1. Since Watergate and Richard Nixon, it’s never the actual crime that brings someone down, it’s always the cover up.

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  2. This guy claiming nothing is likely to be found in those texts is willfully overlooking the fact that only texts from Jan 5th and 6th were DELIBERATELY deleted.
    Those are not the actions of innocent parties who aren’t attempting to hide evidence of their crimes.
    They destroyed official government records and risked imprisonment for a reason.

    1. Risking so much, for one idiot amazing, time for them to lose their pensions and I’ll be fired

    2. @Not Here I agree with jessie. Earlier this year Homeland Security IG requested text messages from December 20 to January 7, and the secret service sent just one text thread from January 6, saying there was no more texts that answered that brief. So the idea that ONLY January 5 and 6 texts were deleted is probably wrong. News reports that the committee couldn’t get texts from Jan 5 and 6 do not say whether these were the only texts that were deleted. I think the misunderstanding comes from the committee’s focus on those two days being front and centre in news reports. I used my internet machine to find this out. What did you discover?

  3. This guy perfectly demonstrates exactly why the Secret Service cannot investigate itself.

    1. @Bacaloc nope they are handcuffed and perp walked directly to jail to wait for sentencing.

    2. @Leslie Aflatooni Elizabeth Holmes – Steve Bannon to name just two. One young black man died in Rikers prison after being imprisoned for 2 years waiting for his trail for allegedly stealing a backpack. NOT equal justice.

    3. @Bacaloc I agree! Bannnon shouldn’t be walking around right now. He’s a flight risk if nothing else.

  4. This guy is just gaslighting. He talks in bad faith. While he seems to be sharing his SS knowledge, what we can hear is : There is nothing bad done here, move along…

  5. The Secret Service when NOTIFIED NOT TO DELETE DATA ON SUCH AND SUCH DATES DID IT ANYWAY! They are responsible for what they did.

  6. Jonathan Wackrow: “Any time that you have a law enforcement entity investigating criminal activity of another law enforcement entity, that just has an order of consequences that doesn’t yield any positive results” – Sure, unless you think restoring a modicum of public confidence and trust is not a positive result or if you think holding criminals accountable for their crimes is not a positive result. It sounds like this guy just wants to make excuses for Secret Service and give them a pass on what is blatant criminal activity. There’s a reason you don’t trust a criminal to conduct an investigation into his or her own criminal activity. The same is true when criminal activity is conducted by a law enforcement entity, especially when it’s obvious that it was ordered by someone (or some people) far up the leadership structure, potentially straight to the top.

    1. Exactly. He claims that the downside of having the criminal investigation is that it halts the internal investigation—like that’s a bad thing. Excuse me, Wackrow, but moving forward with an internal investigation—especially under the current Trump-loyal SS Director—would just be an expensive joke. What a stupid thing for him to say!

    1. @jasiel morales They were told specifically to preserve all text and relevant data for the dates of the attack on the capital, and they erased the info for the most important two days. And we are suppose to believe it was just a matter of being sloppy. That’s a good one! 😂😂

  7. What the HELL is going on in our country,it’s just stunning and remarkable,I’m just so disappointed by some if these people who have decided not to honor their oaths .

  8. He’s an extremely naïve person for an ex USSS agent. The ‘smoking gun’ ‘IS’ the text messages being deleted ‘AFTER’ they were requested by the IG. As for his comment that there are no secrets within the secret service, this just indicates further his misplaced trust in other, potentially criminal human beings.

    1. He finally says they DID do something wrong…they DID delete critical info, he just does not think it was with malice. Hah.

    2. A lot of words saying not much. Yes a lot of the in-the-moment comms is obviously radio but the back chat and non-operational ie wow he grabbed for the wheel! sounds likely be text.
      That plus ‘look this is just going to slow everything down’….methinks the lady etc

    3. “The ‘smoking gun’ ‘IS’ the text messages being deleted ‘AFTER’ they were requested by the IG.” This timeline is disputed. Do you have a date for the IG request? I’m trying to get a fix on this.

