a warrant for his arrest and waive bale. Next case.” I’ve heard it a hundred times.

  10. “I say this to my republican colleagues— there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.”- -Liz Cheney.

    1. @Burmese Python I’ve listened to everything he’s said and this is NOT even representative!! You’ve been lied to.

  11. I think he jumped in early on the campaign because he knew this was coming and knew he could grift from this.

  12. “Sources tell us he does not want to be arrested” has got to be one of the dumbest lines a reporter/anchor was ever made to say

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