1. “Those were planted, and they’re mine, and I want them back, and I declassified them…”

    Any of us would be locked up already.

    1. it depends on the photographs maybe it is kiddy porn or a sick fetish the way the world is.. we should pray about it and turn it over to God hopefully the WiFi guy don’t intercept it or q hacker…

  2. “Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.”
    Robert F Kennedy

    1. @guitarista67 which comment? Who was I respondiing to? You mean insulting ” them”? I’m talking about “them” that NEED insulting. Aka MAGAQs. Not necessarily republicans en masse. I still have hope for a sane Conservative party. They are out thete.

    2. @Kay Bel seriously. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.
      . Bye bye now. Enjoy your contancerous dillusions and silly hypotheticals that answer themselves. It has gone beyond hysterical watching the trumpets try to ” what about” this and that. Live long and prosper. Blessings.

  3. This demonstrates how understated the DOJ stance has been until now. Deferential. This is the baseball bat of justice being swung, and connecting!

  4. These classifications and the subject matter shows these were not mementos of his time in office. Some of these documents contained government military secrets that would be of value to other foreign powers. This is outrageous!

    1. @Andy Payne
      Mistakenly ? 🤣😂🤣
      You believe that Secret compartimentes Defense information can be mistakenly taken ? Wow … just wow !

  5. Why did the former potus (and his enablers) take all these classified documents and what did he do with them in all that time they had them???

    1. Your comment is rather vague. Are you talking about all the presidents or referring to Trump who is now the former president?

  6. You know” this country has been through a lot over the past 200 plus years and of all the achievements look where we are today. We had a renegade President who took the country down a hole that to this day we haven’t crawled out of because of the one man and those idiots that kiss his shoes. People lets wake up. We deserve better. Our people fought and died for better.

    1. @jimmy He was a pragmatist and not completely bound by ideology when it didn’t fit the best answer.

  7. Lock. Him. Up. He’s a traitor in every sense of the word. The only reason to have these is to sell them, and we already know assets have been lost or killed in uncommon numbers after he swiped these docs.

  8. So amazing with all the riches that man has, How can you be so evil and discontent. Imagine not having to worry about making ends meet.

    1. @dan farris The actual phrase is the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Money is just a tool for trading goods and services, and there’s nothing wrong with having some. Being obsessed with acquiring as much money and power as possible is a sickness.

    2. @Chris M Yes your words are true. There are many rich people who are not evil. But a good person can become evil for the love of money.

    3. He’s not that rich, and he’s out of his fucking mind. He’s a bankrupt failure, and his business is over.

    4. @guitarista67 Other than the money daddy gave him to go forth into the world, he has always used and lost other peoples money. Grifting 101

  9. Let’s not underestimate the fact that the Supreme Qourt might still save Former Guy from fully facing the consequences of his actions. Vote accordingly at the mid-terms.

    1. @912 road warrior So……..the finding of these documents, don’t constitute taking advantage of the postion of POTUS?

  10. How we proceed will determine who we are and who we will become. We must prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law and track down everyone involved in Trump’s lifetime of criminal scams and actions. Justice Has to Matter!

  11. The fact we had a grifting thieving person in our House, and he stole our things; be it documents or pictures, makes my skin crawl.

  12. Why has no one addressed the fact that there is NO authorized Classified Material Storage facility at Mar-a-Lago – No governmental security agency has examined and authorized a facility or safe for this type material. If any Classified material is NOT in an authorized secure facility then way too many laws have already been broken.

    1. @Ross Sherwood Best jobs report in 50 years. Nobody is running into the arms of the failed coup party. You’ll find that out soon enough.

  13. There comes a time when habitual criminal activity absolutely can no longer be ignored, this time for Trump is past due. There are also some crimes that absolutely cannot be ignored. Trump has gone beyond accountability in both situations. Indictment and charges must be filed. Just get it done and deal with the consequences. Get it done democracy depends on it. JUST DO IT! GET IT DONE!

    1. @Retrayal I understand business and marketing to some extent. I would not invest that amount of money to get $7 million as my experiences on my job and life have been worth more. I’m a retired ranger.

  14. You need to remember that if a Democratic president, especially Obama, had done this the same people going out of their way to take up for Donald Trump would be calling for that Democratic Presidents head. Hypocrisy is everywhere in our government but some of these Republicans have perfected it. My favorite excuse was he took them there for safekeeping. How could someone say that with a straight face.

  15. “We can not have someone in the oval office who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified.” -Trump 2016

    1. @ArnaldoLuis NarvaezCuevas
      I have a feeling (and it’s only my feeling) that the FBI already knows who he sold them to and why.

  16. This agent needs to stop saying, “It’s coming from inside the house.” It may sound like he’s providing juicy info.
    But we need to do everything we can to protect the identity of the informant.
    People don’t come forward for this very reason. And we need people to feel safe coming forward.

    1. All staff probably got fired over this video.
      It’s SO horrible to expose someone who is risking everything to do what is right.

    2. Maybe the person already left or better yet maybe there never was a person inside the house. But it has got to be driving Trump NUTS. Or more Nuts.

  17. Thank you for this excellent and telling reporting – With pictures added for those who do not prefer to read (including 45 himself). For those who do – here is a quote worth reading – “Republicans have backed Trump’s claims that this month’s court-sanctioned search of his Mar-a-Lago estate was politically motivated. The FBI is led by Trump-appointed Director Christopher Wray and emerged with sensitive national security documents that are federal property.” By ALAN FRAM – August 29, 2022 AP News

  18. “In my administration, I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. No one will be above the law.”

  19. I try not to be shocked by anything he’s done, but when this Agent is saying just once again shocked me in explaining the covers of the documents. So once again I am absolutely shocked by the unmitigated gall of that poser. How anyone can still support him is so far beyond me.

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