See how Rick Scott responded after Biden attacked his plan in speech

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) talks with CNN's Kaitlan Collins on the ongoing partisan battle over funding Medicare and Social Security following President Biden's annual State of the Union address. #CNN #News


  1. It is a pleasure to watch Kaitlin Collins’ crystal clear brain in action. She keeps track of everything that is on the table and no nonsense gets past her.

    1. @GreatWhiteBuckwheat You didn’t see the PBS interview today with Judy Woodruff???? She USED TO BE A REPORTER! It was pathetic how they cover for Biden. We are talking about NATIONAL SECURITY!

    2. #1 problems in u.s = shameless corrupt politicians,… worst than
      racism + gun + drugs

      politician = worst entitlement programs in u.s

    3. @LotsOfFun Oh. YOU are allowed to change your mind over time, but Biden is not? ln 1975 he was obviously more conservative minded, since then he has seen the error of his ways.

  2. What an amazing job Kaitlan does today; it shows that she and her support staff did the homework needed to keep Rick from bending the truth. I am continually amazed and impressed by her presence, professionalism, and intellect that exceeds others 20+ years more experience and age.

    1. @LotsOfFun LotsofStupidity……Biden wasn’t being interviewed. You have trouble keeping up, don’t you?

    2. @SummerGirl Biden NEVER gives interviews unless it’s with a friend who asks softball questions and no follow-up like today with Judy Woodruff of PBS!!! It was SIMPLY PATHETIC!!!! And the fact that no dem is interested in the truth is even more pathetic!

  3. Interviewing Rick Scott is like trying to explain to a child that keeps asking “why not” to someone pointing out that walking out the store without pay for something (shoplifting) is not the same as paying for something then walking out the store with it. 😵‍💫

  4. The only way to prevent Sen. Scott from cutting benefits is by voting against him during his bid for re-election and future offices.

    1. @Jerome Fitzroy I wouldn’t live there. I don’t want a governor who wants to be dictator lite! Has anybody bothered to read CRT other then law students in college? I’m pretty sure that forcing any child to read something so dry would be considered cruel and unusual punishment! Book bannings? It sounds like something the German Government, (1939) did when they were having their book burning parties. Let’s roast some kosher weinies over an open fire huh? All the Republican politicians in that state are either clowns or just lackies who rubber stamp in lock-step.

  5. Rick Scott wants to know every 5 years if Social Security is worth keeping??? Well he certainly is NOT worth keeping! Get rid of that clown! 🤬

    1. This dude should have been jailed for fraud before his political career. Only in Florida. DeSantis another one so called woke movement

    2. Good luck trying to retire knowing that your retirement will be on the chopping block and most definitely fiddled with every 5 years.

    3. @xiaoka exactly problem is those uneducated nitwits that belong to Trump don’t have the brains to figure that out.

  6. Funny to see Rick Scott get the media attention he wanted with his proposal and now realizing maybe he doesn’t want “too much” attention.

  7. Love the push back! Wish all journalist would hold our elected officials feet the fire when they become snakie and misrepresent what they have said or done. Kudos Kaitlyn, kudos!

  8. “Rick Scott is saying Democrats are committing Medicare robbery, when in fact he’s the ultimate Medicare thief. He lost the right to accuse Democrats of raiding Medicare when he oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history. Rick Scott’s company stole money that should have gone to health care for seniors,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp in the Feb. 25 2014 press release.

  9. Omg I’m a Conservative Republican, she cleaned Rick Scott’s clock. This reporter did her home work and asked the right questions . Hoping she treats all interviews with this new level of professionalism.

    1. @LotsOfFun she wasn’t interviewing Joe Biden. She was interviewing Rick Scott. Did you even watch the video?

    2. @zenlandzipline ???Yes! I am saying that Biden wanted to do the same. Even as Vice. What do you not understand? Seems the reporter didn’t do her homework.

    3. @LotsOfFun when Kaitlin interviews Biden, maybe she will ask him. But today, she was interviewing Rick Scott.
      If 500 other politicians pushed for the sunset, it doesn’t change the fact that Rick Scott pushed for it.
      She wasn’t interviewing 500 other politicians or even Joe Biden though. She was interviewing Rick Scott, and that’s why she questioned him about it.
      If she were interviewing Ted Bundy about his mass murders, would you be mad if she didn’t also bring up other mass murderers, like Charles Manson? “Well Ted, to be fair, Charles Manson was also a mass murderer, so…there’s that.”

    1. @SummerGirl I wasn’t sure why he yammered on about Tapper either. Tapper is just a cnn journalist. And not a good one. I heard NOTHING about lasers!!! You people love to stay ignorant!

    2. @LotsOfFun Yes, for decades he advocated cutting social security and nearly all federal spending. I’m unsure of when specifically that changed, but it was never part of his presidential platform and I don’t believe he ever called for that as VP. His current proposals call for expanding it and he ran on that, Rick Scott’s current proposals implicitly call for eliminating it. Are we debating existing positions and legislation or what politicians said and did decades ago? I’m not asking that to be facetious, I’m only asking what the goal is here.

    3. @Mobius Flammel Rick Scot’s proposal was a few months ago and he said nothing about eliminating it! He said to review it every 5 years because as it stands we will not be able to keep it going without Reviewing it from time to time. Meanwhile, Biden has wanted as Senator and as VP to dissolve it. That is a fact. My point is BIDEN IS A LYING CROOK and a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT WITH CHINA!

    4. @LotsOfFun again in 1975, he ran on expanding social security and Medicare and never wanted to get rid of any of those while VP. 🤦

    1. Fraud Scott’s plan called for “no government assistance unless you are disabled or aggressively seeking work,” and for all legislation to sunset after five years.

    1. She didn’t do her homework on Biden. Maybe it’s her age and she didn’t realize that he proposed it as well.

    2. @Anti-Democrat Leader less then those “I invented it”, but “I deny it”, but “the president did it, too”, but “it is a terrible idea, maybe we will do that in the future”. Compared to the TRump cultists even the KKK is a valuble option (and I know only a true Q-truther will agree…). 😁

    3. @LotsOfFun you are realy lots of fun: You believe 50 years ago Biden would try to kill Obama care? And that is why the GOP wants to kill Obama care – to help Biden? not much luck by using brain cells…

  10. I’ve liked and respected Kaitlin Collins since before she was promoted to Chief WH Correspondent, but she just keeps getting better and better. We need more interviews like this.

  11. _”I DIDN’T COMMIT MEDICARE FRAUD!!_ It was my company that did. That’s what Jake Tapper said!” ~Hysterical Rick Scott

  12. Can’t believe a word that comes out of Scott’s mouth. And lo and behold Kaitlan wiped the floor with him. Well done.

  13. Rick Scott got schooled by an intelligent 30 year old journalist. I’m excited to see how many more young adults we’ll have in the future of politics as a whole.

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