Why retired maj. general believes Russia is getting ‘routinely smashed’ by Ukraine

Retired Major General James "Spider" Marks explains to CNN's Erin Burnett why he believes Russia is in a "bad spot" and why he says Russia will be "routinely smashed" by Ukraine. #CNN #News


    1. FINLAND during WWII
      ” Why would Russia invade us ,we are a small country and we don’t have the room to bury them all !!”

    1. The Russians rolled out Nazi losses.
      The Americans lost 2.5 thousand soldiers and instructors,
      NATO lost 5 thousand soldiers,
      8.5 thousand mercenaries.
      180 thousand soldiers of the Ukrainian army
      these are only confirmed corpses
      Russian losses 1:20

  1. Stand with the peaceful and democratic country of Ukraine against the brutal and genocidal dictatorship of Putin Russia.

    1. You have forgotten the civil war and 8 years of the Ukrainian army killing its own citizens in the east of the country

  2. Seems like poor planning to start training Ukrainians in the use of more advanced equipment after it’s supply has been approved. That training could have started six months ago, or even been part of the training given after the Crimean invasion since the Canadian’s, who did a lot of that training with Operation UNIFIER, use Leopard II tanks). This nose-to-tail process is extremely primitive. I hope this approach doesn’t flow through to the post war re-building effort.

    If the way the Free World is supporting Ukraine is to become a repeatable model, then there’s a lot of bureaucratic barriers which need to be learned from.

    1. No one had a manual on this war! No one thought it would be going on after a year. So your comments make no sense.

    2. Your observation is to narrow compared to all the variables involved in a conflict like this one. Just from the top of my head some of the options could had been not to provoke and try to force a cease fire or peace talks. I read a rumor months ago that Ukrainians were been trained on the F16 Falcon and it happens to be true, even when officially we are not providing them the jets (as of now or publicly). The purpose could be to really increase the capabilities of the Ukrainians and/or to hint to Putin that things are escalating and mor modern hardware is on its way. There is a physical aspect to the conflict but the psychological is much more intense and complex with a back and forth between the two sides. It may seem like poor planning to you but a lot of the people involved have been doing this for a living and for many years. I will add more importantly that they have a lot more information than what we know.

  3. “I think exclusively I have a platform with CNN”…what does that mean? You can’t go to other networks getting the best price? Like the “non-disclosure” agreements Biden was talking about last night for “burger flippers”?

  4. I can imagine that if good fighter jets were transferred to Ukraine there may be a number of recently retired NATO pilots who could join the ukrainian air force and fly the jets

    1. @Jerome Louis you’re just a talker

      Here guys kill a thousand of russ a day and destroy five to ten russian tanks with the help of American Javelins for the transfer of which putin threatened the world with the nuclear war. Now we operate German Panzerhaubizer-2000 for which putin had threatened the world with the nuclear war….. etc
      Putin is just a showoff…. but as I can see you’ve caught the bait….

    2. @Jerome Louis Sorry but NO ! Its only a fact that russia claimed they felt threatened with NATO expansion !! Russia has never been in danger of an invasion from NATO !!!!!!!! This war started because Ukraine wanted to seek the EU/Ukraine association agreement, and Russia knew Ukraine would be “lost ” To EU and the west ! Russia needs other criminal states around them to better justify their own rule !!

    3. @Luise Kjeldsen If you think that the US will let Mexico or Cuba have Russians military bases and don’t do nothing then I think you need some history lesson on the Cuba missiles crisis. Same situation now. If you think some people are entitled to do what they want and others are not I would say that you are damn wrong. A powerful country like Russia has the right to say no like the US did during the missiles Crisis in Cuba.

    4. @Nikolay Vashenko At the end of the day Ukraine is losing more lands everyday. I don’t like propaganda but everywhere on YouTube you can see that Ukraine is losing territories it’s not from me man. Ukraine is losing more than humans They are losing their country and have already lost a lot of people way more than Russians. Because the civilians are getting killed everyday in crossed fire but you are not counting those people. It’s sad honestly. It is always better to negotiate.

    5. @Jerome Louis Really so you think we need to spread communistic rule all over he world like russia tries for 50 years ! Yo ucannot compare a regime rule with a democratic rule . Are you a bad person ? Do you like to step on others ? ‘thats what regime does to its people, try to speak up like you do here one yotube , about something the regime dont like and you will be either gone or put in prison, is that the kind of country you would like to live in ?

    1. @duncan smith Instead of dealing with your aggravated assertions and repetitious memes I will state two simple facts: 1. Putin started the war with his invasion and damaged his country from stupidity — his assessment had nothing to do with reality — else events would have taken a different course. 2. I don’t credit your judgment and sneer at your justifications: The raw facts are of violent aggression by your Great Leader. Your hero worship, whether real or purchased, has nothing to do with and will not effect the course of events.

    2. @Nenad Mitrovic as so are Russians in Donbass too, the minority.
      Hungary doesn’t want it because you didn’t offer it to them, nor are they a mighty ruthless Russia with a psycho leader.

      You are entirely missing the point. Virtually every country in Europe could make such claims of ownership over some parts of their neighbours. But it would mean endless mindless wars. It got to stop at one point, after thousands of years of bloody history of wars.

      And that is what Russia is now up to, again – bringing up this concept of “might is right” back in Europe again. Whether you hate America and NATO or not, you should condemn Russia for it, if any sanity left. Instead, you apparently go applauding it. Just see what that unchecked crazy nationalism and the obsession over the “greatness” has brought to ex Yugoslavia, murdering each others. Serbia attempted it too, this concept of “great Serbia” and ended up being bombed and eventually losing Kosovo too. You still want it back? But they are Albanians, not Serbs.

