1. As a dem I would 100% vote for Adam is he was an independent. His own party threw him away so he should go it alone or maybe with Liz C but unlike Liz Adam has always been a good guy. Even when he supported Trump he was kind and sane.
    He is the future of the republican party…or he should be.
    He needs to run for something so we can support him. If he became a democrat I would vote without any hesitation.

    1. Idc if he runs as a potato he’s getting my vote! I know this opinion ain’t popular but to me the number one most important thing is that they are a good and decent human. As long as they are good, the policy will work itself out is the way I see it. And he is a good guy you can just tell.

    2. Pttt, just because you do your job 1 time, doesn’t mean anyone should look up to you, or respect your crazy beliefs. Kinzinger and Cheney voted against reproductive rights, and sided with everything drumpf did to the country until Jan 6th, everything else was just fine. I’d never vote for him over a real left winger.

    3. @Jean Cat Newsflash for you. Sanders isn’t even close to being independent, he is a communist plain and simple.

    4. @Tony Stankard oh you can just tell, it’s that easy. No need for any evidence of that because you have confirmed it to us all….🤦‍♂️

    5. That’s what makes them so f ing stupid I already said Adam is 100 all American that dude should be the face of that party young guy. No they rather follow a 70 plus year old lier / big time loser.

  2. This man is an actual and authentic embodiment of an American patriot – serves in Congress, serves in the armed forces, and went up against Donald Trump’s violent insurrection. My hat is off to him. Nothing but respect.

    1. They only speak this way when they aren’t running again. Most of the rest feel the same. Just no courage to tank your own career.

    2. @B.C. Fortenberry you are part of the problem and any one that 👍 up it. The country is split. We all need to come together. Period.

  3. Kinzinger…Such a true and honest guy with love and decency and putting our country over party. That’s how it should be! I am in awe of him.

  4. Following the footsteps of John Behner awaits Kevin McCarthy trying to reign in his party. A true class act Adam Kenzinger will be greatly missed.

    1. Pttt, just because you do your job 1 time, doesn’t mean anyone should look up to you, or respect your crazy beliefs. Kinzinger and Cheney voted against reproductive rights, and sided with everything drumpf did to the country until Jan 6th, everything else was just fine.

  5. Cheney and Adam both put country over party and trump . These are the type of people I appreciate in politics, even though I differ on some items

    1. Why don’t you congratulation him for being a member of the January 6th commission and follows the constitution instead of saying I don’t believe in his policies?

  6. Kinzinger makes excellent points – Democrats really need to listen. Props to Elanine Luria for standing up for democracy! THANK YOU!!!

  7. As a Democrat, I hardly ever agree with Kinziger’s votes on legislation in Congress. But I respect him as a man of integrity. He respects the rules of our democratic institutions. He understands that when you lose an election, you don’t cry about it and stir up an insurrection with a bunch of lies. The GOP needs more people with his level of conviction.

    1. Actually the Republicans didn’t have that bad of a night let’s face it they won back the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi will no longer be speaker Florida is no longer a battleground state or a purple state because Desantis and Rubio won in a cakewalk landslide. Beto O’dork and Stacey Abrams both lost by sizeable margins Also Nevada kind of flipped and a Republican may win the Senate seat there and a republican won the governorship and still the Republicans have a chance of taking the Senate if Herschel Walker can squeak out an election runoff victory in December. JD Vance won in Ohio basically proving Ohio is no longer in play for democrats in midterms or presidential elections as Trump won it both times. Republicans gained house seats in solid blue New York in a shocking flip. Lee Zeldin came within four percentage points of winning the governorship in again solid blue New York. So let’s not pretend like the Democrats had a great night because they didn’t they didn’t gain any seats in the Senate they just held onto it possibly but the verdict is still out on that

    2. He was one of the few that called out the attack on Paul Pelosi, which is a low but highly common sense thing to do. So while I don’t agree with his policy ideas, he seems to be someone that at least live up to his conservative values.

    3. @Robert and Holly Scorpio fan send trump money, he will need lots, will be spending lots of his time in court. Coming soon.

    4. @JaKub And you oompa looma jakub-adub will also be crying your eyes out the night the MAGA-KING returns to the white house.

  8. Kinzinger’s an old school Republican. This Democrat still has tremendous respect for Republicans like Eisenhower, George & Barbara Bush, Gerald Ford. These were great Republicans!

  9. Rep. Adam Kinzinger is a truly remarkable politician and I hope and pray he stays with politics for the people of the USA.
    Thank you for your impeccable service 💐

    1. One of the Only Few True Republicans Left. Indeed May God Watch over him, as he speaks truth ,when So many Republicans live in lies , and tells lies ,,, And those lies will Never make it to Heaven . I just really feel sad for the MAGA Cult that lives in lies , They too will not be Accepted at the Pearly gates 🙁 And they do not care , They sold their souls willingly

  10. The guy speaks truth, tremendous courage, you know he risks his life saying this.
    As my boyhood hero Zorro said “Better to stand alone with the truth, than a room full of liars”.

  11. I’m an Independent registered voter who voted Democrat across the board yesterday because of how off the rails the Republican party has been. If Adam Kinziger ran for Presidential office, I would really consider voting for him. I am pro-American before I am pro any 1 party.

    1. Thank you, and thank you for saying so. You give me hope because unfortunately, I don’t see many comments like this- actually- I’ve seen maybe 3 in 2 years. We seem to be stuck with the 2 party system, and if this is the case the country needs 2 healthy opposing parties focusing on actual issues- nuts and bolts to focus on improving the lives of the citizens that live in the country.

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