Video shows Ukrainians using US weapons to strike Russian forces

New video obtained by CNN shows the Ukrainian military using a precise US artillery shell called the "Excalibur" to strike Russian forces. Then, CNN's Fred Pleitgen discusses Russia's global warning if the UK gives Ukraine fighter jets to support their war effort. #CNN #News


  1. My uncle did some government work over in Russia a while back and said everyone he interacted with was incredibly incompetent and barely knew what was going on.

    1. They are the same “ stupid “ Russians who kicked Germany’s arse in WW2. ………. I have been taught to hate Russians since my birth in the late 1940s. Hard to find a Hollywood movie that doesn’t portray Russia as the enemy. Reminds me of Germany and the Jews. Go USA, go Joe . Sock it to them.

    2. @Kitty Cat Why the meaning we find is that Putin’s War will close the casket on Russian imperialism for two generations after Putin is too dead to pay you.
      Here’s your fifteen rubles. Don’t spend it all in one place unless you’re completely out of CAXAP.

    1. @masakiton guba – we didn’t just supply money and weapons. We were there. Russia has already lost more than 10 times the soldiers in less than a year that the US lost in the entire Afghanistan war of 20 years. 😂

    2. @KD “For 20 years the Taliban lived like rats. We left when we were ready to leave. ”
      fighters living like rats killing soldiers from a well funded and well equipped US milirary (^_^)
      even during the “tactical withdrawal” well funded US soldiers were still dying (^_^)

    3. @masakiton guba – lol, we lost very few compared to Russia. But then Russia sends their untrained soldiers and inmates to war as cannon fodder. US lost 2456 soldiers over 20 years. 😂 Russia has lost tens of thousands in less than a year…..and there is more to come. 243,000 Taliban and Afghans lost their lives over that 20 year period.

  2. Pain and suffing to Putin and his war crimes military 10 Fold. Peace and healing to strong United Ukraine 1000 Fold.

  3. I will be honest I am grateful for everything we can do for Ukraine , I am more grateful for our allies to understand why we are supporting Ukraine .. may god bless and protect Ukraine and it’s people… believe me president zelenskky is your great president ! Ukraine army and ukrainans.. I take this as thanks because they are first people show great thanks unlike others …

    1. more US tax payer money $$$$$$$$ going to Ukraine to defend their territory and make some officials happy ($_$)

    1. @Dustin Heath The money will go back to the gov’t, not the tax payer. Don’t kid yourself. That being said I’m more then happy to continue to allow part of my taxes to support the efforts in Ukraine.

  4. I sincerely hope that the reporting in this piece is accurate. We deserve nothing less from the Western media. The supply of aircraft from Britain is far from certain, and this is not the time for propaganda on any level, as events in Europe could be reaching a critical stage. I wish Ukraine all the very best of luck.

    1. If Zelensky just put them on the spot by asking for these fighter jets. These politicians just can’t respond with “no your not getting our fighter jets”, they have to play the diplomatic game and promise something, even in reality no jets are sent.

    2. more US tax payer money $$$$$$$$ going to Ukraine to defend their territory and make some officials happy ($_$)

    3. Ukrainian here. I have a lot of questions to CNN, especially after all the reporting throughout BLM riots and Covid, but they are very accurate on Ukraine coverage.

  5. I love the way NATO, isn’t in the equation, but every European country, stands alone, and in support of Ukraine, except for Russia’s bed friend Belarus.

  6. thank you brave Ukrainian freedom fighters. the free world is with you. your sacrifices will not be forgotten.

    1. more US tax payer money $$$$$$$$ going to Ukraine to defend their territory and make some officials happy ($_$)

      RUSSIAN BUILD UP near Ukraine…
      Soldiers………………………. 500,000
      Armored vehicles……………….3,950
      Rocket launchers…………………..810
      Fighter jets……………………………400
      *God Help us All*

  7. I’m not a Fan of Joe Biden, but I have to give him Credit for doing the right thing by Supplying The Ukraine Military effort to Defend Ukrainian People and Land.