    3. @Nenad Mitrovic and just how could Zelinski stop the war in Donbass and Luhansk when it was Russia who controlled it?
      To Putin, people mean nothing. He will sucrifice the entire population of Donbass and Luhansk just to get his way. That is what he learned from his Soviet predecessors. If suiting to your sense of power, deport and kill tens upon tens of millions of your countryman. They just numbers anyway.

      Nobody knows for sure how many of his soldiers are already killed in this war, but it easily could be over 100k. Russia is not under attack, Ukraine is. But he doesnt care, he will throw more in to the meet grinder. At this point it is about his personal survival. Russia must win the bloody “special military operation” or he is done. So who cares if even millions of people eventually die so long so the power greedy psycho keeps himself in power.

    4. @duncan smith I’ve seen many silly, outlandish, and even crazy excuses as why Putin invaded Ukraine. You were throwing around with few. And this one, that the blame is on Biden because he didn’t talk to Putin, comes high up.
      Well, it’s your mind, you got to absorb whatever it produces.

  5. Western allies led by the US UK and Germany need to put a Peace Keeper force around Kyiv, Lviv, and the border with Belarus, basically the entire western half of the country. Doing this will ensure Ukraine’s safety and free up the military to fight Russia on the Eastern side.

  6. Putin’s threats of escalation sounds more like a pushover parent. “Don’t do that or I will- oh you did it. Don’t do that other thing or I will- ok, you did that too. But don’t you dare do-“

  7. Should the day ever arrive, I’ll be thrilled beyond words when someone in Russia, whether it be an everyday private citizen (or citizens), or, some individuals within the military or the government itself, puts into action their recognition that too many of their own country’s men’s lives are being lost and that that’s going to stop occurring only when Putin, the instigator of the entire situation, is removed from being the one calling the shots… with that ‘removal’ occurring via whatever means necessary. I believe that is what it’s going to take to cause the Russian government / military to finally cease this criminal invasion.

    1. Says who? Who are you? Putin is a good leader for his country. Who are you to tell the Russian people what is good for them? You are very arrogant.

    2. @horace sheffield you also forgot some commas and I bet you have a hard accent HORAce what kind of name is that Albanian?🤣ironic you talk no offense to Albanians

    3. @К K Nonsense …there was no existential threat to Russia as NATO has never ever threatened RuZZia with First Strike …both sides always adhered to MAD Doctrine.

    4. @Kevin Warburton You don’t get to set what is an existential threat and what isn’t. I remember a therapist told me the same thing about me determining whether something is parental negligence/abuse or not. Not your call, it’s mine

  8. Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, or oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

    John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

    1. @Bonnie I was also born 7 days after Armageddon released, on the 7th month of the 7th day. Good luck heathens🕶

    2. Did you really believe that the devil could rule? Luci was one… just like us, but was exiled. There’s hundreds like him still in heaven, you think you stand a chance without the Lord?😂

    1. @gameofender9663  uk is no longer a top tier fighting force due to all the cut backs throughout the years…

    2. @GameOfEnder It’s more than not being able to intimidate a nation’s people. Weapon systems, ammunition and well trained troops are required to stop fascist invaders. Ukraine’s need for Western help is a perfect example.

    3. Whatever it cost to outfit a British battalion, that’s how much a British battalion is worth. Probably this LBJ wasn’t too sharp on maths, he should have stayed with “..it’s weight worth in gold,” or some other time-honoured phrasing of praise.

    4. With the current level of attrition in Ukraine, Britain has enough troops to maintain 4 days worth of fighting. The French army has enough munitions in storage to last 2 days. The German army is not even in a fit enough state to take to take to the field!

  9. So sad to hear about all these people being killed for nothing. But until Putler understands he’s loosing, this will have to go on…

    1. Is that why Zelensky lowered the recruitment age to 16 and is begging for weapons? Countries like that don’t win wars agains nuclear military powers like Russia. That is only common since

  10. “Military ramifications for the whole world.” This is the misguided, malevolent character of the people we are dealing with. Best to deal with it now because they will not change without learning a hard lesson.

    1. @TheDrAstrov Like Russia is doing in Syria – supporting the hated dictator Al Assad? Or sending Wagner into
      African countries to spread Russian influence?

    2. @TheDrAstrov what if Russia had a government that wasn’t so corrupt that other countries such as it’s own allies even trusted it? Its not US senate’s fault that Russia is untrustworthy on all aspects of it’s own existance.

  11. I find it funny that all these US military offcials talk about russia when they were part of the failures of the US im the middle east 😂

  12. This is one of the times that I hope my Government is lying to me. I’m hoping my Government is training Ukrianing pilots on western planes now, so they are ready to go when they get them.

  13. Sadly, while the Russians may be getting “routinely smashed” by the Ukrainians, they’re still making regular incremental gains across the front, and are gradually encircling Bakhmut. While the town itself may have minimal strategic value, it will be heralded as a “great victory” by Putin, and may boost Russian morale. Those tanks can’t come fast enough.

    1. It would be almost too funny if Ukraine pulled back from Bakhmut, let the RuZZ hold it one day then swing back with a counter-offensive hammerblow knocking them back out of Bakhmut & Soledar and moving even further. That would break RuZZ morale immensely.

  14. In total, 384 aircraft, 206 helicopters, 3057 unmanned aerial vehicles, 403 anti-aircraft missile systems, 7798 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1012 multiple rocket launchers, 4034 field artillery and mortar guns, as well as 8302 units of special military vehicles were destroyed.

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