1. Fox should put a disclaimer in the beginning, middle, and end with the same excuse they use in court, which is something like “anyone in their right mind shouldn’t believe any of the crap this person is saying.”

    1. @FranklinRachel Maddow doesn’t lie. She has never been sued for her pieces for defamation in court. She has never had to use the defense “you’re honor, no reasonable person would believe this”, which has been Fox’s defense every single time. So I’m not calling Fox viewers dumb, they are.

    2. It’d have all the impact of a “Causes Cancer” sticker on the side of a pack of cigarettes. The whitetrash want to be lied to. They crave it. They need to hate.

  2. Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch are just starting to realise that the scam is over and that justice is about to round them up.

    1. @CHRIS PERELL =🤡
      Biden has LITERALLY killed more people with Covid than Trump did.

    2. I hope ppl aren’t mislead into thinking the octogenarian, multi billionaire did this just for money. His channel is so pro Putin that Russian media refer to it. What position would Murdoch have held if pro Putin trump had succeeded in his attempt at dictatorship?

  3. from BBC, the son with scruples: “James Murdoch, the younger son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has resigned from the board of News Corporation citing “disagreements over editorial content”. In a filing to US regulators, he said he also disagreed with some “strategic decisions” made by the company.”

  4. I hope Fox goes down and the resultant many lawsuits against all rightwing media and their lies, changes the media laws in America. God knows we need to put back in accountability in so many areas.

  5. And thats the crowd Chris Licht wants to pander to. An audience that demands to be lied to or else they will leave. Nice job Chris.

    1. If Dominion do not win their requested settlement, then I would be looking very closely at the judge in that court. We already have a deeply corrupted Supreme Court (SCOTUS), if this judge is also as closely bonded to the fascist far right like the SCOTUS clearly currently is, then we are living in very dark times for our democracy.

  6. It would seem to me that “respecting” the viewers would be to err on the side of “they can handle the truth,” rather than “we have to tell those idiots what they want to hear because they can’t handle the truth.”

    1. They created the mob stage of fascism, so it is too late. Once the huge obvious lie is believed, the mob will forfeit anything that does not promote the cause. The lie is always big. It is always obvious.

    2. The idiots are the ones that claim fox lies but then can’t name a lie. You’re a perfect example. 😉

    3. @Kiss My Axe We need to start fighting for each other instead of against each other. Norfolk Southern is to blame for the chemical bomb. The state and federal governments are to blame for allowing corporations to do anything and everything they want. The voters are to blame for not paying attention to what our elected officials are doing and voting them out of office when they act against our interests.

      In Florida’s 14th District Court there was a case that Fox won years ago (early 2000s ?) They won by saying because they were entertainment not news, they were allowed to lie and mislead viewers. That was their actual defense that won the case. The judge agreed they were not news so were allowed to lie. There was a defamation case against Tucker which he won by using the defense that no reasonable person would believe his show was anything but entertainment and no one could take anything he said seriously, therefore, he could not defame anyone. The judge agreed. For further examples from Fox themselves please check any of the text evidence or Rupert Murdoch’s or Sean Hannity’s sworn testimony in the Dominion case.
      Millions were fooled. They should be angry.
      I knew about the Florida Fox cases (there were a few) so rarely watched Fox. I don’t watch mainstream news except for topics to research. I’ve been doing that well before this new “the sky is falling” media 💩.

  7. “This will be part of Rupert Murdoch’s legacy”…….that would have been a great moment to remind everyone of the phone hacking scandal in the UK.

    1. I’ve tried being a true friend to friends and fam, and to this day, some still believe this BS, as of the Fox News leak of txts & emails, even now they say It wasn’t because of the fox or social media they just believed it from the get go. Most are 70-80+. If it wasn’t media where did they hear or get the idea? Well they have gone through a lot of elections and there is always questions, but their not permanently scared for live from those.

    1. I wonder what the real reason he left Fox was. I can, however, believe that there are people who actually *do* report news at Fox. They don’t get much attention.

    2. ​@Spinecat yes. But i think rump was too much for him. He drove him out of the Republican party. As he has done to several long time R’s.

  8. Tucker Carlson having to decide between the 1st amendment and the 5th amendment must keep him up at night.

  9. FCC needs to pull Fox licenses. There is no Warranty Of Merchantability that can allow Fox to operate as an entity after this trial.

    1. Fox affiliates are not *owned* by Fox. There are many Fox affiliates that broadcast real news and not lies. I have friends who have worked for Fox affiliates whose integrity I trust.

    2. In that case, there won’t be no opposition and the US becomes no different than China. what Biden says everyone agrees,

  10. In my opinion, this is not just about Fox News, it’s about the viewers. For some of these viewers, you simply can’t tell them the truth. They prefer the lie because they feel better with the lie.

    1. Would you give your audience poison cos they asked for it. This is a weak defense from a community charged with presenting the facts from a moral standpoint!

    2. @DELE OTIS Because that is the agenda to begin with. It is to keep them voting against their best interests. It is to exploit them. It has always been about exploitation.

    3. The American culture of consumerism is visible in how businesses meet ‘demands’, polling and elections fulfill ‘preferences’. I’m struggling to understand how to communicate to this public about limits and constraints. And not just social norms or public regulation, but physics, chemistry and biology. Hard limits with cause and effect consequences that cannot be wished away. There is no one who tells these people ‘no’, and many say it cannot be done – that limits on speech or behaviour would never be accepted. So, when many Americans sense a hard boundary, they assume it is a conspiracy and arm themselves. The irrationality boggles the mind. But the point is, structure makes agency possible. So, without responsibility, freedom is meaningless and fleeting.

    4. @Jill Featherman Except that no one thought CNN is telling the truth but there is at least not a piece of evidence yet that regarding the election, CNN knew it was not stolen, admitted that internally but went on air to tell their viewers otherwise. Hillary lost the election in 2016, CNN didn’t say Hillary won. She may have won the popular vote but she lost the Electoral Count, which decides the winner of our presidential elections. So, try another shot with your response Jill Featherman. I hope that’s your name, if you are not trying to marsh up identities 🤭

  11. Huge fines are a start, but why not demand full apologies and explanations being broadcast on Fox. With a little proviso… They must, of course, spend exactly the same amount of screen time, at the same prime times and over the same duration, saying sorry, as was spent to spread the lies…

  12. If Fox loses the law suit, I think the jury should recommend, in addition to the monetary compensation, that all the Fox show hosts should admit on air, every day for a period of two years, that they lied and there was never any election fraud (other than the few committed by Trumpers that were caught).

    1. Point of trivia: Fox News doesn’t HAVE a “broadcast license.” It’s a cable and satellite channel. Fox affiliates are owned by lots of different companies, and what they put on air varies from station to station. There’s at least one station in Florida that won a lawsuit saying it could make news up. On the other hand, I know folks who work at Fox affiliates in the News Department who would never make stuff up (these are all folks I’ve worked with).

    2. It’s a ground wish that this case would cost Fox news it’s license. If the system can’t indict Trump in view of all the evidences, why should Fox News license be revoked?

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