  8. His Speech was stirring and accurate, you should all watch and listen to it if you havent. I feel the Brits chose the venue deliberately for its ambience. Dont be surprised if we Brits do end up giving them Harriers, Typhoons, and Apaches as well as Lynx Helos. Not to mention transport platforms soon. We understand the need for air superiority in defense. We remember The Battle for Britain for generations after.

  9. I am glad and grateful that the support is coming a tad faster now…was a bit slow but the support has been there from day 1!!! A cautious and calculated approach!!!

  10. Is the United States prolonging this war by not giving Ukraine the military equipment that’s needed to end the war? Does the United States benefit from prolonging this war? We cannot use Ukraine as a buffer zone between NATO and Russia forever. Ukraine is fighting a war so that all us other countries don’t have to. Thanks Ukraine. Victory is Ukraines.

  11. God bless ukrane for fighting the world 3rd war in their own country alone I really hope all European countries know this that this fight today was supposed to be their future fight😢

  12. Thank you Ukraine 🇺🇦. Thank you to all the brave fighters for being our first line of defense against this evil. As an American I’m ready to stand by Ukraine and continue supporting everything your beautiful country is fighting for. It is more than just your land and loved ones your protecting, keep fighting strong. Godspeed my good friends 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. @Terah Ndlovu Afghanistan… oh, that place. The “Graveyard of Empires”. Funny you mention that as the Yanks did leave valuable military assets, as well as pallets of US currency (presuming the images supplied by the Taliban weren’t altered) behind.

      Undeniably a pretty unprofessional withdrawal and most experts seem to agree. However, I do believe the US is still called the United States. I do believe they still fly the Stars and Stripes and maintain their very anthem. They seem the same now as they did during their withdrawal. Interesting.

      Can we say the same about the Soviet Union after their “withdrawal”? The Soviet Union is indeed among those “empires” that this “graveyard” eventually sent to the grave (considered by scholars to be among the more prominent reasons for the dissolution of the Soviet Union).

      There’s a saying in Canada that perhaps you’ve heard of: “Those living in glass houses should not throw stones”. Afghanistan left a scar upon the reputation of the US whereas the same Afghanistan led to the destruction of the Soviets; an embarrassing loss of their anthem, substantial territory (all of Eastern Europe, essentially… now NATO members mostly) and their very name.

      You really should put that stone down.

    2. @Dan 😀keep deceiving yourself pal but the world knows that US is not as powerful as it always claims via their media platforms,all they do is talk n talk n talk trying to scare other Nations who don’t give a damn,bro Dan Chinese spy balloon was hovering over yo continent just few days ago😂old joe almost sht himself,the whole fuckn continent was shaken by-a fckn. Balloon 😂….do u know what Xi was doing by that time he was in his bedroom laughing at how a mighty US had to put so much effort n make so much noise over a balloon..n this was a sign that no country in the world is Afraid or respect the US anymore,why?…cuz yo country goes around the world making enemies

    3. @Terah Ndlovu Americans don’t always love wars, but we’ll always despise Russia and every other communist oppressive country.

    4. @Terah Ndlovu Well I can tell you as a person who actually lives on this continent that no one was shaking in their boots… we were simply wondering why the Yanks took so long to bring it as they had a radar lock on it before it even entered their airspace.

      It’s said they were concerned about collateral damage. Perhaps, who knows.

      As for no one respecting the US anymore, I can tell you that’s simply not so. Canada has great respect for the US as does much of the world.

      No offense, that does seem a bit like projection. I do believe it is Russia that has lost far more respect of the world than the US, due to this unfortunately invasion. I believe deep down you understand this to be true though it doesn’t sit well with you.
      None of that is your fault. Don’t worry about it. Russia will mend fences eventually.

      It’s a shame as the people of both Russia and the US (and the rest of the world) are good people, led by different governing bodies. Fear not my friend, most strife is due to ego. Fortunately, we are not designed to be saddled with ego forever. We all die and become the same. In the meantime, enjoy what you can and I’ll do the same mate.

    5. @Greg Detwiler and there is nothing u can do to them so yo hatred makes no sense oh by the way since Americans go around the world creating enemies by 2026 almost 80% of the world will be against Nato and the US…n guess what the last war that will be fought will be a nuclear war😂…and these countries u keep provoking and annoying n undermining keep on increasing their nuclear capabilities.

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