1. I dont think we will ever know what they find in the gondola. If they ever find and retrieve it intact. My guess is that it has a self destruct.

  2. So how many times have they done this ? Now what happens. ? I Wonder were it was launched from. Return the favor.

  3. I’ve noticed that news sources have been screaming about a second balloon being seeing over Latin America… where? Can you please link me a source, one with an image because so far I haven’t seen a single picture of it yet

  4. Distraction again: I am sure that they took surveillance photos before they shot it down. No one has asked for the pilots film perspective of the balloons hardware?.. Seeing something intact is better than scraps.

  5. _”Hi. Can you shut off your motor please? Thanks. I’m just doing a courtesy Life Preserver check, to make sure you have one for every individual on board…”_
    Sorry… Was just the first thing that came to mind after seeing like 10 people in that small boat! lmao

  6. Once military missed it, smarter to land in H2O. “We’re going to make your cheeps, our cheeps”.😊

  7. The thumbnail YouTube put with this video said “US Navy released images of suspect…” with the reporters picture.
    It made me laugh.

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