1. @Linda Gibbs Ma’am ,,Representatives Must do 2 full 2 yr terms plus 1 yr of a third to get Federal benefits. Dont worry. He wknt get re-elected Nor get any pension, benefits.

    2. You don’t think he meant it do you? A serial liar making a promise and you expect him to keep it?!? 😂

  1. Santos would speak with his constituents but not in person! he would write them instead… LOL He’s the new face of SHAMELESS…

    1. demand he resign? they should demand he be arrested. the last i heard fraud and misrepresentaion are still crimes in this country. i’m so tired of the DOJ not doing its damned job and enforcing american laws.

    2. @Madison Gittens Devil is in the details.
      Say the statue says you must be remanded if you have a previous felony conviction, or 2 or more misdemeanors in the last 10 years, and are charged with a felony.
      Police slam you in a cell, and advise you that they have a strong case against you, and make up a bunch of documents, and cops pretending to be eye witnesses.
      But, they are busy, courts are backed up – if you plead to the felony, the DA will recommend you be sentenced to the 2 days they’ve had you locked up, with the rest of the sentence suspended.
      You jump on this good deal, plead guilty and the judge tells you you’re free to go.
      As you exit the courtroom, two cops slam you against the wall, read you your rights and haul you back to jail, on a 2nd indictment they didn’t bother to mentioned.
      At your arraignment, the judge notes you just pled guilty to a felony and tells you his hands are tied – remanded for trial.
      Cops now have all the time they want to build/manufacture a case that will send you to prison for 30 years.

      Repeat offender statutes can be well written and reasonable, or they can be written with the intent of incarcerating people without trial until they can prove their innocence, or they can just be sloppily written.

      If they take discretion away from judges who would normally be a check on abuse – they are bad.

    3. @Francis Hurley a law for citizenship says that if a migrant has committed crime in another country that would warrant 5 years or more in prison, that migrant cannot become a citizen of the US and must be deported back to where they came from.
      In that case Santos cannot be a citizen of USA because of crimes he did in Brazil. Thus he cannot be a government official.

  2. If you lied this much to get any other job, once you were found out, you would immediately be fired. The fact that he remains on the job just proves that our government is broken.

    1. @c. j. macqI think on Friday one of the people he claimed donated to his campaign on federal filings said they never donated to his campaign at all. So on top of ongoing investigations they now have at least one witness for his fraudulent campaign shenanigans. He’s going down.

    2. McDonald’s does a background check and you are Fired immediately ,
      I guess McDonald’s is more important than Government !

  3. Wouldn’t you think Republican voters would see this as the embodiment of how the party lies to them daily

    1. It’s amazing how Potato Joe has verifiably lied many times, yet no words about that 🤣🤣 y’all MASSIVE hypocrites.

    2. @Honky King If Trump was still the president, Putin would have had all of Ukraine months ago and you would probably be happy with that

    1. I’d love to know what he does in that office. Does McCarthy give him homework or something? He’s not visiting his constituency, he’s not talking to his constituents and he “stepped down” from the committees. Oh wait, maybe he’s writing a new resume!!

  4. Santos lied about talking with them? No way. I can’t believe it. He’s always been so honest.

    1. @jason fuchs I believe the trope with politicians is lying about what campaign promises they’ll keep.
      Not lying about every single facet of their existence to the point where if they were Pinnochio their nose would wrap around the world multiple times.

  5. I only hope this educates voters to truly know who they are voting for. I have even learned to be more cautious by this.

    1. @Ronnie None ya business When you get only 2 choices and the 2 choices you get are both the same thing, your vote is meaningless anyway. I mean Donald Trump or Joe Biden. This is the best America has. LOL.

    2. @smokingthereefer92: People who don’t vote are the entire reason this idiot is in Congress. Apathy is also a major side effect of smoking too much pot, btw.

    3. @Brett Sears: You probably don’t know it but there were 100 people running for President in the last election but you decided there were only 2. Perhaps lack of education is the actual problem in America?

    4. @Ray Ray It doesn’t matter about the primaries. There is only a couple of people who have a shot. Then they only select 2 that have any chance of winning. Do you really think you get to choose who they are? It is a rigged system. Have you ever noticed that no matter who is the POTUS and who runs the Senate and House of Reps. they always approve the budget. LOL. you have to be an idiot to think there is any difference between them all.

    5. No, nobody is learning a thing. These are the same people who would vote for Putin on a ballot before a Democrat. There’s no hope and Santos is the result

  6. The man is truly crazy on several levels. Whatever he does or says in the future shouldn’t even make it to the news……Unless he tells the truth about something.

    1. Or the best part assuming that you believe that there are some Republican voters who are ashamed by all of this and maybe change will come. Probably not but I have not lost all hope.

  7. He will be prosecuted criminally on multiple counts, possibly unrelated to each other. Just give it some time.

    1. In the meantime, he is on salary and getting benefits, why is that okay but Americans slam welfare recepients?

    1. The first responders are busy burning down NYPD evidence warehouses and hacking victims accounts and murdering witnesses to trafficking.

  8. In a civilised country with values, respect for law and order, decency and moral values, the party would have thrown him out and his seat put up for re-election. But this is the GOP and America…

    1. No. We are far past that point. Americans fell for the “violence is never the answer” bullshit so now they think they get their way with their voice. Which obviously isn’t true. This country was neutered years ago. There are no balls left in America. Every relationship in America today is a woman/woman relationship. No balls included.

    2. @EL BA99ALI HOUDA Please stop. I’m reporting everyone of these I see including from your partner. “You” probably are not even human.

  9. “Of course! Why wouldn’t I talk to them?!” As he hides in his office and won’t talk to them.😂

  10. I know this is a small act of civil engagement but it renews my faith, to a degree, in this country’s citizens and our political process.

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