Hear what a psychologist thinks about Santos’ behavior

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is facing growing calls to resign over his many lies. Psychologist Christian Hart speaks to CNN's Eva McKend on Rep. Santos' behavior. #CNN #News


    1. Santos has been dealing with this kind of discrimination since he was marching in the Civil Rights protests 🙄

  1. Kevin McCarthy said he’s all about integrity. I want to know what his definition of integrity is if he thinks George Santos is fit to serve. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    1. McCarthy is all about his getting into power which he did, and him staying in power no matter the cost to the country. He’s dangerous. Letting Santos get classified briefings is reckless and doesn’t make any sense. He could keep Santos in Congress on a short leash in order to hold onto that seat without giving Santos any committee assignments. I don’t get how McCarthy benefits from putting Santos on Committees unless Santos has threatened him in some way or unless McCarthy somehow benefits in some way from having him on committees. This is weird.

      Santos on his own will never resign on his own (unless the mob were to threaten him, lol) and will stay right where he is raking in his Congress paycheck for the next two years (until his term ends) unless he’s forced to quit. I think the biggest concern should be how much of a security risk he could be and whether he would pass on anything he learns to bad actors willing to pay him a lot of money to get hold of that info. McCarthy apparently is willing to not only risk it, but increase the risk of Santos betraying this country by putting him on these committees. Again, this is unfathomable.

    2. Kevin is a Trump fellator. He lives to fluff the Trump. He is totally without value and an example of this fail forward society we now live in where the least qualified are always defrauding the system to get pay raises they don’t deserve.

  2. You don’t need to hear from a psychologist about Santos at this point, but I would like to hear from a specialist on how McCarthy is able to stand, walk, and talk to reporters without a spine.

    1. America is drowning in its own bullsh*t. We have to transfer this Santos thing to an “ethics committee” for them to determine if Santos did anything?? Are you ****ing kidding me?? McCarthy is basically spineless & he’s got no balls either lol!!

    1. @K B The Republican party elected him and retains him because they are a party of liars and criminal fraudsters. Republicans have no remorse and always blame their victims for their crimes. K B is a perfect example of Republicans unwilling to ever take responsibility for their own! Do nothing useless grifter bums hopelessly dragging down society for their delusions of sky people and their almighty sky father made in their image.

    2. All these fools pitted against each other over which party they’ve chosen. This is about a divisive as it can get. Puppet masters at the upper echelon are laughing at the animosity they’ve created simply by using the media outlets to turn people against one another. It’ll all be for nothing when the Americans can’t unite and your great grandchildren are ruled by their oppressive supreme leader and speaking Chinese.

    3. @T13 🤣Are we projecting that you all have a gay drag queen immigrant from Brazil stealing valor and fabricating his credentials to infiltrate our congress?

      Are we projecting that Republicans purposed a plan to install a federal 30% sale tax in order to close down the Financial Policing Agency known as the IRS because Donald Trump is a habitual tax dodger?

  3. The heckling and disrespect is just another example of how 45 has brought folks down to his level, and allow them to be racist and ignorant.

    1. @David Kirk Joe Wilson, I think is his name. Reprehensible. But that was one person, he apologized afterward, and he was censured. This is now commonplace for them to act like wild animals, and no one is going to be punished for this behavior.

    2. Yep. When easily manipulated people saw Trump behaving like a juvenile, they think it’s ok for them to do the same, or worse. Monkey see, monkey do!

    3. @TurboFreak
      criminaly coup against your vote?

      what have you been smoking?
      can i have some?
      because that has to be real good stuff to become detached from reality in the way you are…..

    1. @Harold Moore 👈. No. I’ve had the from a Cajun restaurant but never cooked them myself. They’re good!! Is it hard?

      I have used their tails for bait though lol

    2. @M Hall no, it’s not hard. You always want to rinse them off with cold water in a cooler until the water becomes clear. Next you want to put your wet ingredients into a large pot white a strainer. That’s onion garlic (lots) celery jalapeños and Serrano along with you potatoes. You are going to boil this with your dry seasonings for 30 minutes. Garlic powder onion powder black pepper cayenne pepper whatever crab boil you use plus liquid crab boil. Also pour a half gallon orange juice lemon juice and the rest water. You add your corn and sausage 15 minutes before you take it out. Crawfish only take seven minutes to cook but the you have to let them soak for 25-30 minutes or until the sink. I was rush when I wrote this but try it and let me know if you try it.

