Retired lt. gen. breaks down latest on Chinese balloons

Sources tell CNN the US military failed to flag an early warning about the Chinese spy balloon as an urgent matter as it headed towards the United States. CNN Military Analyst Retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling joins Erin Burnett to explain the military protocol whenever the US military sees such a potential security threat.

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  1. 🎈I think the moral of the story is that, instead of waging war, the nations of the world would be much better off having balloon parties together.🎈

    1. @Red wave of ketchup It flew over Alaska which is 85 percent barren tundra they could have shot it down much sooner if the point wasn’t to make a show out of it

    2. @Prehistoric Postmodernist At least it was shot down, The orange idiot let 3 just fly by and did nothing

    3. They could have shot it down over the pacific at the Aleutian Islands. United States own them.
      biden is the worse president in history.

    4. According to the great German prophetess Nena , we are at phase 4 of the Balloon invasion right now:
      1. Neunundneunzig Luftballons
      2. Neunundneunzig DΓΌsenflieger
      3 Neunundneunzig Kriegsminister
      4. Streichholz und Benzinkanister
      5. Neunundneunzig Jahre Krieg

  2. Wondering if anyone has thought to explore a potential connection between these balloons and “the app”? Especially with the recent thwarted sttacks (tests) on power substations.

  3. Y’all trying real hard to convince is that Biden is so young and able but I’m telling you respectfully we are ready for another president

  4. I think there is a degree of missunderstanding here. The Chinese didn’t mean to say that it was a “weather” balloon, but rather a”whether” baloon – i.e. whether or not America has the capacity to defend itself against china.

    1. I agree . They like testing us and this balloon shows them what our current government will do and when. A test run.

    2. 🎈 🎈 🎈 🎈

      Balloons ahoy!! ☝️




      … πŸš€

      πŸ˜‚ I lost my job lol

    1. Biden stated that they’d destroy it if ol Vlad decided to move forward. But yeah, a definitive answer would be nice?! I think we know the answer. 😏

    1. Joe is a sniffer
      Jill is a kisser
      Hunter is a snorter
      Ashley inappropriately showers with daddy.

      The makings of a back woods country song right there.

  5. Back in 1998 Canadian CF-18 fighter jet pilots caught up with the balloon off the coast of Newfoundland and took aim, firing more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition at it. But the balloon survived the assault, soldiering on over the North Atlantic. So these kinds of things have happened before. I find it curious the citizen didn’t contact a fellow Meteorologist? This too shall pass.

  6. China and Russia might even be working together gathering information on military areas, lack of initiative has show weakness and by the time it was shot down they probably have everything they need. Huge disappointment

  7. I’m worried about what information the balloon can gather but what about the kind of nasty stuff that said balloon could spread over us. Jetstream could spread it all over the continent. Could be ugly

  8. That balloon went wherever it wanted to go, so I’m not buying that it was jammed. Personally, I would have jammed it with a missile over the Pacific.

  9. Bought public relations representatives / stenographers for the National Security State, Military Industrial complex and Neoliberal Oligarchy. Completely untrustworthy.

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