  9. Sorry, Mr Wackrow, “I find it very hard to believe, and I hope that it is not true” is the definition of wishful thinking on the part of someone too close to the situation. You have your choice: malicious or incompetent. Good luck choosing.

  10. It’s really hard to see how those texts were deleted as an oopsie…it’s usually safe to bet on Government incompetence over malfeasance, but this looks pretty bad.

  11. Then again, the Secret Service might not have stuck to its “typical” means of communication in the midst of a coup—particularly if some agents were helping to orchestrate it. Mr. Wackrow conveniently ignores that possibility.

    1. @B Bodziak THERE YOU GO! I keep thinking how nice it must have been to go to Mar a Lago every weekend in the winter, and to New Jersey in the summer. Never to Camp David?

    2. @B Bodziak And James Murray is a Trump appointee, known already for screwing around/ blocking… he’s at least in part a political operative.

  12. 1 , radio chat is primarily the communication while working, texts are the most common way for any work colleagues to communicate
    2 deleting messages after being told not to delete them can only be seen as hiding details of messages

  13. He laid out a very informative and detailed explanation of how the SS is supposed to work. However he doesn’t account for the SS today. And he fails to consider that if the SS agents were knowingly breaking laws, they would avoid having their communications monitored.

    This interview is like the ending of the movie, Animal House when Kevin Bacon is standing in the middle of the street, yelling “Be calm! All is well!” as he’s surrounded by pandemonium.

  14. They used text messaging in an attempt to forego the “normal” forms of communication. They thought they could hide them, or delete them, in this case and all would be gone. The metadata holds the key as to whom the text messages sent. Then get those personnel under oath.

  15. For myself, it still begs the question ….Why and how was all this information “disappear”? Data migration is not rocket science and companies do it all the time with out “losing” information. Has the IRS ever “lose” information of who owes taxes?

    1. They upgraded the phones, which apparently included remote factory reset in order to wireless reset, and also some older devices were physically swapped out for the service-wide upgrade. Agents were instructed to retain data that had anything to do with government. I can easily imagine agents not bothering to keep texts, perhaps not having time or patience to weed out personal stuff from any text that might refer to the job. Sloppy, certainly, if so. But yet to be determined if there was any deliberate intent.

  16. They were told to preserve the texts then deleted them. This guy says, “It was sloppy.” Some say he’s naïve. I say he’s participating in the cover-up.

    1. A lot of words saying not much. Yes a lot of the in-the-moment comms is obviously radio but the back chat and non-operational ie wow he grabbed for the wheel! sounds likely be text.
      That plus ‘look this is just going to slow everything down’….methinks the lady etc

    2. Right? Sloppy…haha. I’m just a no-one rando and my phone etc is backed up even when I’m NOT ‘upgrading’.
      Stop insulting our intelligence.

  17. This guy doesn’t like it that there’s been a criminal investigation opened up, on Secret Service. If they were innocent, it shouldn’t be a problem, but since they are guilty, it is worrisome for them! IF YOU DO NOT BREAK THE LAW. You don’t worry about an investigation, as a matter of fact ,YOU WOULD INVITE IT. To prove your innocence. But that is not the case here!

  18. Wackrow may try to talk down what happened and say texts arent important. The point is *a) this has never happened before; b) why specifically did Jan 6 communications go poof!? And c) claiming that he doesn’t believe it happened maliciously because it’s never happened before ignores the 4 Trump years where the unbelievably egregious was a daily occurrence.*

    1. Are you sure the secret service has never upgraded agents’ phones before, and wiped some data in the process? This upgrade included a factory reset, and agents were told to retain any data on the phone to do with the government business they had. If the phones are dual use (personal also), I can easily imagine agents not bothering to save text messages, as it would require tens of hours roaming through texts to separate personal from business.

  19. he lost me at “whenever one law enforcement agency investigates another, nothing good happens”

    yeah, it’s a real tragedy when any cop is held accountable

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