    3. @Harold Moore 👈. Cool thank you. I just screen shot this to save for when I make it home for and have time. Sounds great.

    4. @M Hall yeah bro. That’s the recipe for competition style crawfish and you can even use the same boil for crab and shrimp.

    5. I think your right on, but don’t forget McCarthy put him on that committee so what does that tell you about McCarthy?

  4. Santos: “my grandfather was the Dr. who diagnosed Trump’s bone spurs in the 60’s. My Dad was the photographer who took the photo’s of Trump’s sons posing with the elephant & endangered long horn sheep they shot. My uncle was the accountant who did Trump’s taxes so he could pay little to no taxes” . Yah, Santos picked the correct party to represent.

    1. Are your grandfather helped Trump cheat on his taxes and your bragging about it GTFO

    2. His great-grandfather invented gravity, and his great-grandmother invented the sun and struck the match to fire it up.

    1. Wow what a motivation you are! You honestly are lucky that only the weak-minded are in need of motivation. They are the only ones I know of that will respond to regurgitated quotes

  5. Wow…and he didn’t even answer the question of whether or not the GOP’s behavior was appropriate! A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would have done it! Thanks, Erin🙄

    1. The entire GQP doesn’t have a single spine between them. They’re all cowards, as incapable of honesty as they leadership.

    1. @Some Guy republican love him they can have story time with a crosser dresser now at mir a lardo.

    2. @happygrandma Look at everything he stands for and lies about. He’s clearly a Liberal parading as a Republican.

  6. Most of us have no medical background but we can clearly see that Santos has a serious problem. I know I’d never trust him with ANYTHING.

    1. Deborah Wade * Your correct, I can’t imagine anyone including his living mother (he said died in 9/11 destruction of the towers) would trust him or who would want to associate with him.

  7. Kevin McCarthy is more to blame for this Santos fiasco than Santos. For openly allowing this to go on he is far more than complicit. Allowing security clearance? Yikes!

    1. @William Royer What’s your point? That’s the ONLY thing he hasn’t lied about. Btw, what’s a lilt?

  8. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but when they started re-capping, in his own voice, the lies he’s spoken, along with the FALSE stamp, it had me in stitches 🤣.

    1. They should have kept it going for 10 more minutes. Plenty of material! (Knee replacements, drag, Baruch, Goldman, etc).

  9. I have a sister who came out of the womb lying. Small stupid lies, slanderous lies, grand fantastical lies, etc. She is a trouble making, toxic person who I refuse to have any contact with. It’s been 25yrs since. I wish I could’ve have done it sooner–like at birth.

    1. @Lee Bel Look As a Conservative we are automatically Christians by default. If Jesus was alive today he would be a Republican because we care about the poor by cutting taxes, allow freedom and being pro life. Santos is a sinner but we Republicans believe in Forgiveness and second chances. Santos has learned his lesson and he will do Great Things for his district. We need that Republican Seat for us to Make America Right Again under the Leader Pres. Trump!!

    2. Sometimes it just has to be that way — I have not seen my sister since 2002. And not at all unhappy nor do I feel guilty in any way.

    3. @Ann Smith Ann, sometimes it just has to be additional through subtraction. I use to feel guilty about disaccoiating with my family. I don’t anymore. I am better off with out them and I am sure they feel the same way about me. Lol. Both sides feel like the hero. Lol

    4. @jacqueline schael I know, right. There is no law on the books that says we have to deal with such people because they are family. Once again, I am as flawed as the next person. However, when you willfully, viciously, maliciously, heartlessly, try to wound others to lift yourself up, that is where I draw the line. Santos and my worthless sister hurt many people along the way with their seemingly random, outlandish, purposeless lies.

  10. I have never been a huge fan of Romney’s political views but he always stands up for what he believes in and he may be the only one in the Republican party that does.

    1. The Republican party stands for the Russians who keep them in power and the people ignorant, armed and praying to imaginary people in the sky to save them from themselves.

  11. We don’t know who his donors are. They could be a foreign power who funded him in exchange for secret info. This situation is insane.

    1. Exactly. The gall and audacity of the man. He is making a mockery of the political process. They need to drag him out of the House because he is dangerous. His agenda is not credible.

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